Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Week in My Garden: May 30

Taking my cue from Amanda with her "This Week in My Garden" series.

 My first year to get enough to make a whole plateful!

I consider eggs to be bounty from my garden, in a way.

Purchased tomato.  (I thought about lying.)

Pesto straight outta' the freezer from last year!

Mayonnaise straight outta' Compton.


My hillbilly rain harvesting.

Oh, to have my dream water system in.  Oh.

These guys continue to not do well despite fixing the drainage issue.

And so it goes.

Satsumas still growing.

As usual (always) I never label my plants.

These are going well, whatever they are.

More of those same lovelies.

Honestly, I need to do more labeling.

It's a bit embarrassing.

One poor decimated herb bed.

Chikkins got in.

Havoc ensued.

(Apparently, chikkins do not eat sage.)

It's on my list for the weekend.

I just ripped out the last of the sugar snaps.

Basil goes in today.

Mmmmm, basil.

More basil.

Evil Ivy.  (Great name for a band.)


Need to seed more beets, pronto!

Fig happiness is everywhere.

The peppers have been loving the cloudy days and rain.

I need to move them, but they are in plastic tree pots and they weigh around 45 tons so ...


I'm a happy squash.


I'm a cantaloupe bloom.


I'm a watermelon bloom.

The $*%&#(#&* birds ate my blueberries.


I had a bunch.

More are coming in though.


More mystery tomatoes doing well.

And there you have it.

The straggly spring/summer garden here at The Wabi-Sabi House.

My shady yard combined with my lazy gardening in the spring/summer months makes for a so-so garden.

La, la, la.  

My garden matches me!  Shady and straggly.



  1. When we had plants growing in a stock tank (and thriving), I punched holes in the bottom of the tank--a lot of holes because I was afraid that one hole on the side wouldn't be enough drainage. If your plants continue to do poorly, you might try that.

    1. Righto! That's what the link was ... my funny story about poking more holes in the thing. Must be something else, me thinks.

  2. those blackberries are AMAZING! sorry the birds ate your bloobs :(

    1. I thought you wrote BOOBS.

      So THAT's what happened to them. hahahahah!

  3. I love shady and straggly. We are so excited because last night we saw the teeniest tiniest beginnings of peppers. Made up for our very limp and lame-looking basil. Loving the inspiration here. Everyone's a hero to someone!

    1. Honey, y'alls garden looks GREAT!

      oh, nothing finer than seeing your seeds growing!! It's what gets you hooked!

  4. Silly girl. Give those mysterious tomatoes your own names and make up stores. Those little yellow ones "Golden Globes" and that one over there "Betty" It called betty after my granmother who's been saving seeds for years. Or Bilbo Baggins after that cute little fat hobbit. Who cares what they really are called. The tomatoes won't mind at all.

    1. HAHAH

      I LOVE THIS!!!

      OK, from now on my toms are Bettys and Bilbos.

      Nuff said.

      Plus, they all taste good, right?


  5. You and Me = Lazy Gardeners. I love your cat. You got food growin' there, gurrrrrrrrl. I have been staring a hole in a bed I made a few years ago. I'll have to show you cuz if you want to see somethin really bad, you should see this. It's full of weeds but it has two avocado trees starting and two rose bushes I grew from cuttings and a bunch of basil. Otherwise, it is just a weed bed of ugly.
    ms mdd

    1. You would LOVE this cat and the other one. Both quite strange and wunnerful. Like us.

      You got a HELL HOLE, is what you got, Missy. And a hell hole that's growing stuff = GOOD.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if that stock tank is depleted of nutrients. Have you tried giving the tomatoes a dose of fish fertilizer for nitrogen? It does wonders for my tomatoes. You might give it a try. OR maxi-crop. I get that at Natural Gardener.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head.

      WOnder if some rancid pond water would help? I have that. Hee hee.

      Hoping to hit the NG this weekend so I'll get some MC. I need some anyway.

      Thanks for tip!!!

      Course, if it doesn't work, Im coming for you!!!

    2. This is a great source of tomato info:

  7. Your garden is great! Girl, come out here where every.single.drop. comes from the hose - you'll see my sad garden! ;)

    1. Have y'all been getting any rain this spring? I cannot believe how much we have gotten!!! It's like a miracle of sorts.

      Yet another reason for you to move to you-know-where.

  8. Oh, my stars. I don't label anything either. This year, I actually FORCED myself to buy little wood stakes and now I've been labeling everything in sight because I''m starting to do perma-culture gardening and am still not completely sure I could determine the difference between sage and a weed.

    How jealous am I that you are growing CANTALOUPE and MELONS!?! That's awesome! My waltham butternuts are barely above the soil line!

    Sorry about the herb bed disaster. So it goes with chickens. Little scratchin' devils.

    1. HI!

      I have been reading,but not posting because the dad has been out of town FORever. He'll be home this weekend and I can back and post-a-rama!!!

      I must learn to label too. I must!

      Wait to be jealous if they actually make fruit. That is yet to be seen dearie.

      I'm bout ready for some soap too!

  9. I think your mystery tomatoes might be White Cherry Tomatoes ( I bought some from JBG, as well, and they are JUST starting to ripen. My lack-of-labeling happened because a couple of tomatoes revived after what I'd thought was a killing freeze -- I gave up and took their little stakes down too soon! It's kind of fun having a garden mystery, sometimes.

    1. YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

      ding! ding! You win a Shetland Pony!! (not)

      I went out there after you posted this and found a tag. I bought mine at JBG too so I figured you must be right.

      It's true...I love the mystery. I pretend to complain about my lack of labeling, but I really find it kinda fun.

      Onward tomato!


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