Thursday, April 4, 2013


LOOKIE what I got!!!

A pair of blue flower Birkis.

Swoooooooon, y'all.

I'm gonna tell you right off the old bat that a lady contacted me and asked if I would review these garden clogs if they sent me a pair.

(Thank you soooo much, nice lady.)

This not being my first BBQ and all,  I said,  "Hell yes, please."

I did have to tell her that I am an honest and ethical girl so I could only give an honest review.

She was very clear that that was the only kind of review they wanted.

Course, there was no need to worry because they are Birkis, after all.

Cork footbed, heel cup, delicious arch support.

OMG they are fantastic!

I love them.

I love them.

I love them so much.

Wanna see?

You're gonna want some though.  I'm just warning you now.

In the kitchen admiring the floor stars.

 Helping me do laundry.

Enjoying the rain!

(It RAINED and rained and rained!)

Surveying the myriad rain catching apparatus with me.

 Being saucy and extroverted in the rain.

 Checking out the pond with me.

 Meeting the butterfly chairs.

Meet the beets!

(Did I mention I have a problem thinning my veggies?)

Meeting Cricket, who loves them too.

 Having some alone time with the watermelon.

Um, learning about chikkin poop.

(We must all learn about the chikkin poop.)

Precious blue flower Birkis that I love and cherish.

Being quite  honest here ... they are wonderful.  I have a grouchy back along with an ever-waiting-to-reappear case of plantar fasciitis and these shoes make my back and feet feel GREAT.

Really, really great.

I even wore them to the grocery store!  I had two ladies stop me and ask me where I got them.

I loooooove that, y'all cuz then I get to play the  What, these old things? game.


You can get them at the Birkis site here:

or at good old Zappos with free shipping and free returns:

(Danielle, MerryMerry and Ms. Mudd - y'all MUST have some of these.  They are very Y'all!)

Lemme know if y'all get some so we can dish the glory together, OK?

Oooo or send me a picture of you in yours and I'll post them.



  1. AS you expected, I do love these. I have a black pair living on the back patio but they came with holes in them (for drainage?) and my feets get wet. These ones, I see, do not have holes. I think following your shoes is so much fun. Take us more places, Please??
    ms mdd

    1. Oh, you know I will as I never take them off!

      You "need" some new ones. heeeeee

  2. LOVE the shoes!!! I found the pair I want too, just what I need: another thing to want (and more shoes!)! ;) Send some of that rain here!

    1. RIGHT? I want more, more, more!

      The rain...omg...the rain!! we were flooded! to.ta.lly flooded!

  3. How about the sizing? I usually wear a 7 1/2. Is that what I should order? I know nothing about these shoes. What are they made of? It looks like you can hose them down. Are the plastic?rubber? what?????
    I can't ever be as fabalass as you but I can certainly try.


    1. I ordered my regular size which is an 8 and they do great.

      Oh yes, you can hose them down. The innards are cork (very environmentally friendly and comfy) and the outers are thick foam that is like plastic, but not. yes, like foam rubber!

      They are not heavy.

      You will love!!

  4. That was a great post, love! Had me smiling ear to ear. :D

  5. Having some alone time with the watermelon?!? HILARIOUS.

    And yes, those shoes officially have shat on all other shoes as they are that awesome.

    Well played, blogger, well played. Nothing like a little free swag!

    1. You're next, Missy.

      That was funny...the watermelon thing. One came off while I was pushing a chikkin out of the shot and it seemed funny.

      HHEEEEE SWAG!!!! xoxoxox

  6. I love birks, they are on my feet right now!


  7. Cool! I was just thinking about garden shoes. I need some. I've been using Paul's shoes because they're bigger, so easier to just slip on at the door. But then I end up tripping around the yard. :)

    1. RIGHT? I use Jack's flip for instant shoe and then I trip all over everything.

      You neeeed some! How bout pirates? ARG.

  8. i love birkis.
    you know they are dishwasher safe, right?
    and until you get your dishwasher working again, i'm sure it'll be safe to hand wash them too.

  9. Heeee. I WILL dishwash them...when it's fixed.

  10. So cute!! Maybe once our Nutty Brown Farm blog is up, we'll get a call from the nice lady, too ;)

  11. I am definitely blogging in the wrong niche! :-)
    Best product review I've ever read. Bar none.

  12. Wore Birkis for 30 years of commercial kitchen work. Like you, developed plantar fasciatis and the podiatrist said "never wear anything but Birkenstocks." Want to know if they're durable? I still have my first pair from over 30 years ago (along with several newer ones.) None of them have purdy flowers like yours though.

  13. Lucky girl. Perfect for everything you do, especially in the garden.

  14. They sound amazing! Please tell your Birki friends about all of us other garden bloggers out here who have tricky backs and foot pain and are a size 6. Haha!


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