Monday, January 14, 2013



Downton Abbey spoilers ahead.

SHIT, SHIT, SHIT can you believe Edith got left at the altar?

I was sooooooooo mad and sad.

Lemme just say this, y'all:  You do not, under any circumstance, leave someone at the altar.

You suck that shit up and either cancel before or after, but not at the altar.

Sir Anthony is on my shit list forever now.  I don't care if it was the right thing to do or not.

Shithead.  Fuckhead.

And I crrrrrieeed like a baby to find out that Mrs. Hughes biopsy was benign, especially the scene when Carson is singing that old sailing tune and checking himself in the silver after he hears the good news.

I feel like a junkie that just got a fix.

I'm all good until next week around Friday evening when I start getting antsy for Sunday night.

 Spoilers over.

Moving on to my own manor ...

I'm gonna tell ya that I have been in the doldrums here for, well, actual years with regard to working on my house.

I know it seems like I do stuff, but I really have been kinda treading water with my sweet little wabi-sabi house and it's been making me sad.

I'm not sure why, really.

I just ran out of steam on the tedious stuff. 

Fixing up old houses is not a sport for the weak.

It never ends and most of the time, as soon as you finish one thing, another thing needs doing.

My next house is a condo downtown.   

Anyway, this weekend I got my arse in gear and did some crap that's been bugging the crap out of me forever.

Crap crap crap I say crap too much.

Totally boring stuff, but I felt sooooo good after doing it!

Well, first, I cleaned like effin' crazy on Thursday and Friday.

I had not cleaned down and dirty in months.

I mean I scrubbed baseboards and refreakinpainted them.

That kind of cleaning.

(Dawn's Recipe is aptly named for my friend Dawn who is now living in a beautiful old home in Portland.  Sob and Envy. It's distilled water, Everclear, lemon juice and some essential oil of your choosing for scent.  I choose vanilla cuz I'm all cozy and shit.)

I have to admit that I really, really love it when my house is sparkling clean.

I just like clean.

I cannot help it.

I got the ball rolling on some paint stuff too ...

Finally broke out the sawhorses and started working on the new/old screen door.

I'm going with brown to match my house trim and because I'm maxed out on color in that front yard of mine.

It's almost overboard.

Some might say completely drowned.

I have been meaning to paint this window exterior for oh, 4 years?


It was the first window we put in all those 6.5 years ago and it was white.

Then we finally replaced all our ancient windows with beautiful new brown ones and this poor pup was left all alone in whitey land.

No mas!

This was coat #1.  I put on two more.

She's happy to be brown.

Brown is best.

I love brown.

And green.

I am totally a brown and green girl. 

I'm afraid I threw all caution (and your wonderful advice) to the wind by painting my kitchen door green to match the cabinets.

I'm sorry.

I was really sooooo sick of that BLUE and the green really does look so much better.


I mean, it will.

You know, once I get the second coat on and pull off the painters tape and clean up and hang the curtain and ... .

I even endured the dreaded JoAnn's Fabrics run to get some vintage-looking fabric to no-sew myself a cafe curtain.  

(Seriously, that place sucks balls on weekends.  I waited, I shit you not, 24 minutes to get that fabric cut.)  

So, the green.

I know, I know.  It's a bit of a safe choice for me, going with the same Garden of Paradise, but I'm feeling paint cautious these days.


I decided to paint some stars on my  kitchen floor.

I just did a few to see if I would like it.

I freakin' love it.

You can't see in the photo, but they're all sparkly cuz I bought some silly crap at Lowes that you put in  the paint to make it, well, sparkly.

I bought a cheapo stencil kit at Hobby Lobotomy, some silver paint and a little stencil roller.

You tape the stencil down very well so it won't move at all and then you just roll the paint on.

Easy as pie (which is not really easy so I don't know why people say that).  

Sparkly stars on my floor, ya'll!!!

I'm so happy.

Aren't they cute?

I might even do some glow in the dark ones.  They  make this paint that is all but invisible in the daytime, but glows at night.

Swoon on that.

OH, OH, and this is HUGE ...

I think I've mentioned before that we live right under next door to a duplex.

One half of the duplex towers over our bedroom.


Note to self:  Always look up before installing trendy fixed windows in bedroom.

Anyway, when the lights are on you can see straight into our bedroom from that duplex.

Finally, finally, finally, (6.5 years later,)  Jackdaddy built me an awning thing to block them from seeing in.

