Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!!!

Here's the sweet scene in my bedroom this morning.

Seems like everyone made their way into the big bed last night.

(There was a dog and another cat in this photo before I snuck out to get the camera, but they balked at having evidence of their lazy ass ways.)

Hope you got to sleep late this morning too!

I'm making potato salad, tuna fish, corn salad and, hopefully, a red, white and blue cake!

I think we'll head down to Barton Springs tonight for some night swimming (with 4,000 of our closest friends, I'm sure) then catch the city fireworks.

We might watch The Patriot.

(I know, so cheesy, but I do watch it.  Heath and Mel, you know.)

 Light some of the 700 packs of sparklers we always have on hand.

I dunno.

Maybe do what we always do:  stay home, cook on the grill, talk about what we oughta do. 

Let it get late and talk about what we shoulda done.

You know, stuff like that.

And, not to be a downer, but I do really feel that giving this page a good look and thorough reading is a very good thing to do on the Fourth of July:   The Howard Zinn Project - Fourth of July

Knowledge is power.  Sometimes it's not pretty, but it's still better to know the truth.

Whachoo gonna do besides sleep late and eat?


  1. That link was not a downer at all! Had to share it on my FB page. Made me get teary, thinking about how amazing and wonderful it is that I live in a country where I can read and share such writings--which just goes to show you that as much as I seem to be hardened and cynical about holidays, I'm just a big mushball, really.

    Your way of celebrating sounds lovely. And much like ours will likely be. Enjoy!

  2. Always a kindred spirit with you, my dear.

    Wish we were having a big families get-together today! Wouldn't that be SO fun? Cade and Jack could build shit and we could sit and eat and talk. The kids could run wild.


    1. Well, if Jack is like Cane, they would sit around and TALK about building shit. While they are cooking. BTW, thanks to your suggestion we are now watching "Independence Day" tonight. I like holiday cheese. :-)

    2. HAHAHA. SO right.

      Damn you, we watched Independence Day too. Cheese fest!

  3. We'll go to our town's parade at 5 which will end at the town park where there will be music and vendors and then fireworks at dark. Then tomorrow we'll go to our neighboring town and do a very similar thing! ;) Spreading out the fun! xoxo

    1. So sweet. I wish I'd gone to the Allandale one! I saw photos in which there were Minutemen!

  4. Well part of what I did NOT do yesterday was spend time on my computer, so I hope you'll forgive a "what we DID" catch-up. We'd put out all sorts of yard decor (I am a sucker for any chance to break out holiday doo-dads) since our neighborhood parade gathers nearby. We did a little yard work (gotta take advantage of every cool morning no matter when) and then spent time floating in the pool while our daughter was off with friends enjoying the alumni picnic at UT's Winedale project. Grilled some dinner, lit some sparklers, and watched the City's fireworks through the tops of our trees. Low key, just the way we like it.

    1. Good for you!

      We did yard work too and then were too tired and hot to do anything much. Decided to hit a pool party and then came home, climbed on the roof to try and watch fireworks, then watched a cheesy movie.

      So there...just like y'all.

      PS LOVE Winedale SO much.

  5. Made t-shirts for Monday's protest at the Capitol--very patriotic. Did budget management--not particularly patriotic, but very necessary. Today is our grill fest with friends day. The 4th has never been a holiday I'm particularly excited about. I love the long weekend, though. Hope everyone has a great one!

  6. Thank you for a Howard Zinn shout out. Might I also recommend James Loewen's "Lies My teacher Told Me." - excellent.

    We planted and weeded and attended requisite BBQ's and watched fireworks from the runway of the airport my brother manages. There is nothing better than sitting in the middle of an airport runway, at night, watching fireworks go off all around you. It was MAGIC!

    Happy 4th (late but still great!)


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