Monday, January 28, 2013


What I Did on my Summer Vacation
by Michele Landry Holt


That's my boy in a swim suit being sprayed by a water hose.

On January 27.

January, y'all.

I love to complain about this and act all horrified and shocked, but the reality is how freakin' fun is it have a summer day in January?

We've just had no winter at all this year.

I mean I have not covered plants one single time, not even the succulents.

(I just cursed us, I'm sure.)

Anyway, fun weekend, mama style.

This means everyone was out in the yard working and playing.

My idea of fun?

OK, that's kind of a lie.

Using a mulcher is not fun at all, but holy crap does it feel good to get all that a lot of brush out of the way.

There were, literally, 6 piles like this plus some big, big stuff that we couldn't mulch.

I'm gonna hugelkultur the big logs eventually so I just drug them out of the way where I'm sure they'll stay untouched forever until I get around to them.

Mulching sucks balls, y'all.

I kept all these branches from our recent tree trimming.  George, the tree guy, was happy to leave all that crap for me to mulch.   I thought I heard him snicker as he drove away, and now I know why.

Pay for the mulching, kids, pay for the mulching.

We freakin' mulched all. weekend. long. with a borrowed mulcher (Thanks, Patti!) and this is how much mulch we got from each pile...

A puff of mulch.


Lesson learned.


I/Jack got my screen door up!!

It looks sooo cute and retro...

I still need to paint the hardware and do some tidying up, but I do love it.

And since it's still summer, tis good to have a screen door so one can leave all windows and doors open.

The best thing about it?

Foxy handle.

Anthropologie gift certificate swag.

So, here's the math on this door.

I'm saving money by getting a yard sale door, right?

The door:  $10
The paint: $15 (Pricey primer + paint  paint which is totally worth the $15 for a QUART.)
The handle:  $14 ("Free" on a gift cert. that Jack paid for.)  (Girl math.)
The new screen kit:  $8


OK, it's much cheaper than a new, retro screen door because they have gotten ridiculous in price now, but, I mean, really, almost $50 for this?

No wonder Jack is so ...  nevermind.

Well, I was able to gloat at him a bit because he wanted to save money by mulching ourselves and that was a big pile of doo doo so ... there.

I think the truth is that we just like to do shit.

We like to work.

Sort of.

Maybe not anymore.

Oh well.

What else?

A tease?


I'm dragon it out until tomorrow.


How was your weekend?

Whadya do?

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. I'm here to say hooray. I love mulch. I saw some tree sawdust piled up around a building around here and I so wanted to gather up a big bag full so I could smoke some pots. (that's NOT smoke pot - that's smoke some clay pots!! that I made.) It hurt to leave it so I know whatcha mean. Mulch is so good. Love you new stuff. Keep on keepin on, girl.
    ms mdd

  2. Cannot wait to see the dragon! LOVE the screen door! Poop to the mulch. ;)

  3. I'm a little in love with the cute screen door. And you KNOW I'm loving the anthropologie hardware.
    love the blue door behind it, as well.

  4. I seriously need to pay a visit to Anthropolgie next time I'm in town. Loving the hardware you find and I need some for my latest project.

  5. And I have a question, it's about that basketball hoop. Is it set a little low intentionally, or has the brush just piled up so high that it's now just about the right size for a toddler?

  6. So, you're coming to stay at my house for a bit, right? And give me lots of cool ideas for my home, right? When was it you said you were coming?

  7. You know what? I think you need to start a business helping people do things to their homes -inside and out. You have the knack of making something glorious out of something pretty ordinary.

    I was so pleased with myself this past weekend because I trimmed seven Altheas bushes but this puts me to shame big time.

    What is your going rate for turning blah into fabalass?

    PS Kudos to Jackdaddy, too. His carpenter work looks wonderful. And Finn looks as though he was having a great time.

  8. One thing we didn't do was to ship and shred. A few years ago we sold our shredder. It was such a dirty, noisy job and I felt so sorry for the man doing it I told him to sell it, and he did, on Craig's list. Yup, we worked outside.

  9. That's absolutely bonkers how warm it is there. We're in full-fledged Winter. I loooove your door.

  10. I cannot fathom hose and swimsuit in January. Truly. My feet are cold every. single. day. all. day. long. (And I wear boots and socks!) But...I like winter. Summer is actually my least favorite season. Thus, I can obviously never live in Texas. :-) I might visit if I could find one of those foxy doorhandles though...


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