I guess I need to take a picture from the outside, but this all I have for today because I was sooooo excited to see that awning from inside the bedroom.

I will take pictures today so you can see how clever it is.

It's all cool Austin hip being made of wood and metal - the kind of stuff I like.

I still gotta stain the wood.  I wouldn't let him do it ahead of time because some new people just moved in and I was desperate to not have to go through the crouching and hiding again.

You'da thought I'd just put up some damn curtains or film or something, but I preferred to just whine about it.

Anway, done.

Thank you Jackdaddy from the bottom of my naked bottom.

Har. Har.

What I did not do:


When will I ever see my retro fabulous olive green couch again?

Not today, I guarantee that.

Hope you're weekend was fabulous with busy work too.

Or not.

Did you watch Downton?



  1. Not being a fan of the color (or stone) turquoise I am delighted you went with green. Green, yellow, white and brown are my colors of choice.
    Jackdaddy did a great job on the awning. I have no neighbors and cringe at the thought of people being able to see into your house.

    I LOVE DOWNTON ABBEY and know Edith will shake off the doldrums, get out of that stifling atmosphere of DA and DO something SHE wants to do answering only to herself. I burst into tears when we found out Mrs. Hughes is okay and Carson starting singing. Sniff, gulp.

    1. Hahah I knew you would be glad the blue is gone! So am I. Over it like a bad case of Sir Anthony!

      I predict Edith will go to America and get some Shirley McLain action going.

  2. PS You did a wonderful job this weekend doing all that painting and fixing up. Your house looks great. You should be a decorator. Actually you can start with my house.

    1. Actually, that is my goal for this year: to get my interior design biz up and running full speed!

      I will give you a deep, deep discount since you are my mother.


  3. Wee bit by bit you will sooner or later make your house adorable. It is already, but more. I just knew that something was going wrong before, during or after that wedding. I could tell by his face but I didn't think he'd jilt her. I thought he'd have a seizure or something. Mean mean mean man. I hope she finds good work and in so doing find a loving man. I think that mysterious prostitute and her baby will be making a difference. I think the baby's father is some member of the household but I can't remember who. I might be Sybil's husband, I fear. Ooo such D R A M A !
    ms mdd

    1. I knew too. I thought he was going to have a heart attack; that's what I thought was coming, but NO, WORSE!!!

      SUCH drama!!! I love it!! Wish we could all watch together!

  4. I sit in my crappy house filled with debris of undone things and ENVY you. I just have no get up and go and once tings hit the floor I am reluctant to go through and pick them all up. Have I mentioned I won three cats that think everything is a toy nd needs to be on the floor.

    I love your door and I think you did a fabulous amount and deserve a nosh at the Steeping Room. Or some other reward.

    1. Aw, well, see, one man's castle ... . I did feel so much better making myself get up and GET going on all these things that have been idling. As you know, because you have seen my house, it's pretty ratty right now.

      I totally need to Steep!!! mmmmm. I heard talk that they have some scones that are to die for.

  5. You.painted.your.hardwood.floors. Ummm. I have no words Michele.

    1. I have no. idea. if. this. is. a. compliment. or. not.

      They're my kitchen floors, silly, which are the old pine sub-floors. They're full of holes and gaps and stains and what all else.

    2. Ba ha ha ha! I was a bit shocked actually. But you explain they're not 'real' hardwood floors, so now I can see why it wasn't a big deal to you. ;-) Stencil away....

    3. Oh yes. Almost every day I think of something crazy I could do to those subfloors.

      Cork, paint, tile, FLOR, more paint.

  6. Love your house, it was always my favorite when I lived in the hood and would take my walks. I miss it! Looks great to me!!!!!!

    1. It misses you.

      Do you guys ever come this way? I KEEP saying this, but i will find you next time I'm at my mom's, OK?

  7. I just finished watching - I had all of the same emotions you did. LOVE the work you're doing. I'm doing work around here, too - must be the season. xoxo

    1. Ooo whachoo doing over there, mama? Damn, I gotta do a pantry post soon and show off your pantry. Speaking of envy...

  8. i just didn't want the episode to end. Can't they turn it into a daily soap opera or something. Anyway don't blame poor Anthony. They made him do it the rotters. Just like poor old Princess Margaret and Charles and Edward- only he was having none of it. That's the way the British aristocracy used to be. Did you see the real owners of Highclere. Just as ordinary as you could get. old trousers and worn jackets and she just a commoner. Things have changed for the better. Love your stars.

