Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Visit.

The Wabi-Sabi House got a very special visit  yesterday and I am still basking in the adorableness of it all.

My dear friend Emily and her precious family are moving to China soonish.  


She needed a home for her beloved hens and it just so happened that I was in the market for some new ladies!

(We had a rare and devastating raccoon attack last summer ((in broad daylight!)).  We lost 2 of our oldest and dearest ladies plus 4 teenagers.  It was SO shocking and sad sad sad.) 

Re-homing her ladies presented a teeny problem though -  Emily owns a hippie pre-school and her tiny charges are in love with the chikkins.

These chikkins are a  huge part of their day with the children collecting eggs, giving kisses and hugs, taking care of the coop and just being awesome to the chikkins in general.

How to lovingly let the chikkins go so that Emily can start getting ready for a huge move while still being respectful and loving to the children?

Ring up Mama Holt, that's how, suckers!

Oh, yes, I'd love to have 5 new ladies and Oh, Super YES, I'd love for you all to come over for a good-by ceremony!

So we did!

The babes came over and played in the yard, loved on the chikkins, loved on Gus, jumped on the tramp, hunted for rouge eggs and had an all-around wonderful time.

My Mama heart was just a bursting with joy!

The chikkins took right to my yard, surprisesuprise.  

It's pretty much chikkin nirvana here.

I stayed outside with them most of the day just to make sure that all was well and to see everyone settled in nicely.

Watching chikkins is one the most entertaining things a person can do, I think.

I mean that. 

They are just endlessly fascinating.  Ask anyone who has them, they'll tell you the same.

Right, y'all?  You chikkin owners, tell them!

My 2 ladies ignored the interlopers most of the day.

There was one fascinating moment when Emily's alpha hen strutted over to my girls while they were eating and she just shoved her way in there.

My girls, Lanell and Melba, gave her a  big dose of what for in a medium way.

That bird just took it and took it and took it.  

She never did walk off.  Just waited until they quit, shook her feathers and sauntered off.

You know what she was saying?

That's it, bitches.  I let you at me one time. One time.  That's it.  You ever touch me again and I'll crack your egg ass up.

I bet that's what happens too.  I bet that new chikkin becomes head chikkin.

We stayed out with them until dusk when it was time to head into the coop.  The new girls were getting restless wondering where they were gonna sleep. (Been there, done that myself, ladies.  Heeeeee.)

My girls went in first and then we gently herded the new girls in.

Lanell pitched a holy shit fit, but I stayed in there for a long time shushing her and helping everyone find a place.

She finally shut up and I sat down in the barely-dark to drink my wine and make sure everything stayed calm.

The yard was full of fireflies.

The house behind me had some really fantastic guy on the guitar who played for about an hour.

(My neighbor, Bruce, is a music producer and we often get treated to backyard jams.  HEAVEN.)

I just sat out there with Cricket, Artemis and Gus at my feet.  Magical light show happening.  Glen Hansard style music playing.

It was so freaking perfect that I got all teary.

That's what life is all about to me these days.  

Not the big things, but those gorgeous, unplanned moments where everything is just simple and right.

I wish you had been there.

You'd have loved it too.

The simple life.


Who knew?

PS Say Jackrabbit for luck today.


  1. oh, I am SO on the chikken bandwagon with you, woman! I love my hens. I'm the kind of girl that when one goes broody, I round up fertile eggs or 1 day old chicks.
    But, let me not digress.
    I LOVE your yard. I want everything you have. Including those license plates. And do you have another doggie? That is a gorgeous dog.
    It is really stressful on chickens to mix flocks. It's good to try and separate them for a while first where they can see/smell each other. But, sounds like you just went for it. I was told as long as there isnt any blood, you have to let them work it out and figure out the pecking order. We added a few "teens" a while back. Took about 6 weeks for them to sort it out, but I did separate them for about 4 of the weeks.

    1. YES, I have the beautiful and regal Angus still.

      You know, we just went for it, as you said. I only had 2 hens left out of my bunch and they stick together like glue. The 5 new ones stick together like glue so everyone is just glued to their group and seems fine!

