Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In the Garden

Spring, glorious spring.

Rejuvinates the mind and spirit.

Wrecks the pocket book.

I mean, if you garden that is.

I could spend a million dollars at the nursery come spring, I'm not kidding.

Tour time, y'all.

(I'm just going to put a disclaimer here ((for the 475th time)) that I am a messy gardener.  There is not one single part of my yard that does not need some tidying up.  So, you  know, just squint.)

I've decided to add lots of purple lantana to my yard this year.

I noticed it was the first thing blooming around here in my hood and the bees were sooooo happy.  I don't have a lot of early bloomers so I'm hoping this will give them some needed relief.

Did I already show you this?

I guess I could go back and look, but I'm far too lazy and sleepy for that so I'm just gonna tell you again.  Pretend that I am your sweet old grandma and be patient with me.

I got these giant stock tanks off Craigslist for cheeeeeeaaaaap.

Enough good soil to fill them is NOT cheap so I gathered up all the random sticks and logs percolating in my yard and filled it 1/2 way with them.  Then I added (much less) soil and planted!  Container hugelkulturing, if you will.

I have just a teensy handful of plants in my yard that are not pollinator-friendly.  My whole yard is edible food for us and edibles for the pollinators.  But I do have a few few little things that are for being pretty only.  Some old rose bushes planted by the original owner and some Knock-out roses for POW power.  I planted one of the stock tanks with tomatoes and one with more Knock-outs.  They are so unbelievably reliable and showy it's almost unfair.  Just stick 'em in some dirt and they BLOOM almost all year.  RED.  You know I love red.

Ladies in waiting.

And some new gloves! 

All my Early Wonder beets are coming in.

Beet greens = awesome juicing = almost free!   Weeeeeeeeeee

Still on my quest for some good solar lighting.

I really do not like too much light in the yard at night because I think it screws up the birds.  

That is kinda silly considering I live in the middle of the city, but you know what I mean.  

Night is supposed to be night and I try to do my part.  (If only I could shoot out my neighbors all-night spotlight, life would be grand.)

Um, yea.

Anyway, I do almost always forget to close the chikkin coop when it's still light so I need some low lights on the path out there.  Just a few here and there to keep me from killing myself.  I found these at Target and am super happy with them.  Love the modern look and the light works really well.  I want to see how long they last before buying more, but you know Target - get it now or it's gonna be gone, gone, gone.  

(Like the Target Fox lamp that still haunts me to this day.  Why, why did I not buy the Target fox lamp?)

Wide view of the back west side.

Bolting cilantro abounds!  Bolting broccoli abounds!

Bees are in a frenzy!

I like the jungle look.


(Yes, the chandelier is still on the ground waiting for installation.  Yes, it's been a year.  Yes, talk to Jackdaddy.)

My favorite combo right now:  the variegated agave thing and the orange Globe Mallow.

POW, right in the kisser with that one. 

Close up.  Love that red tip on the agave ... like a painted fingernail.  (Waiting to impale you.)

These make lots of pups and I've got them planted all over the yard.  They take a few years to get crankin', but once they do, hooha!!!  Pretty, pretty.

Every day I harvest 2 handfuls of these.


It was baskets of them, now handfuls that we eat like candy.

OK, not like candy because there's no chocolate on them, but you know what I mean.


Lowes had these dwarf Japanese Maples on sale and I succumbed. 

I have a perfect shady spot for it. 

I think I'll keep it in a stock tank too in case it never rains again.  

Hello, pretty satsuma flower bud thing.

Make me some damn satsumas will ya?

I've had ONE in the last 3 years.


(She takes after her "mother.")

Ordered my orange chair covers!

Here's where one of the chairs is going.  On this crappy old cement square that's leftover from 1,000 years ago.  (You know, 2007 and all.)  I can't even remember what we poured this square for, but there it sits, doing nothing.  It's gonna look kinda modern and swanky once a butterfly chair is there though.


I hope.

That's it.

Off to the races.

See ya soon, baboon.