    1. Oh ME TOO, Jenny. I just want to watch it every day.

      Well, I really have to say that honestly I don't think Anthony would really do that. I think he would have been MUCH more gentlemanly. I blame the writers, damn them. DAMN them.

      WHAT??? Wait, I had no idea about any of the real Highclere!!

      OK, I just googled it and now I am down the rabbit hole. They look like real people!!

      Being southern, I see a great deal of similarity between the horrid "old south" and the old aristocracy. Good riddance and HELLO to the new.

    2. Oh, PS. Thank you for the stars love. They're so cute.

  9. LOVE the floor stars, so you!
    We watched Season 3 a few months ago on just a little FYI in case you can't stand to wait/need a binge. ;)

    1. WAIT WHAT?!?!?! WHAT??!?!!?

      You can watch Season THREE already?

      Are you shitting me, Hils?

      And, finally, someone loves the stars. Or loves that I love them. They are so me. The kitties think they're something fun to eat.


  10. Oh, catching up:

    Love the brown. We are in the process of painting all our white interior trim a warm chocolatey brown. Love brown. We are not white trim people.
    I like the stars. Especially since you said they are on pine boards. I think I might have shared Kat's reaction at first. But if they're pine, go hog wild. I think lots of stars might be in order. And that metal awning is just as much Portland as Austin. Very cool.

    Now to Downtown (which I just watched tonight). Like others, I thought Anthony was going to keel over on the altar. No way that wimpy milquetoast guy would actually man up and do the right thing like that. But I knew she wasn't going to leave the episode married. As for the maid-turned-prostitute and her maybe baby: Well, at least we know it's not Thomas's. :-)

    And don't want to burst any bubbles or go looking for trouble, but the last shot of Mrs. Hughes had me wondering if she really isn't sick--did she just told them that because she didn't like how they were all treating her when they thought she was ill?

    Finally: Yes on the condo. Been telling Cane that's what we're going to live in next. When we're old(er). :-)

    1. I love your house colors. In fact one of your exterior trim posts got me moving towards getting going.

      I THINK I'm going to do a lot of stars, but then again this little patch is so cute and unexpected that I'm liking that too.

      OMG HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ABOUT MRS. HUGHES??? I fear that you are right!!! HOW did I not catch that myself? She's LYING to us. Dammit, Rita, DAMMIT.

      Well, I'm buying a condo in Portland or Puget Sound so let's talk before we buy! wink wink

  11. Like the green door, Ms Holt and love the awning, and think the stars are fun. It may also be fun to watch visitors think they're fallen bits of crafty glitter & bend down and try to pick them up.

    I thought Anthony was going to croak at his home pre-wedding while everyone waited at Downton. He looked so shocked & broken-heated when Edith said she wanted to marry him not in spite of his arm & age, but because she wanted to take care of him.

    And the "Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron" song so intrigued me that I googled it for sheet music - it's about a woman ironing clothing which makes it even sweeter when Jim Carter sings it!

    I love your blog.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

    1. OH, Annie, you KNOW ... it was all about Edith saying that, wasn't it? I think we should address that because WHO WOULD want to marry someone who was marrying you just so she'd have something to be useful at? UGH. Yes. I do wish he'd not done the deed at the altar, but you're so right. THAT was the awful moment and I thought it was awful of Edith to say it.

      And now I had to go look at Dashing Away... . I want to hear you sing it!

      When we all have tea and eat Martha recipes and watch Downton, you can kick it all off with a rendition!

  12. Love the new paint and sparkle stars. Now, I want to put sparkle stars on something. Love that whenever you clean your house you think of me, maybe. But it is funny, you mentioning the envy of my house because I come to your blog and am all "look at what Michele is doing. I need to get up off my arse and work on my yard and do some painting and and and...." And when I was in Austin last year, your yard and chickens made me so darn happy. Such is the way. Right now, my walls are covered in poster paper with color samples. Hope y'all come visit one day! Hugs to you, the boy, and Jackdaddy. xoxox, D.

    1. I think of you and the girls EVERY time I clean.

      Which is not often. HAHAHA. No, silly, I use that as my everything now so I think of y'all almost every day. Plus I go to FB to see your beautiful photographs.

      Visit? I'm ready to move. OMG Dawn, we should do house trade when y'all need to come here!!! Why did we not think of that?!!!

      You kiss those girls and that handsome man of yours for me.



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