Monday, April 1, 2013


(Derrrrr. I forgot to hit Post.)

My dishwasher broke.
I like washing dishes.
I do not like washing other people's dishes.
Family is learning to wash/dry/put away dishes!

When my boys are out of town, this is what I eat for lunch.
Straight from the backyard.
Well, not the quinoa, but everything else.
Well, not the Clementine, but everything else, really.

I eat/drink this too.

See that ugly, but functional fence?
Look now, because it's going soon and a new, pretty one is going in.
Also functional.

Oh yes they did!!
I have to gush more about these tomorrow.
This is just a tease.

Blue Daze.
I love Blue Daze.
(I watched Blue Valentine last night.  Holy shit.  Broke my heart.)

Orange Globe Mallow.
I love this plant so much.

Milkweed for the butterflies.
Lots and lots and lots of it.

More tomorrow on those ORANGE chair covers that I am in LOVE with.


  1. What kind of fence will be replacing the existing one? Will it go all the way back to your back fence?
    Your yard looks so gorgeous. I know how much work/love goes into making a place look like this. You have done a marvelous job!!!!

    1. The new fence will match the metal and wood fence that faces the arroyo. The fancy one that Jack built.

      It is a LOT of work, isn't it?

      This year finally seems worth it as everything has settled in. Plus we had no winter so it's all jungle-ish.

      Love you!

  2. Love those butterfly chairs! Everything is lookin' gooood! p.s. I'd be so proud to grow my lunch - you should be too!
    ms mdd

  3. I love orange--flowers, chairs, clementines. It looks so nice with green, doesn't it?
    And I would love for you to come plant my garden.

    1. Sigh. Yes, the green/orange combo is so yummy.

      I'm on my way.

  4. YES! Milkweed! I just read an article about planting it for the butterflies but then forgot where I read the article and then forgot what the damn plant was called! (Because, y'know, I pay attention.)

    Thank you. I have now written it down to get next time I visit the nursery.

    1. mmmmmmilkweed.

      Think milk - like for babies and weed - like for adults.



  5. Michelle-
    I seem to recall that you had a post about how to make the net thingy protecting your veggies from your chickens. Can you point me to it? I have discovered that my chickens love eggplant plants, and I don't want to lose any more plants before they start fruiting.
    Karen Miller

    1. Karen,

      Here ya go:

      For the netting, I just bought the cheapest netting I could find at Lowes and I cut it to size and attached it with zip ties.

      They are still working great although I would use more zip ties next time to keep it taut.

      Let me know how it works for you.

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