Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Beverage

All-righty, I'm just about to get packed for my trip, but I hate to leave you hanging with no drinking plans for the weekend so here's your rita recipe, as promised.

Trust me when I tell you that you will want to have some friends over to share this magnificent beverage with.

You are about to know the secret to making the best, truest, cleanest, most perfect margarita you've ever had.

This is a margarita so perfect that you will not ever engage in any, "I make the best margarita!" pissing contests ever again because you will know, in every fiber of your being, that you do and you will not need to prove it.  

Let's start with some rules of the road:

1.  Never frozen.  Never.

2.  Always salt.  Trust me on this.  I had to be converted and "they" were right.  There must be salt.

3.  It must be cold as hell.  That does not make sense.  It must be cold as ice.

4.  These can only be make by the glass.  No pitchering allowed.  That is for amateurs.  Each glass is made my hand.

5.  This is the most important step - the tequila must be good.  Cheap tequila makes for a cheap margarita.  Invest in a good bottle of tequila and drink less.  It's time to grow up.  No more cheap tequila.  Our favorite is Milagro Silver, available at any liquor store.

Here we go!
(Do you always hear Jane's Addiction in your head when you read that?  Yea, me too.)

Note:  30 minutes (or longer) before you being making the margaritas, put all the glasses, the pitcher and the tequila in the freezer and get them super cold.

NoteNote: you may want to experiment ahead of time to make sure your glasses are the right size.  You need a glass that will hold a lot of ice, a jigger + full of tequila, and still have 1/4 of the glass left for the lime juice. 

 The World's Best Margaritas
Serves 4

About 10 limes or enough to make one + a tad cup of fresh lime juice
Just shy of one cup of white sugar (do not substitute anything for white sugar)
4 cups of cold, cold water
Small plate covered in good quality salt
A jigger, preferably glass

Juice the limes
(If you have time, go ahead and put the lime juice in the fridge.  If not, no worries.)
Pour the sugar into a clean, cold, glass pitcher
Pour the lime juice on top of the sugar and mix well
Add the cold water and mix again

Remove your glass, one at a time, from the freezer
Rub the rim of the glass with one of the lime halves to coat it well
Invert the glass and set the rim of the glass in the plate of salt and twist it gently to get a good, thick coating of salt on the rim
Carefully fill the glass with lots and lots of ice.  Too much really because the tequila will melt some of it down.
Hold the jigger over the glass and pour one heaping, overflowing jigger full of tequila in.  You don't want a jigger and a half, but you do want a tad more than one.
(The glass will look very full of tequila, but no worries, all will blend perfectly.)
Give your lime juice another good stir and quickly fill the glass to the top.
Take a butter knife and give the drink a good mix without disturbing the salt on top.  One way is to sort of push the ice around from top to bottom to get it mixed up.

Serve and gloat.
Make more.
Gloat more.

That's it.
No Triple Sec needed.
No nothing needed other than lime, sugar, water and tequila.
Please trust me.

(Can you see that tiny little hair on the glass? That's a Luna hair.  She's been gone 3 weeks now.  Must have been in the salt bin.  Sniff.)

Crap, man, now I'm thirsty for a big limeade.

You know that the limeade is just the lime, sugar and water, right? Mmmmmm.

OKAY ...

I'll see you on Monday.

Maybe Tuesday, depending on what time I get home on Monday.

Did I mention that I'll be at The Ritz Carlton?

Uh huh.  My brother runs the HR department at their resort in Tucson.

Can you say sauna?  Can you say massage?  Can you say lounge at the pool?



And Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas!!!, but especially to MY mama who is the best mama in the whole world times a million plus infinity squared.  

Mama,  I will call you on Sunday!!



  1. I know you will be having a grand Mother's Day at the R/C spa with your friends and then, after you are all refreshed, a wonderful dinner with Roo.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too.
    This recipe looks wonderful for all the Rita drinkers. Cheers!!


  2. My mouth she is watering. Please have a wonderful time and R E L A X.
    ms mdd

  3. Yea, now I find that at nearly two o'clock I NEED a margarita! Thanks! ;)

  4. I was just wandering around the internet when I came across your blog and thankfully I did. I made this the other day and it was OUT OF THIS World good!!!!!! Thanks for posting it, will never use another Rita mix again and the juice is an awesome limeade the next day.


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