Monday, February 25, 2013


I first want to thank you all for your sweet, sweet comments about Luna.

I just have not had one second to sit down and reply, but I read them all with tears, tears, tears.

Good lord, there is nothing so tender about an old dog, is there?

I'm here to report that she is much better!

We called the vet in for Monday morning because she was is such awful shape Saturday morning, but by Sunday afternoon she had rallied.

She's not the same, for sure, but it's not time, yet.

A part of  me wishes that she had just crossed on over Saturday night - easy and painless, but it's not to be.

She wants to hang in there and I plan to help her all the way.

We've been shuffling her in and out on her pad all week and she's been enjoying the attention.

I actually got a lot of yard work done with her just toasting in the sun right by me.

Does that look fuzzy to you?

Why is that fuzzy?

Have we all been drinkin' this morning?

I have no idea why all the pictures are fuzzy this morning!!!! I will have to work on that when I get home later today. 

* I  unfuzzied everything.


I spent about 400 hours transferring all that horsetail reed from the pondlette into the stock tanks.

It looks good (and not fuzzy) in real life.

We had some fun at Johnson's Backyard Garden plant sale yesterday.

I gotta run this morning to a homeschool field trip (bakery tour! yum!) so here's some eye candy for your morning.

More tomorrow ....


And a little preview of something adorable ...



  1. I got some of those white cherry tomatoes, too. I have high hopes for a good harvest!

    1. ME too. They were already out of Sun Golds when we got there.

  2. Little chicks are SUPPOSED to be fuzzy, aren't they? hhslpt

    I am glad you are back blogging. I have missed you.

    I am still praying about dear, sweet Luna.

  3. You got some baby chickies? They are so fuzzy/cute. Oh and I think your photos are fuzzy because you feel fuzzy in your aura all about Luna and all that. As for tomatoes, I shall try once again to grow them. I have a new recipe for many ingredients to amend my sorry soil. I am deeetermined to conquer this challenge. I'll fight and fight. I relish the struggle.
    ms mdd

  4. Your fuzzy pictures match my fuzzy head! ;) I need to see the rest of those stripped red pants, I believe. Love and light to you guys and Luna..xoxo

  5. Oh, those baby chicks! PRECIOUS. I wonder if Luna would like to be pulled around in a wagon? I only ask because when one of my friends' labs was in the same condition as Luna, she loved being pulled around the block in one of those large red wooden wagons. I hope the best for her.

  6. Still sending good doggie thoughts your way. My parents came to visit this weekend with their lab, Ginger. She'll be 11 this spring, and her muzzle is quite quite grey now. She had trouble getting up and down our split-level stairs. She is the best dog I've ever known, and it's hard for all of us to acknowledge that she's really aging now. Sigh. Was glad to be able to give her some good deep belly scratches this weekend. Glad your Luna has you to take care of her.

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  8. This blog is really inspiring! I plan to spend my Holy Week in my hometown and honestly, I am not excited about my 10th year highschool reunion but my gardening adventure with my Dad! I am actually going to buy seeds and mulching materials for him before I got home. Cheers to more backyard gardens and sustainable food!

    Cory Josue

  9. Are those little chicks yours. So adorable. Kind of remind me when I was a baby. People will just swarm and cuddle me. Ha!Ha!

    Glad to hear that Luna is well.

    Kudos to all these great pictures and do I need to say more...


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