Hello, hello,

I'm Michele, aka MamaHolt.  I'm married to a real, live Indiana Jones that for blog purposes we call Jackdaddy.  We've got one perfect little ragamuffin called FinnigantheCurious.

We're slowly and mindfully (um) turning our mid-century cottage and its poor, sad yard into a magical Neverland.  (Not the Michael Jackson kind, but the Peter Pan kind.)

We are the quintessential DIYs - working paycheck to paycheck and weekend to weekend.

We started the transformation in May of 2006 and we're still at it.

I  overuse parentheses and ellipses.  Just letting you know now.

Our family lives small and loves big in Austin, TX.

Y'all come on by!

There's some more stuff about us in FAQs if you're feeling a tad let down by this particular category.