Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Martha, Martha, Martha.

Have we talked about Martha before?

About how much I love Martha?  

Always have, always will.

I even have a little name-dropping to do here.

Uh-huh.  I've met Martha on more than one occasion.

I swear!

I used to work in Los Angeles for a famous producer and he was friends with her.

She was always lovely to be around and lovely to look at.

She's so pretty.  Buttery.  Buttery hair, buttery skin, buttery soft.

I'm not kidding, I could wine and dine with major movie stars, but put me in the room with Martha and I was all, uh, uh, ahem, uh, blarg.

There was a whole tribe of us modern women who were secretly doing all the things that were supposedly not modern like baking and crafting and sewing and decorating and wearing aprons!, for heaven's sake.

Martha brought us all out of the closet in a big way.

Let us all bow down to Martha.

Anyway, this is actually not even about Martha herself, but about Living magazine which still pulls me in even after all these years.

I got an email from the lovely ladies at Living asking if I would maybe be interested in doing a little post about this month's issue. 

Oh, why, yes darling people of Martha, I would love to!

Needless to say, I had already snatched it up at the grocery store and devoured it with a pot of tea so I knew what was in it and was more than happy to pimp it a bit.

Shall we start with the cover?

Oh, hello beautiful cover of warmth and comfort.

You make me cozy and hungry.

You make me want to buy you, take you home with me and cook something fabulous.

Let us now peek inside to see the garden story this month set in Puget Sound, Washington.

Have we talked about how I am absolutely sure I am that I should have been born on the upper west coast?



That rocky coast. 

It's the damn Irish genes again, I'm sure of it.

I can hear the clang of a sailboat's rigging and feel my heart seize up.

I love the rain and the mist and fog.

Not so much the cold, but that's what fabulous houses and fireplaces are for, right?

And wool.

Uh, anyway, (I was lost there on the sound for just a bit.) 

(Can you even imagine being able to say "on the sound" with regularity?) 

OK, this property is called Windcliff.

Of course it is.

Shut up.

That's your view.

Every day.

I'm tearing this one out and putting it on my vision board.


Dan Hinkley and his partner, Robert Jones live here.

I love them and want to be them.

Hinkley travels the world collecting plant specimens to take home and propagate.

Dream job, y'all.

World traveling plant collector part of the year, homebody gardener the rest of the year.

Damn him.

(Actually, my dream job would be pinning for MarthaStewart.com.  Just sitting around all day pinning beautiful things to post to their boards.  My god, I wonder if such a job exists?!?!) 

You do know if you go to MarthaStewart.com you can follow all their Pinterest boards, right?

Oh, yea, there lies a rabbit hole of epic, epic proportions 

Back to the magazine, it really is a fascinating story and I highly recommend this issue.

Could you go buy it and make that soup that is on the cover and then invite me over to eat it?

We can eat it and talk about Downton!!

PS I don't get anything for pimping Living and Martha.  It's all just part of the circle of being nice.  I would not do this if it was a magazine I did not love and read.  Akward wording, but you know what I mean.


  1. Oh, I love me some Martha. I wish I could make that soup and have you over so we could dish about Downton! xoox

    1. ME too, mama! I wish you would just move here, dammit.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to know there are such places in the world? And, of course, it does not happen by magic. Lots of work and love went into that gorgeous place.
    Thank you for letting us get a glimpse of Windcliff. I wonder if Dan and Robert would like a guest for a few years? I guess it couldn't hurt just to ask........................

    1. Oh my gosh, can you imagine the work?? I never want to work that hard, ever. The article also says that they do almost ALL of the work themselves!

      Maybe Dan and Robert would like to visit Jasper and you could watch Windcliff for them.

      hahahah. We wish!

  3. I have been all about Martha since first I saw her television show long ago. She inspired me and gave me hope for all things about the home. I adored her gardens, her bulbs, her cooking, her guests and the wonderful places she took me on her amazing trips around the world.
    ms mdd
    p.s. Remember the amazing time she had in prison? She cooked and taught and cleaned there. I respect her more than I can say.

    1. ME too, Mudd. Her house, oh the first one from so long ago, Turkey something? I just can't get enough of it.

      She was stellar during that awful prison time. I loved her even more after that.

