Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My babies.

There's a photographer who lives a few streets over from me, A l Evans, who takes the loveliest photographs.

My favorites, though, are the ones he takes while on his walks around our hood.

I was so thrilled recently when he sent me some that he had taken of Angus and Artemis out in my front yard.

It's kinda like seeing pictures of your kids doing something while they were away from you.  

You know, like camp pictures or something, when you get to look at them through someone else's eyes.

Here's the regal and divine Angus ...

 I'm telling you, this shot just sums him right up so well. 

A good photographer can do that.  Capture that something.

He's guarded, but open-minded.  (The dog, not the photographer.)

Those months in the shelter made him so, I'm sure of it.


SO devoted.

Best rescue dog ever.

(Who rescued who, right?)

My resident gypsy, Artemis.

SO not devoted to me, or anyone for long.

She loves to move about and get attention wherever she may.

She came as a stray and I can see how.  That's her style.

I'm forever getting frantic calls (from her tags that she rips off weekly) that she's,  "STUCK IN A TREE!"

(Not ever stuck, this one.)


(Only her favorite spot to be petted and cooed over)

Can't you just see the curiosity in her face?

You can see more of Al's wonderful work HERE ON HIS WEBSITE.

We also have Cricket, the home cat and dear, dear Luna, the lab mix (who is getting so old), but I've got no fancy Al photos of them.  

Maybe I'll scrounge some of mine up.

Anyway, just a furry baby day for you.

La, la, la.

Kiss yours and keep them spayed and neutered, y'all!


  1. Oh, these are just the most wonderful pictures of your babies. What a nice thing for Al to share these with you and then for you to share with us.
    Spay, neuter and kiss indeed!!!

  2. Love the pictures. I'd love a puppy dog. Yours is adorableaalalble. Now, my cat thinks he is a dog but that' don't count. He's miffed at the bad weather because he can't go out and play. Neither can I.
    ms dd

  3. I want to have Angus at my feet so I can love on him all day. (I'm allergic to cats, so there)

  4. What a cute pair of pets! Artemis is beautiful as is regal Angus. I came home from a mushroom hunting class today to find that my kitty had knocked a bag of flour off the counter and had been eating it. She's black, so the white flour was caked into her fur as she peered up at me innocently. Oh, and the paw prints in the flour didn't help her case either...


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