Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home Again, Home Again.

Literally and figuratively, I am home again.

Thank you all for your love during my grieving time.

I have been going through a lot of personal upheaval and Luna's death sort of put me over the edge.

For a bit.

I am nothing if not a survivor though so, here I am, back and a little better.

Still sad, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

And so it goes, this lovely life.

I do really, really love life so much even when it is hard and messy.

Bittersweet and beautiful.

That's my next blog name:  Bittersweet Farm


The Year That  My Ass Grew Faster Than My Brain.


So, um, camping.

Pedernales State Park - a jewel of a spot in every way.

But now, as you might imagine, my entire house is covered with sandy, wet clothes and half-emptied ice chests and filthy dishes, etc., etc., etc..


Today is cleaning day.


Boo because it tis a monumental task to uncamp and Yea because it is a wonderful thing to get all this shit done and off my floor.

I wanna get out in my garden and look at everything!

I saw some baby tomatoes in the dusk last night along with some new basil, teeeeeeny watermelon, strawberries, baby figs and a dead pond pump.


I hope you're doing well ... are you?

We're having another cool, gray spell which just rocks my world.

Cool.  In April.  In Austin!

"End Times," y'all.  (Or whatever they call it.)

I call it Spring Like it Oughta Be, Dammit.

I'm all about titles today, aren't I?

I'm entitled. 


Painted Bunting! (For Emily.)

TWO Painted Buntings! (Also for Emily.)


  1. Sweeeeeeet! Nothing like a camping trip to take the tears away.
    I say, get another dog. STAT. She won't be replaced, ever, but a puppy face would sure look cute on your blog.

    1. I'm tellin' ya...that trip did me some good.

      I wish I could, C, I wish I could.

      Im holding out for my "little old lady dog." A Newfie. ahahah!

  2. Did you see the blue jay in the picture with the two painted buntings? I gotta get cleaning, too, but I don't have the energy. I started CrossFit this week and it's kicking my ass! ;) Plus, I got not enough sleep last night. boo.

    1. I SAW on FB that you were CFitting!! HOLY shit girl. You are gonna be TOO hot!! Wanna be my next husband? I mean, you know.

      YES, those bird blinds will blow your mind. I have a pic with a bunting, blue jay, 3 hummers and some cardinals.

      Finn says he wants to be an ornithologist now. did I misspell that?

  3. Great photos, love the one of Finn in the middle of the water. Camping always looks so peaceful and fun and restorative. I really wish I could begin to fathom taking all my monkeys, hahahahahah I should really suck it up, I'm sure it would be worth it.

    So glad you are healing. <3

    1. Duuuuude. That is beauty of the camping. Let them run wild whilst you sit and read. I'll take y'all! Let's go!

      Thank you. Sniff.

  4. Happy you went and happy you are home. Nice .. and I like the note from Daddy-O .. I remember Daddy-O Duckcut.
    ms mdd

    1. I DREAMED about you one night camping!!! I cannot remember it for the life of me but you were there.


  5. Beautiful birds! Lucky you to see them. Lucky us to see the pictures.

  6. I, on the other hand, think it unwise to get a dog this soon. Heal a little more.
    Camping always LOOKS fun but I would camp out at the RitzCarlton, thankyouverymuch.

    1. Well, honey, I'll camp at the Ritz with you any day. I am a BIG fan of the middle way, as you know.

      Heeeee. I'll be there in 2 weeks actually!

  7. Good to have you back. Missed you. Having some of my own personal upheaval. Wish Austin was closer to Portland and you could take me camping. I don't actually like many things about camping, but I do sitting around the fire at night and poking at the coals really good. And I have a feeling that I might like camping if I went with you. Can we have s'mores?

    1. I would LOVE to take you theraputic camping, mama. I could do all the stuff and you could just rest your weary head and butt by that fire.


      Glad to be back too. I read you, but have not left comments. Will do that today.

    2. OK, so that made me get teary. Yeah, I'm in need of some therapeutic camping. And no comments required. It's that kinda friendship, OK?

  8. Welcome back. Sigh. Camping. I used to get Painted Buntings in my back garden; it's been a few years.

    1. You did?!

      During the awful drought last year, I heard that some people had them in their gardens. They are so amazingly beautiful. I am now wondering why I didn't zoom in on those pictures. der.

  9. Nature is a great healer especially when you see painted buntings.

    1. You're so right. I did get healed. Deep breath.


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