Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Oh glorious, dark, rainy, cold morning - I love you.

The boy is sleeping in,  my tea is hot, and I've got my book which I shall read by the light of my NEW lampshade.

Got it off Craigslist.

I got the lampshade and a mini-tour of THE most fabulous mid-century modern (MCM) home ever.

I came home thinking that I need to grow up and get some real furniture.

Or not since I've got a $70 dining table sitting in the back of the truck right now.

So not MCM.  

SO not grown-up. 


Hope you enjoy your day whether it's drizzly or not!


  1. I love a rainy day. Be cozy and rest. Let the rain do the rest. (oo I made a poem!!)

  2. Nice lamp. You are such a great shopper. Can't say I am happy about this day. Had to cancel a garden group who were coming to visit my garden. I should be doing some housework but that is not my thing!

  3. I love rain! We went on a short drive to take care of some business and found wildflowers. More rain and more flowers. Replenish that water table! Read and enjoy your tea!

  4. The more rain the better is my motto. I LOVE for it to rain. When I grow up I am going to move to Seattle where it rains almost all the time. Or Ireland. I have a current passport.

    A new dining room table?
    Love the lampshade. (Is that one word or two?)


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