      All the new girls laid eggs right away so I think that's a good sign.

      Only Lanell seems pissed and she's a bit ... hysterical anyway.

      I LOVE having so many again!!

      PS Remember Cor, one always shows the good side of the yard on the blog. You'd be surprised at how ratty it really is in person. Sigh.

    2. Hey, this is going to sound awkward no matter how I try to word it, but I'm so glad that you and Cory know each other. You see, you and I emailed each other a few years ago. I can't remember how I found your blog, but we quickly realized that I worked right around the corner from you because I had the little preschool in the church by your house. Small world. And somehow, I rediscovered your blog through another link and then I see a comment by Lady C. Oh, and I know Lady C because I love her blog and her tales of urban homesteading and frugal living. And you guys are obviously soul mates.

    3. NICHOLE!!! That is sooooo crazy fun!!! Yes, I to.ta.lly remember emailing with you. ARe you still in Crestview? You know I just found Cory's blog a few months ago. FOR SURE kindred spirits there except she can sew and sing so that makes her better. hahaha.

      I'm so glad you're still reading. LET ME KNOW if you're still here! we should have tea/margarita/either/or!!!

  2. This is just the best! Best! I feel like I am there and I love it so. I am wishing health and happiness for your new girls. With your tenderness they should fit in quickly and give you so much fun. Your yard is a playground heaven. And the wine and music and the fireflies..what a picture you painted.
    ms mdd

    1. It was just the most wonderful evening.

      You'd have LOVED it, Mama S! You would've.

  3. I couldn't agree more...that was a wonderful post. My husband often jams on his acoustic guitar on our back porch and I often wonder what the outside listeners think. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do! Love love the chicken gossip too! --Keisha

    1. Keisha,

      Oh my gosh, I LOVE nothing better to listen to the sound of a guitar coming from another yard. Something so magical about it.

      Where do y'all live? Are you here in Austin?

    2. We are actually in west texas a litte town called San Angelo. We love to garden and have been trying to grow (by trial and error) with our water restrictions. We have been training our plants to adapt to the once a week watering...thank goodness for mulch and a soaker hose :) we also have a rain barrel and we're keeping our fingers crossed for some rain to fill it up. --keisha

  4. My late husband Charlie loved to play the guitar. He had a music building and would sit out there with the door open and play for hours. I hope the folks around us enjoyed it as much as you do hearing your neighbor. It is so wonderful to know that music is always out there if we just listen.
    Those children are so pretty it makes my heart stop for a second.

    Your new ladies are lovely. What is the name of the one you think will become the head gal? I will put my money on Harriet. She is a take charge kind of chick.

    1. Your Charlie SURE COULD play the guitar like an angel.

      ARen't those children lovely? And sooooo sweet!!

      Harriet for SURE for the soon-to-be new boss.

  5. I actually remembered to say Jackrabbit this morning!! I forgot to tell the girls, but I will when they get home.

    I love this post, especially the end, my new mantra is "Be here now." xoxo

    1. I actually remembered too!!!

      I wish I could always be here now. Actually, right now, I'm back there.


  6. Oh, I so wish I had been there, too. For all of it: kidlets, egg hunting, bitch chikken watching, wine sipping, fireflies, guitar, tears. What a day.

    1. Inspired by YOUR "last spring" post, lady. Yours was so much more thoughtful, but that was my version.

  7. How glorious that everything worked out for every body! Those are Dominiques in the photos, right? We have two of them and I couldn't wish for a better breed. They're the most friendly in our flock, they follow me everywhere and weave in between my legs when I try to walk. It's annoying when I trip over chickens but I have to figure it's not the worst thing I could be tripping over, right?

  8. What to say about this post? Thanks to Mama Holt all chickens are gathered and accounted for - in safe homes with good food. Awesome.
    Small moments when we are totally present - these are the gems. I hold onto them much like you did. When all the amazing things surrounding us coalesce in a way that becomes clear to us and we have enough wherewithal to sit back and ENJOY it.
    Also - I have a band living on the back street from me. They are jamming right now. There is nothing better than opening all the doors and windows and blogging or gardening to screeching death metal. So. Totally. Bitchin.


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