Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Martha

You know Round Top/Warrenton is beginning, right?

One of the world's best flea markets, right here in Texas.

OK, maybe not world, but it's a monster.

Good monster, not bad monster.

I found a link to THIS BLOG on Facebook yesterday and went to see what was up because the title of the post was Me and Martha Stewart Living and you know how I love Martha.

Twas then that I realized IT'S TIME! IT'S TIME!

It's this photo that has me tingly:

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

Uh huh.

LETTERS.  I want some letters.  BIG letters for the side of my house.

Just trying to decide what to "say" with my letters.


Not really on that last one.  Just hung out with a 2-year-old boy last night and you know how that goes.

Any ideas?



I think the market starts with early birding this week and then the real show starts next weekend?  Is that right, you thrifters?

Round Top = cutest little town in the world that turns itself into a giant flea market twice a year.  

Warrenton is the other best little town over there.

Plus all the other little towns around there do it too so it's like a little city.  

Vintage City.

Breathe.  Breathe.


Anyway, so I got the new Martha magazine and there was this big article on composting and it showed Martha composting at Bedford.

May I just say one thing?

Look at what she's wearing, dammit.

 Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

I seriously bet she just went to her closet and pulled that gorgeous outfit right out.

She does really garden, you know.  

Really gardens.  (The verb garden.)

Holy hell, I want that outfit.  Those boots.  The scarf.  The leggings.  That cardigan.

I'm sure those are gazillion dollar gloves  that never wear out and give her a manicure while using a pitchfork.

I'll take that pitchfork while I'm at it.

I wear men's pajama pants from Savers, boots that I inherited from Jackdaddy's first wife that are too big so I have to wear huge socks with them, ripped up t-shirts and, usually, mismatched gloves.



I do doubt that she wears her hair down, but that's just nitpicking.

There's also a cool article about foraging in this issue.

I think foraging is super duper cool.

Photo Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Look at that!

All found on a walk and all edible!

Tama Matsuoka Wong is the forager lady and her job, her job, y'all, is to forage food for a fancy restaurant.

Dude.  I want that job.  That is a dream job.

Unless you go foraging when you're the teensiest big hungover and pick the deadly green instead of the yummy green and then, well, you know, no more foraging job, but I'm guessing Ms. Wong knows what she's doing.

Hee hee.

That was actually quite an interesting article and has me wanting to do a little foraging myself.

I need a central Texas guide to foraging.

I have eaten dandelions and wild onions out of my own yard!  So there.

Have I ever told you about the very best meal I ever had in my whole life?

Jackdaddy has a friend, Tim, who lives right outside of Santa Fe, NM.  

One time we came in for a visit and Tim was out mushrooming with a friend of his.  

(The edible kind, not the tripping kind.  I'd be up for both, truth be told, but I am talking about food right now.  wink. wink.)

Um, yea, so, anyway, he comes back to his insanely gorgeous home (that he built himself!) (I'll have to show those pictures someday too!) with a big bag of freshly picked shrooms.

He pulls out a giant, well-worn skillet, globs in a vat of butter, some pinches of salt, and throws that bag of cleaned mushrooms in there for, oh, shoot, maybe 5 minutes.

Cracks open a bottle of red.

That was it.

Out on the patio.  Just picked and sauteed mushrooms in real butter with real salt.  Wine.  Santa Fe weather.

Never. Ever. Better.

I am literally salivating right now.

So, there ya have it.

A tale of mushrooms.

And compost.

And antiquing.

You can read more about antiquing over at BETTY CRAFTER which is just the cat's meow of a blog.  That girl thrifts for a living.

A living!

I'm jealous envious as all get out. 

I could forage while thrifting!

I'm not sure how that would work, but surely there's a market for it somehow?

I could forage while thrifting and tripping on mushrooms.

Stopping now.


(PS My mama has a new stray cat that comes to her house and my mama named her Martha.  Not after MS, but just Martha cuz it's such a pretty name.)


  1. WARRRENTON!!! Squee!! It's almost here! If you refuse to spell POOP on the side of your house, how about Wabi Sabi? I like Hello too.

    1. ooo If i can afford wabisabi I should do that!!!

      I have $120 set back for letters. I think ill have to just put up HI.


  2. I like:

    BE KIND.


    1. OH, I LOVE that. Just like you, mama.

      Im afraid that would mean i would have to be kind all the time or fear ridicule though.

  3. Okay, I need to meet Tim. ahem.

    I like BE KIND!!

    1. Oh, he would make a GREAT second husband for you.

      I mean, no offense to Don. I'm just sayin'.

      hEEEEEE hawwwww.

  4. YHeah! Put wabi-sabi!! I covet Martha's compost! more than her pitch fork or clothes though I think she is my idol. I adore her too. I hope you getchou some good things at the market. Oh and I have seen a documentary of this guy who forages in Central Park, I think it was. Forage - what a nice word. And I'm glad merrymerry has a kitty visitor. They are the very best kind. Please take some pitchers at the market so I can be even more envious.
    ms mdd

    1. Forage. That is a wonderful word, you're right.

      You KNOW I will take pitchers!

  5. If I got those letter I would want to spell out "Hey, AssMan!"

    I was just driving with friends on Monday a bit away from my county and they were going on and on about this giant flea market that happens twice a year in the southern part of our state.

    You KNOW I'm gonna hit that up. I've actually never, ever been to a flea market. I'm a flea market virgin.

    1. HAHAHAHA oh god lindsey. You freaking crack me up.

      How about Hey, ASS HOLE!

      hahahah omg now Im on a whole nuther train of thought.

      In the fall, beatch, in the fall: you. here. deflowering courtesy of me.

  6. If Lindsey gets to come, I do, too. We can have a NW invasion of Texas. I'm a flea market virgin, too. Just sayin.

  7. Wild onions galore between Heineman drive and Parmer lane along the creek in NW austin if you ever need to go forage the crap out of some onions...

  8. Forget the wardrobe. I'll take the compost pile!


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