Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekending (Late).


I have not watched Downton yet so SAY NOTHING.

I'm super lazy today ( and yesterday and the day before and ... ) so you just get some raggedy pitchers (as we say in Texas) to look at today.

And a day late, to boot.

What a poop head I am, huh?

The weather here has been absolutely freakin' gorgeous spring-like so we've all been outside 24/7 doing all sorts of nothing.

Eating on the patio, fire on the patio, chikkin-sitting for neighbor friends, eating, outdoor showering, gardening, musicing.


Better than nothin', huh?


Maybe tomorrow.

Love, your friend,

Slacker Girl


  1. I so want some patio furniture so we, too, can do all sorts of nothing outside. I keep asking for it on freecycle, but freecycle is being stinky right now and not giving me any patio furniture.

    Both Hubby and I had to take a second look at "outdoor showering". It's beautiful here, but not that warm! And love the outdoor shower.

    1. OOO, I looked on FC for you too! Do you have budget at all? Do you ever look at ThouShallCraigslist.blogspot.com

      Good deals there sometimes.

      Oh yes, the shower....heaven. SO crazy warm here.

  2. I was so glad to see you back again. I look forward to sharing your wabisabi life and love these pictures.
    Perhaps you have been feeling a little ennui lately?
    I recommend a nap followed by a cup of tea.

    1. THAT was it!!

      I was suffering from ennui.

      I bet Violet suffers from it too. You KNOW she loves it!

  3. Hey Slacker Girl! Meet Ms Mdd, another one on the slightly older side of slack-dom. It's good to be da queen. Purty pitchers, too.
    ms mdd

    1. Queens of Hodge-Podge Slacker Mud!!!

      Ta da!


  4. Howdy Slacker Girl! I'm right there with you. Enjoy. xoxo

    1. Howdy Mamacita!

      We talked of you tonight round the fire. Talk of a boys spring break fly-up to BB. Hmmmm. Course you know what slackers we are. Don't make any plans cuz it's the boys. you know what I'm saying, I know you do.

    2. Dammit. I just wrote you a bit of a tome here and where is it?


      We talked of you tonight around the fire pit. Seems the boys might be thinking of a BB trip at Spring Break. Not sure if y'all will even be there. Don't hold your breath though, it's the boys. You know what I'm sayin.

  5. Is it telling if I say there's nothing much to tell? Still a couple of great Violet/Carson lines though!
    Slack on, my friend, slack on. :-)

    1. I lost YOUR damn reply too!!

      I was saying that I LOVED your post on houses and just thought it was wonderful!! It really hit home for me. Big time.

      I'm gonna share it here as soon as I crawl out of slacker land. Tomorrow is making Valentines so I know nothing else will get done. But soon.



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