Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Grow Love.

Have I confessed to you that I live almost right across the street from a quiet, friendly, neighborhood park?

I know.

It's almost too good to be true.

I love my park.

My park is trying to raise money to build a decomposed granite track around its little self so that people can exercise walk/run/stroll more easily (and I think also for some rather unsexy reason like drainage, but who cares about that?)!

My little park is doing a delightful little fundraising gig by selling, get this, Seed Bombs!

(Do be sure to read that little Wiki article about seed bombs, aka "seed grenades."  Note that the first seed bombs were condoms filled with tomato seeds and fertilizer.  Ours do not come in condoms, in case you were wondering.  I am sorry to disappoint.)

Look at ours!

Oh, this one has a broken heart.

Poor dear. 

These come all packaged up in sweet gift-wrap and ribbons for your Valentine gifting pleasure.

Seriously, wouldn't you like to get a seed bomb package instead of a big thing of candy?

OK, both.  

Here's what the nice neighbors who are running this gig have to say:

We're in the middle of our Grow Love! fundraiser and are giving away
adorable handmade heart-shaped seed bombs (5 per pack) for Valentine's Day
in exchange for a suggested donation of $15 to our park project.  

These cute little seed bombs are jam packed with 38 varieties of central Texas
wildflower seeds!  

We love our park and the Grow Love! fundraiser will
help us build a crushed granite walking trail at Brentwood Park.

All donations are tax-deductible as the Austin Parks Foundation is our
park adoptee fiduciary.

For seed bombs, neighbors can contact:

Emily Wilson  (

or Kat Correa (

Oh, how we love our little park.  

We've been going to this park to walk ourselves, or dogs, or dogs and child, or all of that for 13 years! 

Jackdaddy and I even had our date night there last night. 

There in our sweet, little parkola.

(Check out my new vintage picnic hamper that Jackdaddy and FinnigantheCurious got me for Solstice.)

 (Please dismiss egregious photo manipulation.)

A small, but wonderful date in my small, but wonderful park.

La, la, la.

Buy a damn seed bomb, aright?



  1. I just made out a check for $15.00 and will mail it today.

    Your park is lovely and so are you for promoting such a great cause.


    1. Oh, THANK YOU!!! You are soooo good about philanthropy! xoxox

  2. Thank you Michele! Nice shot of the purple martin houses...they're about to come back!

    1. You're welcome.

      Yes! There were already some there!

  3. Did they do a food bomb or just flowers? Man it would be cool if they could do $7,000 worth of food seed bombs! So many people could eat! ha

    1. How about if they just put in $7,000 cash and bombed my house?


      I think the food bombs need to be thrown in a place that actually gets rain.

      That would not be Austin, as you well know.


  4. Wow, for some weird reason, I thought you lived in another part of Austin. When my daughter was in Girl Scouts many years ago they scattered wildflower seeds all over at St louis catholic church. They are pretty but make me sneeze.

    I love reading your blog, I just never comment.

    1. You did?

      What part did you think I lived in?

      Yep, St. L is right down the street!

      I have a confession: I left one of mine in the yard and the squirrels ATE IT! hahahaha.

      Im so glad you read and so glad you commented. So there!

  5. cute! a texas seed bomb? a picnic basket? a nice park?
    grrrrrl, you are loving life!

  6. For some reason, I thought you lived farther south. After I left the comment the other day, I was trying to remember where I found you at. It was through Digging.


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