Monday, June 3, 2013



Ah, Monday.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to live by the minute and not by the work week?

Monday would be just another morning, not Monday morning.

Every day would be a weekend and no day would ever feel like Monday.

Throw away the clocks.

I go through phases whereby I wish these things.

And while I'm wishing, wouldn't it be wonderful to live like the "old days" with everyone home all day and living off the land, but with all the modern conveniences and modern thinking?

I think this is called a trust fund.


Well, no trust funds here so, onward!

Banana/blueberry bread.  

The most perfect loaf ever.

May I also confess that I just got a cooling rack?

From my darling Emily's yard sale.

Cooling racks are good.

Spring onions are in abundance at the Farmers' Market this time of year.  

I loaded up and made piles and piles and piles of caramelized onions.

The little boy looooves them on a tortilla with Gruyere cheese.

Good boy.

I also made "therearetoomanytomatoesgoingbad" pasta sauce.

With caramelized onions, of course.

Plus garlic and basil from the yard.


We've been going to the newest little Farmers' Market in my hood the last few weeks.

They've got some food trailers there, but I don't like the food at either of them.

I wish they'd get a smoothie/juice trailer.

Or a salad trailer.

I have officially decided that I do not like those Vietnamese sandwiches that everyone else loves.

Bahn Mi, I think.

I do not like them, Sam I am.

I have got to do something about getting more counter space.

Grocery store run plus Farmers' Market run and I am done for.

No mas space.

No mas sanity.

I get all jittery and shit when there is no room to put anything anywhere.

I need the above mentioned trust fund.

And for some equally titillating news ... some more blueberries are coming in.

My favorite egg-gathering apparatus is a shirt.

Clever me.

Look at that cannibal, Melba, looking at me.

She wants me to crack an egg for her dining pleasure.

(Which I do!  Cackle, cackle.)

Who could resist such a face?

I went out to close the coop last night.

I was a tad late.

Found two MF opossums in my coop!!

I had to stand there and scream for Jack to come bring a light as all I had was a small solar footpath light from Target.

I was wielding it as both light and weapon.

Jack came running out with headlamps and a broom.


Not my first weapons of choice.

We cowered together in the corner yelling at one of them while it cowered in the corner hissing at us.

Opossums are so cute until they start hissing and then you're all like, Oh shit yea that thing can eat flesh and I am flesh.


OK, well, opportunists is probably a kinder term.

Anyway, we flushed him out, chased the other one off the roof, and all the ladies were safe and sound.

Chikkins are easy prey once they're asleep.

They go into a kind of coma trance thing.

I'm serious, they were all just sitting there slightly dazed while two freaking opossums were stalking them.

Maybe there's a hidden chikkin bong in there somewhere.


Thar she blows.

Yet another riveting post from yours truly.

La, la, la.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Some real purty vegetables you got there. Fresh stuff does take up so. much. room! Thing is, when you cut 'em up and/or cook them, they get smaller. It's a problem, I know. Sorry about them possums! We have had a family of racoons eating our free range cats' food. They are so cute looking. I'd love to think we could tame them, but they say we shouldn't cuz they are wild things. SHOUT OUT for summer time fresh veg!!
    ms mdd

    1. Did I ever tell you that we had a raccoon growing up?

      Her name was Critter and she ATE all the wood paneling off the walls.

      She would have eaten a possum too, I bet!

  2. I am SO glad the girls are okay!! We need to find ourselves a trust fund. Yup.

    1. One of them must have gotten Margaret. She was my favorite. sniff.

  3. You are so funny! Thought I might have to go read the funny stuff on the daily New Yorker site to cheer me up this Monday morning but hit the old reliable "w" and "a" keys to deliver me to Wabi-Sabi land. Got the laugh, and still smiling. Wish I had the trust fund too...just sent off over four grand for ONE class for my last young 'un. Better save big-time for the Finn boy. Thanks for the cheer. ~L from LB

    1. HOLY MOLY mama!!! 4 grand.

      Glad I could help cheer you up.

      If I get a trust fund, I'll give you some money, OK?

      haw haw.

  4. Some folks have flower blossoms.
    What do you have? Nasty possoms.
    How to get them from the chikken room?
    A headlamp and trusty broom.
    Why do possoms spit and hiss?
    Because they are full of vinegar and p---.
    So it goes.


      I'm going to publish that there poem, Missy!!!

      I LOVE IT!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Um, maybe I closed the coop too late?

      Um, maybe at, like, 11 pm.

      I suck.

  6. Glad your hens are OK!

    Possums are nasty. A few months back, I heard my chicken freaking out. I ran outside to see feathers and a huge possum. He wasn't even a bit scared. I had to shoo him outta my yard! I couldn't find my hen and feared for the worst...when one of my kids yelled that she was in the house! Apparently she ran in when I ran out! Smart chicken! She healed but, was limping for few weeks.

    Oh, and that nasty possum came back the next night! What nerve!

    Merrymerry, your poem is awesome!


  7. HAHAHAHAH Chicken bong! What a great story, I totally agree that they look so cute and innocent until you realize they want to rip your face off. Glad everyone is safe and sound!

  8. I had chickens once, also had a family of red foxes. We really miss fresh eggs

    1. That'll do it to you every time.

      Why can't they all just get along like in the movies, I ask you?

      Like Little Bear or something. Foxes and chikkins are so cute; they should be friends.

  9. Bread looks delish!

    I would've freaked the f out if I had had to freak with this critters! No thank you.

  10. Haha haha...I meant DEAL with them! Wouldn't have wanted to freak with them either

  11. Glad you saved your chickens!!! Never wake a sleeping chicken. They will squawkscream so loud and ugly it sounds like you're slaughtering them! Yep, learned that the hard way.


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