My exterior house paint color is called Kodiak.  It was made by Glidden, which is now Valspar.  I hate that name and call it Tree House instead. 
My front door is Valspar's Cool Rain.

My interior walls are Behr's Patio Gray.  (THE best color evah!)

FinnigantheCurious' room is painted with Behr's Sweet Rhapsody

The tile in the kitchen is from The Tile Guy here in Austin, TX and the blend is called Loft Blend.   You can find it HERE.

The bathroom tile - same place.  The blend is called Aquarius.  You can find it HERE.

The big hanging globe can be found on Amazon.  Just put in Replogle Globes Inflatable Topographical Globe, Dark Blue Ocean, 27".

Jackdaddy designed and built the fence.  (For the right price, you can borrow him.)  In fact, Jackdaddy does most everything around here that requires building.  He's a genius.  In real life he is a geophysicist (whatever that is) so that makes him doubly cool.  He can also fix cars and do plumbing and electrical.  He's off the charts, really.

My windows are Andersens and, yes, they're fantastic.

I get almost everything from either Craigslist.org, on my neighborhood message board, from the side of the road (really), my neighborhood garden group or my favorite thrift store here in Austin - Savers.  I'm no stranger to Target, but really and truly, it's mostly free or thrifted.  I'm all about the hunt, baby!

Yes, I love having chickens.  Yes, they are very easy to raise.  Yes, they get along famously with the dogs and cats.  Yes, they do destroy the hell out of my garden. I highly recommend them though despite the latter sentiment.  We also found out this Halloween that they eat styrofoam with gusto.

Yep, we're homeschoolers.  Actually, we do something called Radical Unschooling.  I refuse to engage in any way with naysayers, but if you're just curious you can check out some of the links below.
We absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having our child at home with us full-time and we believe so strongly in the power of natural learning and natural living. Check it out!

Dayna Martin

Joyce Fetteroll

The Natural Child Project 

ANY photograph you see on this blog that looks like a real photographer took it was taken by the fabulous Jennifer M. Ramos

Yea, sometimes I "do" houses for other people, but not so much anymore because of the whole kid/unschooling thing, but feel free to ask!

Ha ha ha! No, I do not curse in real life as much as it seems from the blog.  I have a child, you know!  I really do try not to curse in front of him, but I DO curse in my head pretty much non-stop.  I am looking forward to the day he turns, oh, say, 17...THEN I'm gonna swear a blue streak every day. You just watch.  Listen, I mean.