Thursday, January 24, 2013

Un Petite Nouvelle.

Bonjour chers amis!

(Or even better:  Bonjour, l'amour! Est-ce que maintenant on va aller déjeuner au buffet-brunch?)

(You'll have to look that up, but it always cracks me up.)

En avant!

Today a petie nouvelle about a cream pot.

(A cream pot for only .99 which is a good price for Savers these days.)

Guess you noticed the broken lid.

I know this seems hard to believe, but I did not.

Je suis aveugle.


Poor broken cream pitcher.

Nothing a little trip to Anthropologie won't cure, oui?

 Une fixation peu.

Ta da and Voila!

Cute little cream pot.

She looks like the animated tea pot in Beauty and the Beast, doesn't she?

Not really the look I was going for, but it'll do.

A bit of a Marie Antoinette vibe, if you will.

Un pichet creme!  Ooo la la.

I also got, finally, what I think is the final answer to the dreaded rug-in-front-of-the-sink dilemma.

I stand in front of that sink for so many hours a day (seems like anyway) that I really, really want and need something soft and cushy for my pieds endoloris.

Enter that famous French store Target!

Si Jolie!

(OK, I'll stop.)

So pretty, so thick, so orangey-red.  

So on sale.

Matches the thrifted and much loved dragon nightlight over there on the wall.

Screams against that dark olive color.  (You know how I love screaming color.)

Tres moi.

Au revoir, my pretties!


  1. Oh la la!!!! Plein, plein, plein de belles choses!

    1. I love beautiful things...especially when thrifted!

  2. I kept pressing the "Subtitles" button but it didn't seem to work.
    Nevertheless I love the cream pot and new rug. Your home is so much fun to visit. Always a new delight in store for us.

    1. What subtitles thing?

      I love your home too, cherie!

  3. I popped over to google translate, so fun! I do love the rug, very fem fatale, and I'm glad to see you're not totally over orange. ;-) I really need to take a trip to anthropologie...seems I'm missing on a tons of neatness.

  4. Creative fix for the cream pot! Although, those handles at Anthropologie are pricey!
    Also love the orange of that rug. Very nice - I like the combos of the rug and your green cabinets. hugs!

  5. Si Si Wee Wee !! Alors !! Love you and all the suff today. So Fransay!!
    ms mdd

  6. Love the rug! Aren't you cleaver fixing that cream pot?

  7. aren't you so tres, tres chic and all frenchy and stuff! i just love when you can fix old things so easily, and yes, i have been known to glue a seashell on the top of glass candy dishes and apothecary jars that have broken their tops, too. mais oiu, mon cheri, tres tres chic!

  8. I so love l'orange and verde together. (Not sure those are both French, but it's been a looong time since jr. high!) That little teapot is so sweet.

  9. clever, clever girl! I would have never thought of the knob! Love the rug, too! Keep a-blogging!

  10. What ARE those folks at Savers smokin' lately???!! Their prices are so insanely out of whack. I was there the other day and literally laughing out loud at the rack of $9.99 heavily pilled Target sweaters. Nuts. I like your little creamer fix. Très belle!

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