Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Fence

I gotta get up earlier.

That's all there is to it.

Getting up at 8 is just not cutting it.

Feed dog, feed cats, feed fish, water garden (water water water water), do stretches (old ladies need to do this), make tea and damn if it's not already 9.

I haven't even thought about breakfast or walking the dog.

whine whine.

Quality problems, sweetpea, quality problems.


The fence is finally happening!

You know, I so strongly believe in doing for yourself what you can and not farming out work unless you have to.  Making things with your own man/girl power is good for the soul and such a balm in this crazy, fast-paced, high-tech world we live in.

But ... I wish Jackdaddy could have hired someone to build this fence.

Hard. Hard. Hard.  So much hard work.

Can he do it?  Oh, hell yes.  He's the best.

But crap if it doesn't just consume his every waking hour.  Hours that are also consumed with work that brings in money as well as being a daddy and trying to have a life.

Sometimes it's good to just pay for things, if you can.

We tried.  We did.  I won't go into the long and the long of it, but one guy wanted 3,000 to do it.

Three THOUSAND dollars.

Fuck that guy.

Another guy, we hired.  He missed the first weekend due to him "misunderstanding" the start date.

He missed the second weekend due to one day of rain at the beginning of the week. 


He called on Wednesday of the third week and left a message saying that he was planning to start that weekend and to call him back when I got a chance so we could do the money thing and sign the contract.  I called him back the next morning and he said that, because I didn't return his call that night, he told his workers to go ahead with another job.

Fuck that guy too.

And so, as always, it's Jackdaddy.

He hired one of his grad students to do some of the awful prep work last weekend and then he will hire some labor guys to finish it next weekend, but still.

Hard work.

Tricky fence.

Why more fence anyway?  Wellll....

City living, y'all, that's why.

The latest group of  4 kids that moved into the duplex next door ended up as 6 kids with 6 dogs.

Six dogs in one backyard.

Two of them were fence-jumpers.  

One of them was a chikkin-killer.

Sweet dogs.  I love dogs, but I love my chikkins too. And my cats.  And my kid.  Cannot have big, stranger dogs jumping into my yard.

Also, as you are about to see, the only entrance to this dump apartment is the door that is about 15 feet from my bedroom.

Multiple kids, multiple boyfriend/girlfriend combinations, gazillions dogs, late hours, one door.


Here are a gazillion boring pictures that you must pretend to be interested in.

There really are an inordinate amount of pictures in this post and they are in totally random order because it is now almost 10 am and I am hosed.

Looking east into neighbor's backyard.

Fascinating pile of brush.

Evil door mentioned above.

(Note lovely orange temporary "fence." This has now been replaced with lovely mismatched tarps so that the gazillion workers who have been coming over to clean up the dump apartment can't walk into yard anymore.  (Of course they did.)

Looking toward front yard.

Our bedroom is right where that yucca is.

Old fence all dug up.

Dug up and cut up.  There was an ancient chainlink fence here that had to be cut out.

Not fun.

Um, lumber.

Looking towards back of yard.

My bees are gonna go in that back, back corner!


Every available surface looks like this.

The old privacy fence.  (Be sure to say it with the English pronunciation.)

The old Jackdaddy.  (American pronunciation fine on this one.)

More of the old fence.




Some trash trees are now down.

And now, let's move on to what this fence will look like!

So, here's the front yard fence.

(I must have cleaned it up for a photo or something because it is way, way junkier than this usually.)


That's all fuzzy.


Here is the basic design.

This is all fuzzy too.

AK, no time to go back and fix this nonsense.  Sorry.

Let's just move to what the finished project will look like.

Ta Da!!

Swoony McSwoon Swoon, right?

This side is all gussied up now with the surfboard and the tire planters (so gussy, you know, tires), but that fence still looks soooo beautiful.

Random photo of why we wanted a fence in the first place.

(My tomatoes look nothing like that this year, dammit.)

The rolling gate.

So fantabulous.

OK, wait, I cannot leave without showing you how much work there is in doing this kind of fence.

Hard work, y'all.

Poor Jackdaddy.

And WOW! Jackdaddy. 

What a builder.

What a guy, right?

OK, last thing, I swear.

I just have to show you what the other side looked like before we put the new fence in.

And one more of the new now ...

Woooo weeeee!

We're fancy.

Y'all bow down to the goodness and righteousness of Jackdaddy, OK?

He's the MAN.

Lucky me.


  1. YAY Jackdaddy!!! You DA MAN!!! Don says he's sorry (okay, not really sorry, but he would have loved to be able to help) that he wasn't around to help!!

    1. hahaha. Tell him Jack knows how "sorry" he is.

  2. Nice job Jack! The fence will look great, just like all of the other stuff he does. Also, when did that apartment thing happen next door?? That's a shame...

    When I was contracting, I found that showing up when you say or calling to reschedule was above and beyond expectations. Unfortunately, the bar is set pretty low for contractors.

    Anyways... I hope you guys are well!!

    David Duarte

    1. David,

      You were THE BEST contractor ever. Not a project goes by that we don't wish you were still here.

      How ARE you? How's Brooke? Any new little Duartes now?

  3. I love a man/woman who can make things happen! I'm thrilled to see it all and it looks gorgeous. I love fences when you really need them. If you can't have an infinite view of the ocean or the mountains, well, a fence makes me happy. I have a yearning to start adding art and hanging stuff on mine but it's too dang hot. I'd rather sit and think about it. Ya'll musta sweated buckshot.
    ms mdd

    1. Well sai, Ms. Mudd, well said. I like my yard view better than any other that I can see from here, so there!

      Welcome HOME!!! How was your cruise?

      Tell us all about it!

  4. That is a ton of work! But it will be fantabulous! Been a long time since I participated in the building of a fence. (Like, 17 years.) And I still remember that it sucked. My sympathies. But it will be awesome when it's done! (And now I really really really want a clawfoot tub in my backyard!)

    1. GIT one! You west coasters can be white trash too, you know!

      Actually, it's very awesome and not trashy at all.

      Well, upscale trashy.

  5. Dene Murphy PayanJuly 10, 2013 at 10:04 AM

    Jackdaddy did a great job! I am loving your new fence! When I first began looking at the photos, I was like... What? They are putting up a wooden fence? I am happy to see it is not! Looks great!

    1. Oh god man, that wooden fence. blarg.

      Isn't JD the best!?!!

  6. Gotta love a man with brains who knows how to use his tool(s)! ~Laura/LB

  7. Isn't it good to have a man like this. No end to their talents and some yet to be discovered! Spectacular fence. Isn't it against the rules to have 6 dogs! It is here.

    1. YES, we have good men, don't we? Lucky ladies!

      Well, it should be, but ... .

      I was gonna call the Humane Society when they started tying them up, but they were moving out anyway so. They all went separate ways and 2 of the dogs were going to live with Grandma and Grandpa in the country. Supposedly. I just send them all white light and hope they are OK.


  8. It totally sucks to have neighbors with completely different ideas about noise, pets, privacy, etc. It also stinks to high heaven that so many contractors aren't dependable. We are in the middle of getting all our windows replaced (not anything we can tackle ourselves) and we have a crew that is responsible and awesome and yet... the chaos and disruption are still EPIC. Or so say we. Fencing for the win!

    1. OMG new windows are the BEST!!!

      Yea, and the biggest issue is that the neighbors change every. single. year. In for one year and out the next. Over and over and over.

  9. So darn funny! And I'm glad you now have your PRIV-acy.

  10. I love that fence so much I can't even stand it. I LOVE IT!!! Excellent choice!

  11. Fabulous fence! That Jackdaddy sure can build.


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