Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I've got nothing for you today from The Wabi-Sabi House due to yesterday's sick day, BUT I must share this link so that you will have something to amuse and delight.

Favorite:  I think Higgins, or maybe Seymour because I loooooove a Clumber, but then I saw Crusader and then I saw ... ARG.

WHO could choose???

I love them all.

Best name:  Swagger.

And don't you love the photos with the owners' legs or hands showing?  Like the one with the plaid pants ... love that.

My favorite Westminster winner of all was Josh the Newfoundland.

He was a crowd favorite and took the show by storm in 2004.

Josh, oh, Josh with that big wet nose.

I loooooove me some Westminster, don't you?


  1. We watched too, hahah! I LOVED the Samoyed from the workind dogs group, I don't think he placed at all but what a doll! He was SMILING AND TROTTING what more could you ask for?? I like Banana Joe, but we were heartily rooting for the English Smooth Coat Fox Terrier in the BiS. Spunky-sturdy lil critter.

  2. I would love wet kisses from that big ole' dawg. I love doggie kisses in general and wish my cat knew how to do it. All he can do is get real close to my face and stare and purr and stare and purr.
    ms mdd

  3. honestly, I'd have to squeeze and gently pinch his nose. I'd just have to.

  4. My beloved Kevin was a Newfie mix rescued from death row at the pound. He was an insanely incredible dog. Sure miss him, but Karl the Chocolate Lab rescued from the same situation is a great second act :)


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