Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Photos

(I just added this in case you came here looking for a good Friday Food recipe, being as how it's Friday and such.   I slacked off, but the Johnson's Backyard Garden blog has one that looks effin' INSANELY good and I am gonna make that this weekend for sure.  Anytime capers are called for, I'm IN. .  Scroll down to the bottom for the recipe.)

No recipe today because I got home too late last night to do anything but curl up on the couch with a new garden book that my sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet as pie mama sent me.

(More on that later cuz I think you might love it too.)

Thanks Mama!!!

Do you Instagram?

For those of you who have no clue as to what I speak of, Instagram is a photo sharing doohickey for smart phones.

Don't you love it when I talk like that?

I really don't know how to use it very well, but I do use it.

I'm trying to get better at it and connect with people on it because I find it so so so fun and it just blows my mind that I can carry around a little phone that is also a camera!

I find so much wonderful, wonderful, surprising, delightful art everywhere these days and it just tickles me pink to be able to take a picture and show people!  I can't even tell you how many crazy things I have seen.

I certainly do my share of wrestling with all this newfangled technology and I do get overloaded for sure, but good lord it can be FUN.

So, because I am tarred and boring myself to tears right now, I'll just share some recent Instagram photos with you.

If you do do (peee uuuuu) Instagram you can find me at Mamaholt.

What's it called to be friends on Instagram?

Friends?  Connect?  Add?  Join? 

Whatever.  Find me and I'll find you back.

HAPPY FRIDAY, dammit!!!


Isn't that just fun as hell?


  1. well dang! don't YOU live in a fun place??! loving all the wacky art you captured.
    cheers from nc

  2. Well Good Morning NC!!! of my all-time fave girl names. I used to LOVE a book called Mandy by Julie Andrews, no less, when I was a girl so Amanda was what i named all my dolls.

    Where are you in NC?

  3. Since I don't cook I am was glad to see all this crazy art work instead of a recipe.
    I want that rabbit?/mouse? thing with the coffee cup and martini glass painted on my garage wall that faces the road. Let's do that when you come.

    1. ME too. I LOVE that one! I can paint that for sure.


  4. Yup, I am addicted to instagram too! So much fun sharing pics and ideas with people all over this small planet of ours. I'll be checking you out, for sure. See you there! #instafun #withmamaholt

  5. Careyyyyyyy...what are those hash tags for?

    What's your instagram name?

    clearly I need to do some work.

  6. Okay, do you know how to Tweet, too? You have to teach me how to Instagram AND tweet if you know how. I really don't want to tweet, just to know how to truly follow when something is happening. WOOT!

    1. Wellll, I do tweet and I THINK I can explain it to you, but I am NOT at all active on Twitter. I just do it because, well, Im supposed to and I DO get traffic from it now so that is good. I think if I used it more, it would pay off even more. I just forget. LOVE Instagram - lets talk. And talk to Autumn because she, of course, is going to know a lot about it for sure!!

  7. Only in AUSTIN!! See that's why I love that place so much. If you keep taking these pictures you will make Ms Mdd so happyhappy. Vicariously Happy!!

    1. I sure will be glad when you move here. wink wink nudge nudge.

  8. ok, I am instagram stalking you now...I hope to find you soon.

    1. WAit! What's your name on I? I guess you'll just follow me and then I'll follow you back, right?


  9. I'm guessing you're the only other person I know in this world (maybe the only other person at all, including all the billions of people I don't know), who even knows about Julie Andrews and Mandy--and it was one of your favorite books, too? Wish I could come down to Austin and we'd just walk around and take photos of cool stuff. Or you could come to Portland and we'd do the same.

    Like you, I'm more of a Twit than a Tweeter on Twitter, but I'm loving Instagram. Best part is that your instagram posts can go directly to your FB page and your Twitter account. One stop social media-izing.

    I so love the fat man silhouette.

    1. So you know about Mandy???

      omg Rita, what the HELL with us???

      I have to say that I STILL love that book so much. I know for sure that that book was beginning of my obsession with home. That little cottage she found! "borrowing the stuff from the store so that she could make it her own. I get teary just thinking about it. The ONLY time I ever have that little wish that I'd had a baby girl too is when I think of reading THAT book with her. Finn would rather have his eyes gouged out with a spoon that read Mandy, I'm sure. hahahaha.

      I just followed you on Instagram too!!! weeeeee

  10. Yessss Instagram is the best! It's the only social media dealy that I check obsessively. Photos are the best! I just followed you, my Instagram name is ImaginAcres!

    1. I just followed you too!!!

      Love the name, btw!


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