Monday, March 18, 2013


I did. 

I played hooky hard.

(Did you ever play hooky from skool?  I did, once.  Got busted.  So lame.)

SORRY for the hooky week!!

It just snuck up on me.  Snuck up on you, I guess.

It was spring break week here in Austin so we decided to take a staycation.

Grandmary came in for a short visit.  Weeeeee!

Aren't they all cuteashell?

Look at Mama all skinny and vampish.

And how brave she was to fly in the small plane!

She is braver than I. 

I have to slam some booze before I can fly.  

She took it straight up sober.  

We whooped and hollered and had a grand old time playing dominoes ...

Notice FinnigantheCurious kicking everyone's asses, as usual.

I can't wait till that kid is old enough to hit Vegas with me.  

He has a lucky streak the likes of which I have never seen.

My mama and I drove around and looked at houses - one of our favorite things to do when she comes to town.

That and eat.

This time we hit Hyde Park.

Oh gosh, there are some secret streets with freakin' dream houses over there, y'all.

My personal fave is on 41st street.  I can't give you the address because then it will be your favorite house too and you might somehow get it before me.

I'm pretty sure that my dream house costs as much as all of us reading this right now combined, but a girl can dream, can't she?

I have a fantasy that the people who live there will just give it to me one day because they know how much I love it and they know that I will live there until the day I die and take such wonderful care of it.

Hey, it could happen.

It's not even all mansiony or anything like that.  

It's big, but it's old and meandering and kind of like a tree house.

omg I want it soooooo badly.

Hmmmm. What else?

No big surprise, but I spent hours and hours in the garden this week.


I'll save all my gardening stories for tomorrow except to say that I am longing, dying, pacing the floors over this:

Do you know what that is?

That is the edge of a butterfly chair.

Oh, yes, the delicious, dreamy, fantastic, never-out-of-style B.K.F chair designed in Buenos Aires circa 1938. 

We had them around our swimming pool in the 60's when I was a kid.  

(My mama was dope, y'all.   Our house was so tricked out 1960's-style.)

Who knows what happened to those beauties for sure, but I imagine they floated away during one of our epic  bayou floods.


(I grew up in the swamps of east Texas with Pine Island Bayou in our backyard.  It flooded all the time.  Really flooded.  Move out of the house for a week kind of flooding.  Our shit just floated away.  Poof.  Gone.)

Anyway, I have always just loved them so much and longed to have some again.

Lo and behold, the fates collided in my favor and I now have two that were given (GIVEN!) to me by my neighbor Carolyn and I just got another one from my dear neighbor and friend Ruth Ann!!!!!

Can you believe that?  

Seriously, what kind of luck do I have that I have been gifted with three of them!!

Thank you ladies.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. xoxoxoxox.

I need covers for all three and am plotting and planning to get orange ones from Circa 50.

Do you have any idea how crazy good THREE butterfly chairs in orange are gonna look in my yard?

Helloooo Martha Stewart.

Hellooooo Dwell.

Or not.

But I'm gonna get them and they will look swoon worthy and you'll be jealous.

Garden tomorrow ... promise.

Missed you!

PS Happy belated St. Patrick's Day.  Some Irish girl I am.  I didn't have a drink or even bake a damn green cake.  I did hang my Ireland flag though, so there.


  1. The first chair covers we had at the pool were canvas and when you sat in them they would fill up with water from wet bathing suits. The NEXT ones I got were mesh which allowed the water to drip through. More practical but I loved the canvas ones better.
    I had a glorious time at your house (as usual) and thank you for being such a wonderful daughter.

    1. YES, I remember the water pooling up in the bottom. Unfortunately, I don't have a pool so there will be no pooling. I do like the canvas better even though mesh is more practical. I don't have a practical bone in my body, as you well know.

      I had THE BEST time too. See you next month!!! LOVE YOU.

  2. This post brought back the most delicious memories! I had a friend whose family retreat cabin was @ Caddo Lake in East TX, among the swamps and the dripping Spanish moss. Their cabin, called "Land's End" was backed smack up to the edge of the swamps. We used to pole the flat bottomed boat through the spooky twisted trees and low hanging moss to scoop up ripe red mayhaw berries floating on top of the water. Her mom would make mayhaw jelly. Fun times!
    Love the idea of old butterfly chairs! Orange is perfect. Belated St. Paddy's from another (fully half :) Irish girl.

    1. OH girlie!!! you just know it, don't you? I grew up doing the same thing!!! Our house was called Pebblebrook and was across the bayou from The Big Thicket National Preserve so you can imagine what my summer days were like. I grew up eating mayhaw jelly and have some in my fridge right now, as a matter o' fact. You're Irish too? We are just like twins, aren't we? How FUN!

  3. So happy you are back! I missed you but it was worth the wait. So so so very cool to fly in a small plane. Our oldest son flew here once but we didn't get to have a ride. I'd learn to fly today if I had enough spunk. I'd love to soar over the trees to Austin. I dream about it. Oh and how wonderful to have friends who give you butterfly chairs! I can't wait to see them finished.
    ms mdd

  4. I can't believe you lived right across from Big Thicket! I wouldn't let Don apply for a job there last year - I'm no swamp girl after living in the desert so long. I think I would melt. I can't wait to see your yard this summer (will you be there this year?)!! xoxo

  5. Sounds like you are just as lucky as FinnigantheCurious, scoring 2 butterfly chairs for FREE, and all!! Can't wait to go to Vegas with both of you someday! Lucky, lucky you!

  6. Those are going to be some awesome orange chairs. Lucky you! Just as lucky that you have your mama and can hang out with her for an entire week.

    Funny you mentioned Hyde Park 'cause I had to drive through it yesterday to meet someone for St. Paddy's Day. Beautiful houses for sure...But, I like my own house and I know you truly like yours. Plus, I'm thankful I don't have their property taxes. Laura

  7. Oh, I've missed you. So good to hear your voice. Cane and I love to go walking in neighborhoods full of houses we'll never own and just walk and talk about them. We are both such cheap dates. Sunday we went into an open house for a house smaller than ours with a price tag of nearly half a million! Portland is reedicoulous these days! And he makes up some story about how we're looking for a place for my daughter who is graduating med school! I cannot lie to save my arse (which is why I never even attempted to skip school), and this whopper just came sliding out of his mouth. I'm sure I turned 50 shades of red. Laughed our butts off when we got away from the house. Looking forward to hearing about your garden!


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