Friday, February 15, 2013

Random Friday Stuff.

I do think that Friday Food will return at some point.

I just have not cooked anything new in eons.

We've been eating the same old, same old for a couple of months now:  tacos, burritos, stuff on the grill, soups.  


I'm going to my mama's for the weekend (her birthday is on Sunday! so y'all say Happy Birthday Merry Merry!) and when I get back I'm gonna make myself get back on the wagon. 

So there's that.

Then I want to talk about my Westminster Dog Show post.


Shortly after posting that I heard a story on the news about how stressful dog shows are for dogs.

And then Roy, a reader, sent me a sweet email about dog breeding and well, crapola, I am sure wishing I had not posted that link.

I must say now and forever that I have never, ever bought a bred dog nor would I.  

This is our latest stray rescued from the streets:


And you know Gus the Wonder Dog:

(Photo by Al Evans)

And you know Luna:


Luna, the best dog ever, who is now 13!


Oh, and Cricket:

I couldn't resist a baby picture of Cricket.

He's so not a baby anymore, but still a love bug who gives kisses.

I'm not judging you at all if you do buy breeds, but I totally, fully, vociferously support adopting shelter animals.

I mean, I cannot even begin to stress how much I believe in adopting.

So, while I do just love, love, love to see the Westminster, I sure never thought about the dark side of it and for that I am sheepish and sorry.

So thanks to Mr. Roy for bringing that to my attention.

Now, the next random thing is WHAT KIND OF PLANT IS THIS???

I was driving through French Place yesterday and almost had a wreck when I saw these!

Does anyone know what they might be?  Annie?  Chris?  Pam?  Jenny?

I have a sick, sick feeling that they are a type of succulent that I actually had at one point.  I remember I didn't like the growth pattern or the leaves and I threw it away

Holy crap shit, had I knows the blooms would look like this ... oh sob sob sob.

One last random thing ... my damn diamond earring again.


Can you believe this?

That is wedged right up against the air conditioner thingee closet floor thingee.

When I realized it was missing I began to do the mental search and I remembered that I had heard something fall the day before when I was getting ready to leave the house.  At that time I had looked down, but did not see anything.

I got out the headlamp and my strongest reading glasses and hit the floor on my hands and knees.

Sure enough!  There she was in a tiny little spot in dog hair heaven!

I ditched the screw-on back and dug out an old-school push on.  Now the push on was too small, which is perfect because I just turned and turned and turned the earring like it was a screw-on and finally it wedged itself in there.

It is never coming off again.

Stay away Murphy's Law!  Stay away, you evil villain!

All-righty.  That's it.  All I got.

FinnigantheCurious and I are off to Grandmary's house to celebrate her 50th.  (heeeeeee!)

I'll be back here on Tuesday.  Maybe Wednesday.

Hold down the fort, y'all!


  1. It's a succulent. It looks like this one I call the money plant because it makes little baby plants along the leaves. Mine sprouted something very similar in a bloom stalk but then it got cold and fell over. Mine was in a pot. I have babies and if they make it I will give you one or two.

  2. Isn't that a weird plant? I had it on my January Garden Bloggers Bloom Day list. The name is Kalanchoe daigremontiana, or a synonym is Bryophyllum daigremontianum. I got it from a friend as Mother of Thousands but have seen it as Alligator Plant. It's viviparous - live-bearing - since tiny plantlets form along the edges, drop & form new plants.
    I had a plant blooming in a pot inside but for the first time there's one outside in bloom now. Usually they make buds and get frozen. In my part of Austin it's usually too cold for them to survive over winter outside so I haven't worried about the invasive factor, but in Florida this is a invasive plant.

    I have few small plants right now if you want them Ms Holt!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Good for you to champion rescue animals!!! You have said it before: who rescues who? I donate to my local Humane Society on a regular basis. Every dollar I give helps them. And, I must admit, makes me feel good, too.

    I don't know what kind of plant it is but I'll bet you have one before long. It is gorgeous.
    I am eagerly awaiting your and Finn's visit.

  4. Surely you aren't hurting anything by watching the dog show. You aren't buying bred animals, you aren't supporting anything by learning to appreciate animals by watching the show and hearing about their "jobs" and temperaments? You know me, animal rights all the way, but watching a show on tv? really? I don't know, man, something's gotta give. I wouldn't buy tickets or buy a bred dog (obviously)...But as a full-time volunteer for 3 local rescues and the humane society and a're fine. xo

  5. also, you KNOW I have to say that if you post a hamburger and then say dog shows are inhumane, it's a matter of valuing one animal over another anyway, right? I'm not being judgy, truly, I think people should do what's right for them. Just sayin'!! (watch the damn dog show if it makes you happy, those dogs are S P O I L E D) lol

  6. haahaaa 50 my foot .. She's not as fifty as me, though. Happy Birthday merrymerry I love you. Plus I enjoy the big dog show too even though I'd never do that. I long for a little dog so bad but as I've said, Lester Jr would have a hissy (unless maybe if I got a baby puppy? and Jr would love him?) Have a good time up country. It should be showing signs of spring up ayr' .. p.s. your dogs/cats looks so adorable I can't even.........
    ms mdd

  7. OMG, I have never seen a Mother of Thousands, in the ground, so beautiful. Well, maybe in California. What a show. Have a super visit. I know you will.

  8. No, actually, I did not know Gus and Luna. You MUST read this poem by William Stafford:

    I love Gus and Luna. Real dogs. Oh, I want to write more but have to go play poker with the kids! Happy weekend!

  9. That plant is some sort of Kalanchoe. Sittin' here with my rescue cat and celebrating that it's Friday which up until I read your post I was thinking it was Saturday already. Safe trip! ~ Laura

  10. There is hope for dog breeds yet. There is a movement in the UK to make the dog breeders move back toward a healthy standard, and not just for appearances. With any luck that will translate over here in time. Careful selective out-crossing can eliminate genetic disorders:

    And careful selective breeding can reduce many of the traits that cause health issues... such as the drooping lower eyelid -

    We have so many issues to worry about in the dog world. I'm a rescue enthusiast myself - two of my dogs were found on PetFinder and one was a pull from the local pound that I found on PetHarbor.

    I'm hoping that the breed enthusiasts will opt for the health and well-being of their animals over the weird mutations that some seem to favor. Time will tell.

    At any rate, trying to support you here. Knowledge is the first part of action. If you want a pure bred dog, more power to you. Look for a breeder that is bucking the beauty pageant and breeding dogs fit for a long and happy life.

  11. Yep - mother of thousands. Thank you for finding those blooming and posting the pic! Mine unfortunately didn't make it to bloom - one of those cold nights took it. I'll need to find some of the surviving babies and protect them a bit.


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