Friday, June 7, 2013

Dog House Friday

1.  Today is  my wedding anniversary and I forgot!!!

2.  Today is my wedding anniversary and I forgot!!!

3.  Today is my wedding anniversary and I forgot!!!

Look at us.

So young.


I'm in the dog house so I gotta run.

Have a great weekend and don't forget important shit!!!


  1. hahahah! awwwww, happy anniversary! you guys are adorable then and now! <3 also Finn is your twin, and this photo is my proof!!

  2. What a sweet pic! If it makes you feel better, I don't even have an anniversary. I mean, I suppose we do, but we don't know when it is. So there. Maybe we'll celebrate one when we get around to getting married. I think I'll remember that date. Maybe. :-)

  3. What really counts is not the day you married, but the fact you are still together, enjoying each other's company. Our anni is very close to Christmas (we took advantage of a grad school schedule break) and we typically get to Christmas Eve and look at each other and grin - "forgot again!". But then we've been married for thousands of years, so.... Enjoy getting out of the doghouse - I'm guessing you won't forget again for a long enough span that it will cease to matter very much. (the Hub and I are perhaps a bit on the "too practical" side of the romance scale? Whatevs!)

  4. so cute!!! we too are famous forgetting "the dates." ah well. congrats on still being together in the first place.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    I've been known to forget an anniversary here and there. We got married the day before Thanksgiving. As you know, Thanksgiving Day moves around. So, now and then I forgot the anniversary. After almost 50 years, I'm finally doing

    I get the feeling you celebrate just BEING, every day.

  6. Don't forget June 16th is Father's Day. That is next Sunday.

  7. Happy Anniversary but you need to write out 100 lines not just 3!

  8. I just noticed that funny bifurcated tomatoe..termater? toemadder. It's funny but I bet it tastes good.
    ms mdd


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