    2. Turkey Hill. She has so many homes I can't even begin. She's such a fix-er-uper's dream girl.

  4. Oh quick, quick...that link did not go to the MSL website, you can quick-fix that, no? I want to go down the rabbit hole, and I want to start from your site. So speaking of rabbit holes...I really try to just read what is pertinent to my garden zone, or blogs that have hard core fix-it info for my crumbling abode but yet I have not forsaken the Wabi-Sabi blog. Little details always come out...and today I got more. So I grew up on the Long Island Sound, in a mansion with a view from my bedroom. Not cuz we were rich, because we were a family of ten, and back then the middle class wasn't scrapin' and scrappin' like nowadays. And where did I fly the coop to, with just a backpack on my back? Seattle, pre-Starbucks. I believe I'm the only person in Laguna Beach who would move to Seattle tomorrow, or anywhere up there. Ah well...and so no wonder I follow your blog, we are NW kin.

    1. DUH!!! Thank you SO much for letting me know that link was wonky.

      Now fixed and I hope you can go down the hole post-haste.

      Is this you Janine?

      You grew up in a mans on the LI Sound? I am officially down a rabbit hole just thinking of that!

      And ten kids? Ohhh, my extroverted self would have loved that. I wanna hear more, more, more.

      We need a group blog of PNW lovers. I mean, area lovers, not lover lovers.

    2. Friend of Janine's, Laura. I found you down a rabbit hole on her site!

    3. ONLY 8 kids...huge three story house with spooky dirt floor basement, on a few acres with a path to the beach, our own little spot of sand! Plus a separate two story carriage house AND an old wind-beaten play house on the bluff. Huge garden enclosed by dozens of Italian cypress. Swoon. Enclosed back porch that in my memory is half the size of my mortgaged 1700 square feet here in LB. My folks sold it for 40K in 1968! I cried and cried. But wait, there's more...in 1963 my folks saved a dollar at a time until they had $100.00 saved, probably hidden in the basement freezer. (we also had an extra fridge just for milk.). With the $100 they put 10% down payment on a two acre island on a pristine lake in Ontario, Canada! My Dad was a visionary, I swear. Still have that piece of paradise, check out McGowan's Blueberry Island on fb. Fabulous childhood, like summer camp all year 'round with all those kids!

    4. I. AM. DYINGGGGGG!! Do you have pictures of the Canada place OR the old place? This was like reading a fairy tale...IM HOOKED...MUST HAVE MORE!!

  5. Yes.
    I live close to "on the sound" and it is better than you actually think it is.
    Windy, foggy, rainy, fresh, interesting.
    We are also the most educated city in 'murica (Seattle) and one of the most forward thinking.
    The sounds of seagulls are like lullabies.
    You should some join us....
    We like to cook yummy soup, too. And make delicious mocha's. And knit. And hike. And....well, everything you can imagine....(except for now. Now I'm in the office doing grownup things to get paid so I can still live in this magical place.)

    1. I WAS gonna come live with you until I found your house is YOU-KNOW-WHAT.


  6. I tried to comment on this yesterday, but the gods weren't favoring me and I lost my comment and was too tired to recreate it.
    But this:
    You gotta know that the water is different in Oregon than in Washington, and the Sound is different from the coast. I vote for the Sound: More shades of gray and blue-gray than most people know exist. Rocky, salty, barnacle-crusted beaches. Seaweed and seagulls and ferries. While I love the city of Portland (more than Seattle), I feel homesick every time I go north and see the water again.

    I think one of us should buy a condo in Portland and the other in Seattle and we can just visit each other all the time.

    1. That is the perfect solution. I do love Portland the most too, but the water more further up. I love it alllllll.

  7. What a perfect tribute to Martha! I still admire how stoically she took the insider trading fall for all the gadzillions of puffy, white men who have been in the club for decades, centuries, the start of time. A true heroine!

    1. You know what?

      NO SHIT, sister.

      I can hardly think of it without puking. She took it like a "man," didn't she? (Meaning, like a woman, of course.)

  8. What a perfect tribute to Martha! I still admire how stoically she took the insider trading fall for all the gadzillions of puffy, white men who have been in the club for decades, centuries, the start of time. A true heroine!


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