Tuesday, July 16, 2013



I am sooooo slackery.

I couldn't find the camera anywhere.  

That was the problem.

And it rained.

I, when it rains a lot, turn into an 80-year-old Irish woman.

I feel absolutely compelled to sit on the couch with a big book and drink tea.

No matter that it is 90 degrees and raining - I feel the call!

So, there ya go.  That's my excuse.

Turns out the camera was under yet another giant pile of clothes waiting to be folded.

(Surely 90-year-old Irish women have very little laundry to fold, right?)

(I just noticed that I've aged a decade in just 5 lines!)

So, anyway, despite my tendency for reading and teaing, I did actually bust some yard ass both days before the rains came.

Jackdaddy and a variety of very good friends (Yea, Joe! Yea, Stephano!) made major progress on the fence.  (No pictures due to "loss" of camera.)

On a sad side note here, Jackdaddy's dear, dear cousin whom he grew up with and loved very much succumbed to cancer this weekend.  It had been a long journey for him, but he did go gently into that good night, and he is on to a new adventure.  We wish our Jimmy much peace in his passing and we will miss him greatly.

Sigh.  We have endured much loss around here these last few months with my step-father, Luna, my precious cousin, Shannan, and now Jimmy.

Onward we go, though, as always.  Feeling that strong pull of extra love for each other that comes as the result of loss.

And, so ....

This bubbly water has special meaning.

That is a tease because the full story is for another post.

(Don't get your hopes up that we went to Lourdes or something.  Just a regular Holt family project.  And I do know that the water at Lourdes is not carbonated, I'm just reaching here.)


Finally, I shout!

I figured out a little spruce for this spot that has long plagued me.

I'd like to do a whole post about it, so here's just a little nudge for ye.

I did notice that two of those plants were blooming this morning, so there may be hope for this spot!

And this spot which I know does not look very fancy or nice yet, but I do believe it will.

We gardeners have to have a vision cuz nothing look like crap more than a brand new bed with teeny new plants and that I AM NEW feel all over the place.

This area, too, is for a full post someday as this side yard has thwarted me ceaselessly for years, dammit.

I have conquered it!

I think.

Many a gardener has claimed such things, only to be bitterly defeated in the end.

Fingers crossed, y'all.

FinnigantheCurious discovered a box of mult-colored candles and went about using them.

These are the super-drippy kind that you used to see in Italian restaurants.  

You know, the wine jug with candle wax all dripping down the sides.  

I bought these eons ago and put them in the candle drawer (yes, I have one) to wait for him to discover them. 

This, in the unschooling world, is called strewing.

(Do follow that link.  I love that blog post.)

Anway, he finally found them and now we have these candles sculptures all over the house.



We made some cookies because.

Well, because we were looking for another cookie recipe from Smitten Kitchen, but found these and made them instead.

They are so long gone.

And, lastly, just a sweet picture.

I'm sure the bigger boy would be miffed to know that I posted a picture of him in his skivvies, but who can resist such sweetness?

Finnigan was comforting him after Jack found out about Jimmy.

My boy is sooooo sweet.  He really is.

I am off on bikes with Finn and his friend.

We are going to get donuts.

I know, I know, but, what the hell?

Life is short and needs to be sweeter every now and then.

I'll talk more garden tomorrow.



  1. I am right here right now. I have the exact same feeling about new beds with little starter plants. You gotta have the vision and lots of hope, don't you? So sorry for your loss.
    ms mdd

  2. p.s. I played melty candles with one of my grand daughters. We smooshed the melt into paper plates and blended them together to make funny colors and shapes. I love to do this - I love the warm wax, the fire and the fun.

    1. I love it too. We melted crayons once and it was so cool!

  3. garden vision is important for us gardeners, otherwise, what's the point?
    and just want to say, i am so very sorry for your family's loss, and am sending kind and loving thoughts your way.

  4. That last photo brought tears.
    And I don't just have a candle drawer. I have The-Drawer-of-a-Million-Candles (so named by Cane). We are soul-sisters.
    Sending you love. I have my own waiting to pass vigil going on. Tea and books sound very good to me.

    1. I know, so sweet, right?

      On no! Who is your vigil for, me dear? I will send love and light to y'all too.

    2. Old boyfriend. http://www.purpleclover.com/relationships/166-best-version-myself/ In the last days now.

  5. I'm still chuckling over your comment about your turning into an old Irish lady when it rains. From what I observed in Ireland, if people stayed in and read when it rained, they'd never get anything done! It's such a green, wet country. Everyone just goes on about their business as usual. It's only in places where rain is an anomaly that people stay in when it's wet out. After living in London, I still carry an umbrella with me all the time. Silly habit, I know.

    1. Oh, well, it was just a idea I was trying to convey, you know. I've been to Ireland many a time and they do work in the rain, but they sure know how to NOT work when the tea is ready! Me likes that.

      Girl, I love the umbrellas for the SUN now too.

  6. Thank you so much for that Mindful Homeschooling website! My Tot is entering preschool this year and we are deciding to take her out of public education after kindergarten. Maybe before. We were thinking homeschool co op. I'm getting my legs under me on this project - figuring out work schedules and lessons and so forth and that website is phenomenal!!

    Yay, you!!

    1. Oh, I know! And then that site leads to another and another and another. Pinterest is homeschool HEAVEN (or hell, depending on your view heeeee). Especially since you have a girl tot.

      YEA that y'all are homeschooling...we have even more in common! Check out my homeschool boards too.


  7. That last picture...priceless and beautiful!

  8. Please tell Jackdaddy we're thinking of him. LOVE the last picture! xoxo

  9. Awwwww very sweet photo...xo

  10. SO much in this post. I too have a candle drawer. It stores candle stubs and the incense I love to burn when the mood/need strikes. And has a steady supply of matches... It all feeds my inner pyromaniac since we live in an area with enough built-in heat that fire building seems superfluous.

    Strewing! My kids are all grown and I think I'm still strewing for them in my own way. Some days I think of my grown kids as tiny plants in big beds. We're just waiting and watching to see if they'll keep growing and blooming. That optimism is the shared soul of gardening and parenting both.

    So sorry to hear of another death in the family... That's a lot of loss in a short time. Words don't do justice, but the comfort in that last photo surely shows what is called for in times like these. "And a little child shall lead them..."

  11. I thought to myself, "here is one talented dude that is on to something..." slackline


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