Monday, July 1, 2013



Did you say Jackrabbit for luck?

Jackrabbit, then.

Now you're lucky.

We got rain here on Saturday morning!

Rain.  That wet stuff that falls from the sky.

We got some.

Took the temperature down from a gazillion to only a billion.

We had the best summer weekend full of swimming and eating and Farmers' Marketing and bicycling and basketballing and gardening and, and, and ... 

I put little glasses of flowers all over my house.

Such a simple pleasure and so fun to just clip whatever strikes me fancy.

You know, they're pretty easy to learn.

They all start with an A (just add the north and south part to the Americas) except for Europe.  You get two right off the bat with North America (where you live), then it's easy to remember South America after that.  AFrica comes AFter that. ANtarctica comes after AFrica. AUstralia comes after ANtarctica cuz first you were cold and now you're hot. ASpulls up the rear cuz ASia and ASS start with an AS, right?  Then there's just good old Europe to tack on the end. 

Um, yea, well, it works for us.


LOOK at all our free days!

I work hard in the summer to make sure we don't have many days planned so that we're free to do whatever.

Wednesday is our only busy day with Russian, unschooling park day and then the Farmers' Market, but we like all those things so it's never a problemo.

YEA for summer!


My favorite tea cup.



Once a day we give Finn a word to look up in the library.

For some reason, I feel it is important to know how to use a dictionary, antiquated as that may be.

I actually just think you need to know how to alphabetize things and the dictionary seemed like the best way to learn to do this.

He really loves doing this.  

I try to come up with the craziest words I can think of.

My mama suggested cul de sac. 

His brain exploded on that one.

Angus the wonder dog.

My Flame Acanthus is finally aflame.

(Thanks, Hedrich!)


Globe Mallow.

This thing is taking over my yard.

Well, it was.

I pruned it to within an inch of its pretty little life.

Cackle.  Cackle.

Plumbago is plum purty.

Evil Bermuda grass is not.

My latest doodad.

This came in a "learning" game.

I ditched the game and displayed the dude.

Bounty from the market.

Giant Ball jar scored from a yard sale.


That's it.

All I got.

What's up in your neck o' the woods?  



  1. Are you going to be at the Capitol today, since Monday is open?

    1. NO! But I am SO glad you are! I get to work TWICE today so I will have to depend on you all!

  2. Trying to see if I can get down to the Capitol today for the rally. Will be later if I get to, the grands have VBS this morning and won't be home til 1.

    1. Good for you! I'm getting to work twice today so can't go. I'll be watching though!

  3. We do unplugged Sunday, too!! Got SO much done yesterday - trying to keep the momentum going!!

    1. RIGHT? Shit man, it is crazy what gets done when the Oracle is OFF!

  4. I feel like this whole post is you on a coffee buzz and I LIKE IT GURRRRRRRRRL.
    what can I say?
    you're a good one.

    1. You know me, I like a buzz! ; )

      Heeee, we are good eggs, aren't we?

      Can I come swimming?


  5. I love how you say "self explanatory" under the picture of a cow next to a a glass full of flowers, haha! Happy summer, enjoy all that free time!

    1. And I love that you loved it.

      You and I - same humor.

      I was gonna say something about it looking like a shot from Ferdinand, but then I got tired of talking so ... .


    2. PS Carey, are you not blogging anymore? sniff.

  6. I want to come visit you for a weekend. Not just 'cuz you have AC. That would simply be a bonus.

    1. We would have some FUN.

      I'd rather come there though since we both love there and not so much here.

      your blog looks SO great, Rita. I wish Jack was into it. Two hands and minds can do wonders.

      OMG that orange fireplace is JUST inches away from being a showpiece!! wish I could help you find the right color!! Maybe you'll need to go high-end (which I never do)? OH! I bet Martha has a great pumpkin! Not that you asked.

    2. Oh, I'm totally asking. I think I've found it. I tried out 4 different options today. Will try to share soon! It might have been a Martha Orange. Not sure--will have to hope I can find the dang paint chip. And thanks--we just keep plugging away at it. I'm so grateful to have Cane doing it with me. I'd never have figured out all the technical stuff myself. Not because I'm incapable, but it takes so much time to do that!

  7. Epitome and Yosemite are the words that blew my mind when I was younger...but that was because of the emPHASis on the sylLABles. I also liked knowing words from Shakespeare - e.g. strumpet. And knowing how to correctly use e.g., i.e., ipso facto, and ergo. Though I never was a fan of QED - but I blame that on math - I may be good at it, but that doesn't mean I totally understand it and thus QED became a great burden.

    1. YES the ph thing is crazy, man!

      Strumpet!!! I LOVE that word!

      Um I still do not know ipso facto.

  8. We were radical unschoolers too. One is now a writer, one is in Ag school and one is an RN for Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

    Anyhow! You unschool. Your last name is Holt. Coincidence?

    1. You were!?!?!

      Oh, it's just the most marvelous thing and SO wonderful to hear about your grown-up ones.


      NOT ONLY Holt, buy my husband's name? John Holt


  9. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)

  10. I wanna play! We used to get our kids to look up any words they didn't understand in a big ol' dictionary too. They are great spellers to this day (AND have great vocabularies). Let's see - have him look up loquacious and perfunctory. Given what's been going on - maybe filibuster, too?

    Flowers all around the house are fun. Our cats won't let me get away with that - they came with built-in readiness to chomp on flowers for whatever reason. But my Dad used to bring my Mom little hand picked bouquets from their yard and neighborhood walks and she'd always put them in drinking glasses or small jars in her kitchen windowsill or on the table by where she did her crosswords daily. Your vignettes reminded me of how sweet that was. And, PS - I love that little Ferdinand standin. What a cutie!

    1. Filibuster!!! Great one! He is so loquacious so I shall give him that one as well.

      Such a sweet memory...that you for sharing that. I hope my boy remembers the flowers when he is grown up. sniff.

  11. I liked all the pictures except the Half-man. He gives me the nervous horrors.
    Your home is so love and fun filled.
    My friend died and each Sunday I pick a flower and put it in the chair where she sat in our SS room. Flowers are just so wonderful and I see you are certainly aware of that.
    How about "fustian", "nonesuch" and "boisterous" for Finn's word-of-the-day.

  12. I am going to bring him to your house and hide him in your bed.


    That is SO SWEET of you to do that for your friend. sniff.

    nonesuch - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


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