Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekending - Late

A day and some change late.

Peeping chicks and old dogs make for late days, y'all.

This is gonna be boring, but boring I am.


I went to Natural Gardener this weekend.

Here are some titillating scenes to keep you on the edge of your seat.

What are they trying to say here?


I like this kind of communication.

Nothing to be confused about, right?

Now here's a good idee.

My tomato cages have all seen better days.  This set-up will help.

Not that it will ever get done, but the idea is there.


I've decided I want an old mailbox to keep all my small garden tools in.

Kinda corny.  Way resourceful.

Got my new stock tanks filled with old logs and shit so that I didn't need so many gazillion gallons of money soil.

One stock tank for tomatoes.

On stock tank for ornamentals.

Wishing I actually lived this scene.

Why my back hurts.

 Just one of many, many lists.

Notice at the top it originally said January.

Then February.

Now it's March.

Shall we place bets?


 These, at least, can basically be thrown on the ground without much help.

Jackdaddy took pity on me and made me a new bed.

Well, it's more like a new tray which is what I wanted.

It's going to be for strawberries.

Course, after he made it I realized strawberries get planted in the fall around here, not in the spring.

I'll be ready.

Hope your day is more exciting that this post.


  1. I planted my strawberries in the spring, too, which puts me right there with you - months behind on my lists. I am really liking that stock tank hugelkultur thang you got going there. I wonder if Bermuda can grow through galvanized steel?

  2. I have to respond to Caroline's Bermuda comment. Bermuda is indestructible. It can grow through anything, ye, I believe even steel. It will be here when the earth has been totally destroyed by nuclear weapons. Can you tell that I spent all day yesterday digging out evil and demented Bermuda grass roots on their way to China via my garden? I have the torn up hands to prove it! Thank goodness for my Bermuda-battling Cobra weeding tool! Most valuable gardening helper I have.
    Old dogs, chicks and kitties always make us late. That's okay. We can all dream of catching up someday w/clean sheet for "To Do" list.

  3. My philosophy is as follows: If I don't have a list of things to do then I'd feel bored and useless when I sit and pet the cat or read a book; but with a list!! It's just more fun to NOT do stuff than to have no stuff to do! See? You have to sit and look and the baby chix and you have to sit in the shade for awhile and read. Stolen moments away from a list are better than free moments with no list.
    ms mdd

  4. I went out Saturday and sat on the fallen tree trunk and looked at my weedy overgrown lawn. I then went out and bought some seeds for like these really cute container sized heirloom garden peas that I am planting now to see if I can get them to grow. They are 8 inches tall when fully grown and produce lots of peas. I also want to go get Jerusalem artichokes and plant them in this area so they screen parts of the yard from public view. Mostly I just sat.

    I love your yard Michele. I love your chickens and I love your your seet personality.

  5. I agree with Ms. Mudd: making and having a list are a lot more fun than actually DOING anything about what is on the list. That is like sleeping in the day time. If you sleep on top of the bedspread it is "resting your eyes". If you pull back the covers and actually lie on the sheets it is "lazy".

    I adore your blog and Sandy and Caroline are right: Bermuda grass seeds should come with the warning: YOU CAN NEVER TOTALLY GET RID OF US.

  6. I'm too bored to write something proper. ;) heehehe!

  7. And I'm too tired to write something proper. Just, I've got garden envy. I've decided I want to grow things to eat. Don't really know how to start. Want to start small. We've been thinking we'd just grow what we need to make our own tomato sauce--tomatoes, and some herbs. Any great tomato-growing for dummies resources you know of?

    1. The squirrels that live in our yard pull our unripe tomatoes and throw them on the ground. Sigh. Or take a bite and go eeeewwwww! Put tomato cages around them so the little fellas can't grab the tomatoes.

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  9. I love your tools mailbox. Totally going to use that as a reason to replace our old beat up mailbox.

  10. My wife wants us to do chickens, should i give in? How much work do they involve? She says manure and eggs what more could i want...Just not sure seems it might be easier to just buy eggs and manure!?
    Help! :)


  11. I hope this comment will not be too forward of me or too late: if we could all plant a little more than what we ourselves will use this year and donate the excess to our local food banks or food pantries when harvest comes? This is my request and my challenge to all of us gardeners – plan for extras around our virtual tables and help the local poor taste locavore at its finest! Thanks to all of you!


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