Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I'm showin' off.

My butterfly chairs are the best, most fabulous, wonderful, stupendous things in my yard.

(That new zipline is close, but I'm talking grownup stuff.)

I always show y'all the "good side" of my yard cuz I'm not stupid.

No one wants to see the "real" yard with all my crazy raised beds and plastic containers duct taped together so I can grow beans in them "just one more year." 

Veggie gardens are not so pretty unless you've got lots of money.

Or help.  

Like a farm boy.

Mmmm, farm boy.

What was I saying?

Oh, right.

So, anyway, there is a sweet part of my yard that looks all pretty and not crappy and that's where the butterfly chairs live now.

I told you they were all gifted to me, right?

These two from my friend and neighbor Carolyn.

OMG are they fabulous or what?

I painted them black because I knew that someday I would have those hot orange covers from the delicious Circa 50.com.

And now I do!!

You should see them again.


I mean, that doesn't look like a yard covered in dog poo with trash cans as vegetable beds, does it?

No, no.  That looks like a swanky, manicured, intentional yard.

You need a side view, you say?


Real yard showing in background.

Ladder.  Mulch bags. Scavenged plastic tree pots. Neighbors trailer roof showing.

Let us forget such things and look at the last butterfly chair.

This one is a lowrider from my friend and neighbor Ruth Ann.

I looooooove me  a lowrider chair.

My mama and Carolyn have warned me that I'll be getting rid of these when I get to the point when I can get in them, but not out of them.

Heeeee. Not there yet, hodeehos!!

May I just say how much I love, love, love the new covers?  

They are everything I wanted them to be and more.

I had ordered some from Amazon at one point and they were just shite.

These from Circa50.com are the bomb.

Thick canvas = worth every penny.

Speaking of pennies ... here is the very, very best thing about them:


I mean, is that the sweetest and most generous thing ever?

She told me that she was sending me something in the mail and to be on the lookout (LOOK OUT!) for it.

I opened it up and there was a fat check for the price of three covers!!!

She knew I was pining for them soooo hard, but could not really justify spending the loot, so she pulled a Super Mom on me.

Thank you, mama.  I love them more than your grandson.


NOT really, but close.

I really, really love them.

I sit in them every morning and have my tea.

Now I just need a little urban swimming pool to dunk my feet in whilst I drink my tea.

Something like this:


or this:


or maybe this:


Don't judge me.  

This is Texas.

It gets hotter than hell here.

Like this month it will get hotter than hell and stay that way until late September.

Maybe October.

I poop you not.

But, anyway, I just love my chairs so much and feel SO HAPPY that they were all GIVEN to me.  All of them!  The whole shebang!  

Isn't that just wonderful?

I'm all teary.


What a lovely thing to happen.

Thank you mama, and Carolyn and Ruth Ann.

Thank y'all so very, very much.

Please do come over and have a sit.  

(I'll help you get out.  Promise.)

***Before I go, I wanna send out a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bff, Cory Walsh DeLise, who lives too far away.

Sad face.

You are wild and wonderful and beautiful and wise and dear and I thank my lucky stars that I found you on that crazy camping trip to Joshua Tree.  (Thank Randy Fuller, I guess.)

Miss you!
See you next month!!


  1. One of the Seven Deadly Sins is ENVY but how can you expect us not to be envious when you show us your wonderful treasures and your gorgeous yard?
    One of the Seven Virtuous Traits is Gladness. (I just made this up) I am so glad you share this wonderful blog with us almost every day.

  2. Love the chairs! WANT the pools! (I can always get chairs for the pool after I have it, right??)

  3. I walk on the Seven Virtuous Trails set by your mamma. I love the growing of your garden. It will never be finished and that's the wonderful part. The amazing bits and bobs keep calling me back to see what's next.
    ms mdd

  4. Worth the wait. Those butterflies are perfect!
    Hahaha. I'm having all kinds of visual mischief with the step out the door and you're in the pool photo.

  5. You have a wonderful yard, mulch and all. I thought the whole yard was fabulous. Your chairs are just beautiful.
    (I sent you a note in regular e-mail btw.)

  6. wow. I really do love your blog.
    first off, your landscaping/veggie garden IS awesome. so, you must be rich. seriously!
    the butterfly chairs, well, don't let mine see them. they will feel so bad about themselves.
    K. the pools? The first two KILLED me. WTF? Man. Now I need to go landscape around my pool. DAMN IT!

    1. So not rich, mama.

      Just determined and thrifty!

      I'll come landscape your pool in trade for a mermaid quilt in King. Heeeeee

  7. The butterfly chairs look great! I always like to have them for my yard but like to know whether they are weather resistant or not?

    1. Thank you!

      Well, hmmmm. They're going to fade for sure. Circa 50 sells some fancier ones that will not fade, but I really like canvas look and feel.


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