Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Oh, it's so good to be home.

Going away was beyond marvelous and coming home was too.

Isn't it funny how being away makes all the tiny bits of home feel so special somehow?

All the nooks and crannies that seem so regular day after day, but so precious when you've been away from them.

Hugs are a little tighter and smiles a little wider.  

Things are easier ... less heavy.


And on that note, I am off again today to Grandmary's!

FinnigantheCurious and I are going for a belated Mother's Day trip.

There will be some posting from the road, but nothing fancy, I fear.

We got rain last night!  Everything freshly washed and cleaned (including the clothes I left hanging on the line.  oops!) and sated.

I sold eggs for the first time yesterday!  Very exciting for us.

I told the boys that after we pay for feed we can keep the rest for fun.

Sweet Finn said that we should give it to the homeless as we have enough.  Sniff.

And so we will.

That is one child who really appreciates home, just like his mama.


  1. Ok, so this is something i'm struggling with, with my kids... how do you instill that "enough" feeling? That is too awesome. Mine always seem to be in the "more, more more!" mode, especially when it comes to toys. Any insight would be welcome! And welcome home, albeit briefly!

  2. Welcome Home and how neat to be selling eggs! That's just lovely. Love the photos girl you gettin' so good at this.
    ms mdd
    p.s. Have fun at your mamma's

  3. I am here to tell the world that Michele Irene (Landry) Holt is available for decorating your home.
    Can you believe the talent she has?
    I can't wait for her to get here to help me "doll" up this plainjanevanilla home in which I live.
    (By the bye, I LOVE the name Jane so if that is your name do not be offended. In fact my dog's name is Sadie Jane.)
    Michle Holt: COME ON DOWN!!!!!
    Merrymerry (Michele's mom)

  4. Welcome home for the tiny bit you were there! I'm ready for my arrival tomorrow - I've had a nice break and now it's time to hug my babies and my man again! xo

  5. I agree with freerange pamela - how do I teach the tot that she doesn't need all the stinking toys in the universe?!? Challenging.

    I sold rabbit for the first time and then felt awesome and donated the earnings to my "soap stuff" fund. Not quite the homeless. But I did find a home for the nice little bottle of lye on the shelf at McClendons - my soap pot!

    Happy traveling! Next you should travel up to Seattle - I'll take you and the short stuff to the market and we can feast on donut holes and fish and chips!

    (Your home is really lovely, FYI. Just fantastic. I love the little details!)

  6. wow. you're raising a winner.
    but, why am I not surprised?

  7. I know just what you mean. And that photo of your sweet family, just the 3 of you. That one stopped me. For more than a few moments. Enjoy your travels and mama time. Mama time is the best.


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