Friday, July 19, 2013

Off to the BEACH!

We are officially off and running to beach!

Ta da and woo hoo!

Now, I normally don't post too many pictures of myself; I'm a little shy in that way.

I do want you to be able to imagine me at the beach, though, surfing and frolicking so, here goes ....




I wish I could photoshop my head on that body cuz that would have been really fun.

See you neeeeeext Fridee!

I may, may, may post some pictures from the road, so do check back, but, you know me.

Lazy ass.


  1. WHERE did you find that picture of me?!?

    * * * AS IF * * *

    Have fun!! We are going to the beach on Sunday for 2 days of fishing and eating and general laziness. Whoohoo indeed.

  2. What fun! Have a lovely holiday at the shore!

  3. Me too have fun and I hope you find some good and funny things washed up on the beach.
    ms mdd

  4. Have a great trip! If you're headed to sunny So. Cal., look me up!


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