Monday, May 6, 2013





Mostly just a photo fest today as Mondays, well, this Monday is a bit busy for me so I gotta get going.

Glorious weekend here weather wise.

Needless to say, I spent it in the garden/outside.

Look at the various feet in these next two pictures:

Isn't that funny?

Aren't chikkin feet soooo funny?

(Danielle, do you recognize those shoes you gave me? Those are my favorite digging shoes.)

I put together a swanky little succulent sitch.

I got that beautiful pot from Emily (of Emily and the new chikkins).

You can't tell from this picture, but it's actually BIG.

(PS I don't like that plant in the middle, but I gotta buy something tall to replace it.  Just in case you were judging, you know.)

We might have made some margaritas.

That's what my Friday Food recipe is gonna be this week:

The perfect margarita.

If you're not a drinker, then it's the perfect limeade recipe.

We had friends over for dinner.

What's koo-koo is that I made a delicious freakin' pot of cream of mushroom soup, but I took no pictures.

What the hell?

So it looks like we ate salad, beans, bread and cheese balls which would have been good too, but it was actually even better than that.


Although it was weird having mushroom soup and margaritas.


See those books Grow Cook Eat and An Everlasting Meal ?

My mama bought them for me and they ROCK.  

Totally, completely ROCK.

I'm gonna put them in my Amazon book store soon so you can buy them too and I'll make my $0.3.

I want to live in a field of Cosmos.

Bury me in Cosmos.

Hello, fat boy!

I can't wait to EAT your guts out.

I'm getting 7 eggs a day now!

Holy scramble, y'all!

Wanna buy some eggs?

Is this Mealy Blue Sage?

It's taking over my yard.

But I like it.

Aphid-thing bastards.

I thought this picture was pretty, but the combo of steamed cauliflower and eggs sounds gross to me.

My dinner last night.

Quinoa with sauteed beet and dandelion greens.

My halo is glowing.

OH! Wasn't the Kentucky Derby this weekend?

I didn't watch it cuz I was too busy horsin' around all weekend.


PSagain:  I followed all y'all on Instagram!!! Did you see???!!!  OMG sooooo fun.


  1. Looks like you had a very good weekend. I took the grands to the Violet crown fest. They had a great time. That is a nice little park down there. I hadn't been over by there in a long time.

    1. We went too! Doesn't the park look so nice now? The Friends of BW Park have done such a good job.

  2. That's Black and Blue sage, I think. Multiplies by putting out a gazillion runners underground and then popping up. But it's easy to pull up, just by hand. Even little pieces of root will make a plant, so it's a good passalong plant.
    Love the feet pics.

    1. YES! That's it. Thanks Sandy. And, yep again, they do just pull right out, thank goodness! I did not even notice the feet until I went to load the photos!!! SO funny.

  3. your aphids look so healthy! haha, i was just thinking how lush everything looked when the aphid pic popped up. love the feet pics so very much! yay, thanks for the instagram follow, see ya there!

    1. I used to think those were caterpillar eggs. Swear to god. HAHAHAHAHA.

  4. WhooHooo what a festival of pictures! Love that little chicken foot! and all in all a very very satisfactory bit o' bloggin'. Love it ..
    ms mdd

  5. If you can spare a clump of blue sage...I'd LOVE some!! ;-) I made a bamboo tee-pee morning glory tower this should be awesome when covered in purple flowers!

  6. Yes, eggs and cauliflowers would be gross. Margaritas would not. If I had enough margaritas, I might eat cauliflower and eggs. :-)

  7. Drain one can Vienna sausage.
    Take a box of Kraft Macaroni and cheese. Follow directions.
    Open a bottle of Green Gator Ade.

    Gregor Samsa

    1. OMG "Gregor!" You are so funny. Wait until you see your Mother's Day card.

  8. Holy crap it looks like you had an amazing weekend!! I can't wait for that margarita recipe, I've been itching for some summery drinks for weeks now. Also those books look amazing! I'm totally going to buy them from your amazon list and get you those three pennies. Don't go spending them all in one place!

    1. OH what I could do with 3 pennies! ahahah.

      Sorry I skimped on the rita recipe. TOMORROW, promise!!!

  9. Why yes I do remember those shoes - so glad they have a new life! We celebrated Mother's Day yesterday because I'm not going to be here next weekend. I got a little drunk on Bloody Mary's. heh.

    1. oh. mah. gawd. I have been DYING for a good BM. Do you make your own mix or what do you use? That's a big thing here in the summer...making your own mix. I think Betty Crafter said she does it. Mmmm lets' experiment!!

  10. I too have Grow. Cook. Eat. I refer back to that book more so than any other of the 1000 or so homesteading/farming/grow-yer-own-shit type books on my shelf. Comprehensive, well written and concise. My definite literary cup of tea. Also, Willi Galloway is a local! Well, she was. Until she beat it down to Portland. But that's still local to me!

    PS - Those top two photos are the best ever. Just saying.

    1. Yep, that is just right! Me too.

      How cute is that Willi?

      I KNOW! and they were totally unintentional!


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