Monday, February 11, 2013



Spring has just damn sprung.  No two ways about it.

It sprung about two weeks ago, but we were all afraid to admit it.

She's too far gone now.  If we get another a freeze, we're in deep doo-doo.

Well, we're in deep doo-doo either way as there is always hell to pay for no winter.

M.o.s.q.u.i.t.o.e.s, namely.


This Almond Verbena has the whole yard smelling like sweet.

SWEET, is more like it.

It's almost nauseating sweet, but I do love it.  

Such a nice surprise in my otherwise dog-poop-smelling yard.

Guess who likes to sleep in the hens' basket?

Cricket the Cozy.

I think he's actually stalking sparrows and wrens.  They get in there and eat the chikkin food once the chikkins are out for the day.

I think he's actually pretending to stalk sparrows and wrens.  He really just likes a good nap in a cozy spot.


Mexican Honeysuckle suggested to me by Pam Penick over at Digging.  (Thank you, Pam.)

(That first link will take you over to a Digging post where she talks about this plant.)

I am loving this plant sooooo much.  

I have a lot of shade in my yard and this, along with Plumbago, are some of the few plants that really flower well in it.  

Plus, it's ORANGE!

Got off me arse and roasted some vegetables.

Best served warm with a fried egg on top.

(Just like a Texan to take a healthy dish and put something fried on it.)

Speaking of healthy.

Remember the days when we thought frozen yogurt was healthy?


I want those days back.


Time for the clothesline again!

I'm soooooo happy.

I did hang them off and on all "winter," but it's officially time now.


Reading, reading, reading.

Have you read Ready Player One ?

Holy crap, man, sooooo good.  (It does have some "language," if you care about such things.)

(Heather, you and Austin would probably love this so much too!)

Last, but not least, I am happy to report that the new Target rug is washable.


Speaking of Huzzah, the Sherwood Forest Faire started this past weekend.

Joy! Joy!

If you like the Texas Renaissance Festival, but are tired of the prices and the crowds, give Sherwood a try.  It's wonderfully old-school and half the price.  We've all but given up on the big one now that Sherwood is here.


OMG it was SOOOOOOO good and beautiful.

Could you just die at the beige/cream cricket match?  Whoever designs the sets and costumes must have been in pure Nirvana at that scene.  


Like us! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

How was your weekend?  Delicious, I hope!


  1. What a glorious way to start off a Monday= looking at your wonderful child, yard and kitty.
    All are beautiful.
    As are you.

  2. Something to say about spring like weather. We went and stared at things at Zinger which was fun and took a walk around the jogging path behind central Market. I thought about doing yard stuff but then didn't. I did read though.

    One of my friends is British and his neice got married this past summer over there in England (where his family is) and the wedding was at the place for Downtown Abbey so he got to visit the lawns and such. Toured a little of the house as well. he says that the grounds are just lovely. His neice works for the BBC and is nephew is a MP.

  3. That's some pretty pictures! Love the oranges and purples and greens and cats and food. It's balmy here - both the landscape and me! I'm balmy! I'm gonna try some of your shade loving plants, too.
    ms mdd

  4. Spring is scary-early, isn't it? My Mexican honeysuckle froze back in previous winters but never stopped blooming this year.
    The Sherwood Faire sounds interesting - we used to go to a Ren faire near the IL/WI border but haven't tried one in TX. Guess it never seems cold enough here for Velvet and Satin.

    I loved Downton last night... no lags, snappy writing, everyone got to be in it. And Edith had a such a smashing blue & white outfit to wear while making the editor spill the truth.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  5. I want to live at and in Downton Abbey (the show and castle) for oh, about a month. Wouldn't that be fun?

  6. Oh, that bike with those flowers. I have been feeling just the teeniest bit spring itchy, but still wanting more winter. I see it waning, though. We never got snow this year, and now I think we won't. Your post makes me feel just a little bit better about that.

    Not watching Downton till tonight. Sundays are always too busy. Cane and I watch it every Monday instead. Yes, he watches DA with me. And not just to humor me; he actually likes it, too. Wouldn't I make a fortune if I could bottle that man up and sell him on Etsy? :-)

  7. You're welcome, and I'm glad the Mex honeysuckle is working for you! It looks sooo pretty in my garden right now, just when color is needed (before spring flowers arrive).


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