Monday, April 29, 2013


Good Morning!

Lanell says, "Hello."


Isn't she a pretty bird?

She doesn't know it yet, but 4 more hens are joining our flock tomorrow and she'll be irked, I'm sure.

I talked to her and Melba about it last night (I really did), but you know how chikkins are.

Teeny little Satsuma baby!

Hi, baby!  I can't wait to EAT you.

Cackle, cackle.


I know you're thinking what the hell?

That, dear friend, is Jackdaddy netting the lone peach on our peach tree.

No winter = no peaches.

Except that one, lone trooper.

Now that plastic bags are illegal  here in Austin (yea!), the stores are all selling these adorable reusable produce bags.  They're perforated, light as feather and have a drawstring!  Perfect for protecting fruit from the squirrels.

Ta Da!

Creepy baby head succulent arrangement.

Weird, creepy baby theme today.

Baby basil.

My mouth is watering already.

I can't wait for the first homegrown tomato/basil smash-up.

Mmmmmm.  That, plus some homemade mozzarella cheese.

I'm impressed by myself.  


Baby tomato.

Tomorrow, a story of how I almost killed 6 new tomato plants in one fell swoop.

It will be the I am a dumbass post.  Be sure to look for it.

Look at that!!!


From my dear friend (and, luckily, neighbor) Lorri's garden.

An artichoke plant is on my list for pay day.

Baby rosebud getting ready to stretch her wings.

Roses are clearly female, don't you agree?

Last, but not least, this is what I'm working on right now.

Amping up my imagination to create my dream life.

I mean, I pretty much have my dream life, but it could use a little tweaking here and there.

La, la, la.

I'm off to spruce up the yard for some visitors tomorrow morning.

More on that Wednesday.

It will be a cuteness overload.

Kayoooot as we say here in Texas, y'all.

Have a happy day!

Play the imagination game with me!


  1. Man, I would totally be protecting that little peach! So, will the satsuma still grow? I mean, in the summer? I got THE BEST satsumas from my MIL, she sent me over 20lbs of them, and the girls wouldn't eat them because they were ugly. I didn't spend one nanosecond trying to convince them otherwise, I just opened up my pie hole and ate them all! :)

    1. You know, I have NO idea! I am completely surprised to see it! We had no winter, as you know, but it's fruiting out like crazy. Maybe it's not a satsuma? The first year I had it we got some fruit, but that was the last time. crazy days, girl.



  2. OH I am speechless you great/green/growing girl. Everything is growing right and proper and I just love seeing the pictures up close and personal. I can almost smell it! Spring and warm earth and sunshine and that chikken is a beauty. Love the names! I have lizards and love bugs and one raccoon who enjoys my apple cores and old bread.

    1. YES the smells are wonderful. verdant and smelly. Like me. Haaaaaaaa. You have a raccoon? I love them, but they eat my chikkins.

      Course I knew it was you!

  3. I forgot to sign my name: ms mdd - could you have recognized me anyway?

  4. I hope tomorrow's post will tell me everything not to do to grow tomatoes! Those are on our list. Love looking at your garden pics. And willing to try the whole vibration thing. For sure. Oh, Portland doesn't do plastic bags, either. Very nice.

    1. oooo I went over to your fab blog and saw that you ARE gardening!!! Big time!! Portland is the best in every way. Portland + me = Love 4ever

  5. Jasper, I am afraid/sorry/embarassed to say loves plastic bags but I (see my halo?) have been working on my friends to get those cloth bags and USE THEM!!! It does no good to leave them at home. I use them, unpack groceries and march right back to the car with them so I have no excuses.
    Has anyone seen the documentary Bag It? Amazing what one person can do.
    Your yard is totally wonderful.
    Lanell does not look convinced she "needs" any more company. In fact, she looks like she is wearing her crankypants about the whole situation.


    1. You are excellent about not using plastic! you really are.

      NO! I have not seen that? I will look on netflix now.

      Oh yea, lanell is gonna hate company. Poor gull, poor, poor gull.


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