Monday, July 8, 2013


Good Morning!!

Whew, what a long and wonderful weekend we had.


Was yours good?

I've got to rush, rush, rush this morning so lots of pictures with lots of teases!

More on all teases later this week as today is my only busy day.  (Hopefully.)

Can I just add that I am totally, completely swum out?

May I also add that we went paddleboarding for the first time this weekend?  

SO FUN!  It's all the rage here in Austin and now I see why.

I did not take any pictures of that because, well, I was on a board in the middle of a lake.

But, anyway, fun fun fun.

We'll talk more tomorrow!


I had to clean up the 1,000 sunflowers in my yard.

I always hate to do that, but I don't like when they get all floppy and half-dead.

 A boy and his dog.

Secret toad surprise!

What's for breakfast.

Little succulent shopping happened.

More on this another day.

Boredom buster.

Homemade  yum.

Nursery splurge might have happened too.

"Been in the yard too long without food" meal.

(Yes, that is macaroni and cheese on a salad.)

More succulent planting.

Cosmos on the .50 table! 

Cannot resist the Cosmos.

When, dammit, when?



Man, that is a giant cat head.

Does he have FRECKLES on his nose?

 Our Jeep, Tupelo.

Big tease.

Bigger job.

Hell job.

OK, gotta run to work after walking dog.

Yea, work!!!

Then groceries, then more work!, then house clean, then friend visit for boy, then home, then cook, then collapse.


  1. I wanna hear about all the work you're doing!! Those Cobweb Spiderwort plants look like they're from Harry Potter and I want to clean off the leaves!

    1. I know! I kept calling them Ghostworts and the ladies were like, huh?

      omg SO MUCH work here.

  2. love all your pics! i just may need that boredom buster, i've got jury duty (first time ever!) this week. ugh.

    1. oh crapola, man. Jury duty. Maybe you'll get a high-profile crazy case. Or maybe you can just act crazy and they'll let you go.

  3. Please tell me more about the spiderwort...I hope it likes to google about this.

    1. I hope it likes shade too.

      I think, like many plants I have, they WILL take shade, but just won't do quite as well as if they had more sun. They were blooming little purple flowers this morning!

  4. Dene Murphy PayanJuly 8, 2013 at 7:47 PM

    Your breakfast looks very enticing! Oh wow, like really, I am hungry just looking at the photo! Homemade yum... Is that pizza? I do have to say... I think I can skip the salad with the Mac and Cheese, lol

    Hey, almost time for a new meal plan!

    1. YES, that breakfast was sooooo good, especially because I had a crappy little dinner the night before and woke up HAWNGRY.

      I know, that salad was so lame.

      It IS! I did SO GOOD last week!! I mean we did not falter ONE time. I did mix the days up some, but we used ALL the food. Jack is out of town this week so I didnt meal plan as Finn and I just eat stuff like fruit and cut up veggies and soup and popcorn. And Finn eats a crapton of bread stuff. Thanks! for posting the recipe for the pork!

  5. I'm keeping a close eye on our Meyer Lemon trees here - they are really heavy with fruit but not a lot of sign of ripening yet. Probably they'll all get ripe at one time making me scramble to figure out how to use or preserve it all. Feast or famine, yeah?

    I've been resisting the urge to succulent splurge for a couple of weeks now. Looking at your photos nearly did me in. I can't wait to see your projects posted in more detail. Meanwhile - have a lovely Tuesday!

  6. yep. cat freckles and cosmos for half a buck.
    what a friggen life you lead, lady.

  7. Last time a friend & I were at BS we saw that cobweb spider but didn't bring it home. You were smarter because now wish I hadn't left it there!

    Is that a lemon or a lime? Our Meyer's lemons usually are ripe in time for lemon-cranberrry relish at Thanksgiving.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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