Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Giveaway!

I've never done a giveaway!

Had a few getaways, but that's another story.  Yuk. Yuk.

Part of my anti-blah program is purging.

Purge, Purge, Purge that's my Dirge, Dirge, Dirge.

(Over the edge, clearly.)

So, here ya go!  The first official Wabi-Sabi House Giveaway.

For your viewing pleasure ....

An orange tray of love and sunshine.

Remote and toe not included.

Lemon possibly included.

How fun is that, y'all!?!?!

Much better than some crappy old recipe that you're not gonna make anyway, right?


So, there ya go.

Leave a comment and I will do that random generator thingee to choose a winner.

Comments will close on, hell, I dunno, Sunday night?

Winner announced on Monday?

Sound OK?


May lady luck be with you!

(Comments are now closed for this giveaway)

PS Remind me to tell you about the time I was on The Price is Right. 

I am not joking.

Maybe I'll find a way to get the video on to YouTube so you can see it.

You. will. sh*t.


  1. what?! the price is right???!!! how do i not know about this?

    love the tray...and if i win, NO SHIPPING :) win-win!


  2. Tray so pretty. Have a good weekend!

  3. Love it. no shipping here either. did you jump and down and shake everything on the p is r?


    Mrs. Gorchs

  4. Give-a-ways are so good. Finding a new home for stuff makes me happy too.
    ms mdd

  5. Love it. I would walk over and pick it up.

  6. OK, I'll bite MIchele! And I've been meaning to have you come over and pick some FLOWERS from my garden! Even if I'm not randomly selected to win the tray... Come on by any time and gather ye some. There's actually lots right now and they will be happier if they get picked. That'll help lift your blahs, right?

  7. Ahhh!!! Orange is the favorite color of my household! Our kitchen is orange, as is our living room and our tea kettle, pots, pans, plates, and bowls. This just might fit in perfectly, or in any case will perpetuate the assumption that we're insane people who are obsessed with orange. How nice of you to give it away!

  8. OOhhh! Do you know how awesome this would be for my retro travel trailer Miss Sunshine??? ;-)

  9. And ummm, just cause you didn't say "only one comment" I'm entering again, because this really would look great with my avocado green stove, gold walls and orange cabinets. <3

  10. Dene Murphy PayanMay 24, 2013 at 8:16 AM

    Your were on the Price is Right? Really? I had no idea! Very cool, I hope you can upload the video, would love to see it.

    ok, About the tray, LOVE it, orange is my favorite color too! I am still trying to decide between the Tangerine or the Persimmon KitchenAid Stand Mixer, lol

  11. Okay, I want to see the Price is Right video. MUST see it.

  12. Yea so, what's a little shipping $$? I promise it won't be much! Haha, I love the ORANGE tray, and YOU for giving it away! I need to start singing the purge dirge, too. Maybe tomorrow. (or the day after that)
    PS. The Price is Right!?? Can't wait to see the highlights!

  13. Sweet tray...maybe I'll have the golden ticket! - Keisha

  14. That tray is awesome - would totally match my orange painting and lamp.

    congrats on the Price Is Right. I have always wanted to be on that show!

  15. I would pay cash money to see footage of you on The Price Is Right. Did you wear a tube top? For some reason I've always thought tube tops are perfect for game shows.

  16. Seeing you on The Price Is Right would be prize enough! My grandma LOVED that show and I watched it through my whole entire childhood. My cousin's husband took her to see it when she was in her late 70's. She didn't get to "come on down!" but there was a snippet of footage where we could see them in the audience.

    Oh, and the tray would be way cool, too. :-) I would give it a place of honor in our soon to be refurbished family room.

  17. Rad tray!
    And The Price is Right is still kiddos love it!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. An orange tray would look very pretty under my blue teapot! I like the way its handles look like brass when they're on wood and like stainless when atop, well, stainless. I, too, would love to see that Price Is Right. That's hilarious! My mom loved that show.

  20. Totally awesome orange tray. It would so go with my lime green and turquoise stuff. Pick me Pick me....!!! Been away for several weeks, so just catching up on all my blog reading. Love your little vignettes of the house, esp. stuff stuck around light switches, and the shelf over the bed. Never saw the short prayer candles before, going on s search for them soon. Hope they aren't all sold out since I am late reading about them.

    I did watch The Price is Right with my folks at the Assisted Living center they just moved into. It was in the main meeting room and the volume was so loud, since the old folks can't hear. Such a funny show. Please show us your tape of when you were on.


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