Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Food

Late. Late. Late.

And so it goes.

Thank you all so much for your kind words about my cousin, Shannan.  

I've been feeling really sad and still shocked about it all.

Being a mama sheds a very different kind of light on things, as you all know.

I find it hard to write the blog when I'm feeling like this.

I'm a big of a cat when I'm hurt.  I'd rather just find a dark, cool place to hide than talk it out.

But, weirdly, life goes on and today I felt like I could write.

So I did.

And it's Friday so ... FOOD!

It's alllll about the easy food here these days.

High today is supposed to be 106.


Lots of melon for dinner.  Cold pastas.  Things on the grill.

And eggs.

As always, eggs.

I walk to the backyard, get the eggs, put them in the fridge, get them out of the fridge and cook them in minutes.

So, long lost Friday Food returns today with Friday Food Frittata.

Backyard Frittata

Butter and oil
salt and pepper
6 eggs
Shallots or onions - lots.  Enough to fill a 10 inch skillet as they will cook down.
splash of cream (optional)
Some grated cheese (optional) (I used some strong chedder, but any will do.)
Chia seeds (optional)

 To Make:
 Slice all your shallots into thin pieces.
Put a slab of butter in the skillet and let it melt down, but keep the heat rather low.
Add the shallots, salt them a bit, not too much because you will want to salt the eggs well.
Cook these on lowish for a good 30 minutes until the shallots (or onions) are clear and a tad brown and have reduced quite a bit.  You could cook these for an hour if you'd like, but 30 will do.

Next you'll want to remove the shallots from the skillet and add another dollop of butter or a good amount of oil and keep the heat on low.
While the skillet is heating up crack the eggs in a bowl, add a little cream or milk, salt liberally and whip it good until it's all airy and frothy.  You can add the chia seeds now if you use them.
Pour the eggs into the hot buttery pan, add the onions and stir well to mix.
Cook for about 8-10 minutes or until the eggs look set.  
Grate some cheese on at the last minute to give it a melty yummy cheese topping.
If you want, you could put the whole skillet in the broiler for JUST a tad to brown the top, but I didn't bother.

I served mine with some cold farrow with a lemon vinaigrette sauce.



See you dearies on Monday.

I hope to be back in the saddle by then.

Right now we're going swimming.


  1. Oh, Thank you. I made scrambled eggs to put on toast last night and it was just wonderful. A last minute, I-haven't-thought-about-dinner-yet kind of meal. This offers a bit of variety, for sure.

    Yes, hot here, too. Hoping to get into the garden in the morning early-early as there is plenty to do, but if I wait till even 9 am, its just too hot. Ugh. I like warmth, I no like summer in central Texas.

  2. Good to see you back. Know just what you mean. This food looks lovely, but too hot here to cook anything. Supposed to be near 100 for days. Days. I hate this heat. No AC. Triggers my migraines. I do not know how you can live with this kind of weather for months. Yes, I am whining. I likely will be until the temp drops below 85. I might need to move back to Seattle. :-(

  3. Grief is odd stuff. It can be all overtaking and then it can simply sit waiting in the corner quietly to re-enter your awareness. Life with grief in it simply plods on. People who are sad still want and need feeding, as it turns out. According to our community habits of bringing food to a grieving family, we must think people who are sad need LOTS to eat. Or maybe we think they ought not be bothered with cooking? At any rate. Sad, happy, hot or not, people gotta eat dinner. And your dinner here looks like just the ticket.

  4. WHY do you people live places that are 106 in JUNE!?!

    106? What? That's ridiculous. That's fargin' ridiculous.

    It's gonna be, like, 82 today and I'm freaking out and using every fan we own.

    Come to Northwest, dearie. We have salt water, fish and chips, and you can't swing a dead cat without hitting a hipster cause or a farmer's market.

    And it's not 106. EVER.

    I'm interested in cooking farrow. I've heard it's nutty and delicious. I have a lemon vinaigrette that I use for quinoa that I think would work wonderfully for that...
    (And your soap is on it's way - off topic and BTW.)


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