Monday, May 27, 2013

And the winner is ...

Lucky comment #16 


 Come on down!

"Rad tray!  And The Price is Right is still kiddos love it!"

Susan,  please send me an email with your mailing address.  
(You can find my real email address over in the right hand column where it says, aptly, Write Me.)

So, that was fun, right?

I got a little pile of goodies together so we're gonna have some more giveaway parties, OK?

There is more orange to be had, promise.

OK, can I just say that this was the best weekend ever because ...

It RAINED all weekend.

I mean it monsooned!  Poured! Cats and dogs!  Buckets!

You have no idea how rare that is here.

I just can't tell you how delicious rain is to me.  

I love the rain almost more than anything.

FinnigantheCurious and I spent all day Saturday staring out the windows, sitting on the porch, darting in and out, napping, drinking tea, etc..


Now it is over and I am sad, but grateful.

I need to live somewhere with frequent rain.

My Irish genes are drying up here in Texas.

Maybe my mama will move with me to Ireland or Scotland or Portland or somewhere.

I was mesmerized by the intensity of the rain.

Been a looong time since we've had rain like this.

I have about 237 more pictures just like these.

Oh, Oh, Oh, speaking of pictures, there's this new feature in Picasa (that's the program I used to add my photos to the computer) called "Creative Kit" and in it there's a tool on it that lets you add a TAN.  

I am not sh***ing you!

You can add a TAN to the people in the photograph.

Is that the craziest thing ever or whut?

You have been warned.

I am so going to Add-a-Tan to everyone and everything, especially me.

Hhahahahaha.  This is so hilariously EPIC.

Oh, AND?  I can airbrush myself as well.

This is very, very convenient because I am going out on the lake today to celebrate a birthday with some old friends.  

(Note the word old.  I have known them since Kindergarten ((for real)) and we are all 50 now.)

Yea, a boat.  On the lake.  On Memorial Day. With bathing suits. Gulp.

I am so adding a tan to my pasty white skin and airbrushing my ass.

Party On, Wayne!


  1. Okay. So you realize you have to post some pictures of yourself (and Finn and JackDaddy) with tans now, don't you?

  2. Totally identify, being Irish myself. Most people get depressed in winter. For me, it's in the summer triple digits w/no rain. Sniff.

  3. I have a current passport, no strings so let's go!!!!

  4. I love the rain too. So Much. I always feel calm and content when it's pouring outside. Always have. I loved that misty rain in Ireland when I visited there. I hardly got wet walking through it. It's like mist and it's lovely.
    ms mdd

  5. Portland. You will LOVE it here. Rained all day today. (And I loved it, too.) No one cares if have no tan here--because most of us have no tan here. And I don't really know, but I'm thinking no one will really care about your ass, either. :-)

  6. Super excited to have won the tray! It'll add some cheery color to my kitchen. Thank you!!!


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