Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chick Chick Chick


Is that not the cutest freaking thing ever?

That is a 3 day old baby chick name of Clementine.

We got her, Chirp, Hermione, and Waffles.

We've been moving them from Finn's room at night out into the coop during the day.

Back and forth and back and forth.

The cats are out of their minds with desire.

That brave chick is Chirp.

That damn Chirp is too brave for her own good.

All the other chicks play nicely inside the coop together, doing what they're supposed to do.

Not Chirp.

She sits up at the door of the coop chirping bloody murder to get out and play with us.

They all have such clear personalities,  it's really enlightening.

Did you how Cricket flipped over on his back?

He wants to pllaaaayyyyy.

Artemis wants to eat them, but Cricket would like to play.

First, that is.

Before eating them, he would like to play.


No, no, not to worry, all chikkins and cats get along here and these will too.

Are they not just the cutest things in the world?
So tiny!

They are soooo tiny.

We've never had any this young.

It's a trip.

My baby with his baby.

This boy loves baby animals.

Me too!

Gosh, I wanna show you so much garden stuff I did the weekend, but I've gotta go pick up my camera battery charger from a friend.

I also wanna talk about my friend Pam Penick's  NEW GARDENING BOOK that The Wabi-Sabi House in is, but I want to do a thoughtful post and I don't have time today.

I also wanna talk about the new issue of Martha with articles on composting and foraging!


I wanna tell you about THIS ICE MOVIE that Finn and I saw - SO great.

And, by they way, where is the damn tea I ordered in the mail?

Huh?  Where is it and why is it taking so long?

Howar ewe, as we say in Texas?

OMG, also, too, also, I am reading THIS crazy as all get out book.  

I heard the movie sucked, but the book does not!

That shit is a trip too, I'm tellin' ya.

I'm worn out just talking about talking about all that.


  1. OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh, your new babies are adorable!!! Do you still have some of your older hens, too? I hope the kitties will behave themselves and not terrify (or eat) the chicks.
    The picture of Finn and the baby chick is wonderful. Merrymerry

  2. I just realized that the videos were not loaded for some reason. Not sure if you can watch them, but they're up now.

    Yes we still have Melba and Lanell. Shirley and her babies were killed by raccoons late summer and this is our new batch. Fingers crossed. We'll keep them in the coop for a few months until they're big.


  3. oh the chickies are way too cute.
    we just got a few 16 weekers to become part of our existing flock.
    I did chicks once and don't plan to again. Way too much maintenance!

    1. No shit. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I've had chickens for 5 years now without ever getting a chick. I have no idea why I said yes. It's a bit of a pain, isn't it?


      Cute as hell though, Cory, cuteashell.

  4. That is a beautiful portrait of Finn! That's one to frame and put up on your wall. They are all so adorable. They are weeble/wobble in the first video .. and might fall down! O I love them.
    ms mddd

    1. They are just like puppies and kittens!! Wide awake for 2 minutes, then fast asleep in their tracks. They just bob up and down until they finally sleep and then fall over!!! we have laughed and laughed and laughed.

      Isn't my baby human chick the cutest of all!?!?!


  5. Squeeee!! Look at that cutie falling asleep! Chirp is brave! That pic of Finn and the chick needs to be blown up and framed. xoxo

    1. Could you DIE? It is THE most hilarious thing I've ever seen. They will, I swear, fall asleep MID peep!!!

  6. So cute! Makes me wish we could have chickens in our neighborhood. Then again, I think I have enough responsibility with two boys, three cats, a dog, birds, and a veggie garden (which is being decimated in these winds!!).


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