  1. Oh my Word! You are crankkin' girlfried. I'm so envious. I haven't planted anything new yet but I know it's time. I'm skeered because I don't like my dirt - at all! I can't count on it, you know? I've had to start from scratch because there is nothing under the grass but rubble, I think.
    ms mdd

  2. p.s. Do you put manure and/or compost in yours? What do you suggest I do to make my beds richer and better? You are gettin' to be my expert!!
    ms mdd

    1. Ms. Mudd, I have awful soil here too. I mulched everything. Every damn thing and keep mulching every year. This year, finally, the soil underneath looks pretty good. pick an area that you want to plant and do the lasagna method.

      that'll get you going, sweet pea!! xoxoxo

  3. Ahhh! I'm getting so jealous of all of you that are able to start gardening this early! Here in Upstate New York, our beds are currently covered in two inches of snow and it's twenty degrees out! I can't even plant my peas until the ground softens a bit.

    I love those giant tub planters you found! I'm going to have to start searching Craigslist more often than I do!

    1. Oh.

      I'm sending you some sunshine in a bottle, Meredith.


      And some peas.

      I LOVE the stock tanks too. I wish I had more, more, more.

  4. Oh, you are putting us all to shame, your garden is looking soooo good! I've heard lots of great things about lasagna gardening, too. I guess anything with the word lasagna in it HAS to be good! mmm-mm! ps. Meredith March /\ is a great character name for a novel, dontcha think?

    1. MMMM Lasagna.

      YES, Meredith March is a WONDERFUL character name!!! Good call on that.

      My garden looks so good right now because we had no winter! It was crazy, but everything has been growing straight for 2 years now.

      weird, but pretty.

  5. I love your yard. I would love to be there right now hanging out watching you work. ;)

  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I got to see this glorious, gorgeous, wonderful yard IN PERSON last week and I am here to tell you it is just beyond BEAUTIFUL. My baby worked hard to get this look. It does not happen by Magic. (Would that it did) She is so totally awesome I can hardly believe my great fortune to have her in my life.
    Not only is she my daughter, she is my love and inspiration in all things.

    1. Oh mama, you are TOO sweet.

      YOUR yard is a beautiful sight too, Missy.

      You're the best mama in the whole world!! I love you to pieces and back again.

  7. I want you to come and plant my garden. And then make it keep looking pretty. I like the IDEA of gardening more than the reality. But even I am itchin' to get my hands dirty. Yours looks gorgeous.

    1. haha.

      That's how I am about sewing and knitting!

      I'll come, for sure! you know I wanna live there anyway.

    2. Oh, you should so move here. We have unschoolers. And our summers aren't so blasted hot. And Cane and Jackdaddy could sit and laugh at us (cause I have a feeling that's what might happen). I'm kinda that way about sewing and knitting, too. I'm a much better dreamer than doer, I'm afraid. See how I dreamed up a whole life for you here in Portland? :-)

  8. You say you're a messy gardener but I love the casual, natural look! I know all about the pocketbook-suck. I somehow bought a new hose and watering implements at Costco yesterday, just because they were there!

    1. hahaha, oh yea, I know all too well the suck of the hose/gloves/shovel/etc. pull.

      I do love the natural look, it's true. I would like things a bit neater, but I am not neat. So there.

  9. OH! Loving this post! I can't wait until my garden is big enough to do a whole post on it!
    I did seeds this year. NOT GOOD FOR IMPATIENT PEOPLE!
    Everything looks lovely!!
    Really and truly! And I love your butterfly chairs. I have two I got for free, originals from the 60's, and a friend gave me covers. But I need orange ones too. ; )
    DO share where you are getting the covers!

    1. Tell me about seeds, Missy.

      I, too, am so impatient. I made myself buy beet seeds though because they grow overnight just like sugar snap peas.

      Thank youuuuuuu.

      I got the covers at Circa50.com

      They are not cheap, but I ordered 2 different kinds off Amazon and they were SHITE. Effing $28 in shipping which is almost as much as the damn covers. BUT CORY, you sew!!! That is what I really really wanted and OMG you could TOTALLY sell these on Etsy because butterflies are all the rage and NO ONE is making modern covers!!!! Look at this Apartment Therapy link for a DIY. I wanted these sooooo badly. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-s-february-jumpstart-pr-12-77236

  10. I just planted a satsuma and I had grand visions of bushels of delicious oranges. Not so? I am encouraged by your peas - I just planted a whole stock tank of seeds. I do however, plan to go to the nursery right away to look for knockout roses and a variegated agave. So jelly.

    1. I so have your variegated agave, honey. DONT buy!

      email me for my street addy and Ill put some out in a bag for you to pick up!!!


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