Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hub caps and a spider.

I've gone round the bend for sure because I've taken to collecting old hub caps.

The ones on the side of the road that have fallen off of cars.

I've been putting them on my fence. 

I really like them.

I can see their beauty.

So can others (for those of you cringing right now).

Isn't that gorgeous?

From THIS ETSY SITE called Eight Mile Creek Designs.

They have some coolio stuff there and reasonable prices.

Apparently, that's a 1969 Pontiac hub.


I got this off a dreaded dead link on Pinterest.

(Please don't sue me, whoever you are who owns this photo.  I tried to find you. I really, really did.)

Don'tcha love that whole vibe going on here?

Rusted roof, big white door, that red B.


So, anyway, FinnigantheCurious asked me the other day again why the hubcaps.

I explained to him the urban art element of it (which he is quite familiar with as his mother is a scrounger of urban "art"), but I added on the end that I also just want to block that "ugly view of the neighbor's crap."

We sat there for a second and then both of us burst into hysterical laughter.

WHOSE ugly crap?

My assortment of shitty hubcaps or their assortment of plywood and trash cans?

I'm sure they're over there saying, "Let's just put the trash cans and that giant piece of plywood that we never used up against her fence so we don't have to look at those shitty hubcaps!"

We laughed so hard.  

Crying kinda laughing.

It's gonna look better once the fence is full, I'm sure.

I'm pretty sure.

Plus, their crap was there first.

I think.

I kinda can't remember now.  

Non sequitur #1:
Hey, look at this picture I took of a tiny spider.

He's definitely cute and not weird urban art in any way.

Non sequitur #2:
I'm delighted to tell that I got over my pity party from last week.

Thanks for all your sweet, sweet comments and emails.

It was just one of those days (weeks).

I feel better now because of hubcaps and tiny spiders.

Don't you?


  1. This is such a coincidence about hubcaps. My friend, Shirley, and I were talking about how we used to see lots of hubcaps on the side of the road but it has been ages since we've noticed. Are you coming as far as Jasper to get them? Is that why we don't see as many any more?
    I, for one, thank you, and think your fence looks wonderful.

    1. I think Shirley is secretly collecting them. I'll bring some for your fence next time I come. HAHAHAHA.

  2. Urban Art is the answer and tiny spiders love hub caps. So there you are - Bob's Your Uncle -
    ms mdd

  3. There used to be a woman in Austin in the early 70's named Hubcap Annie. She had a flea market type setup with hundreds, no *thousands*, of hubcaps. Her wooden building filled with hubcaps was also covered top to bottom in same; hubcap siding, if you will. I wonder what ever happened to her ... I seem to recall that the Statesman did a big newspaper spread article on Annie at one point.
    Love the spider. I think he is one of the flower spider varieties.

    1. She is STILL here!! I don't know if the real Annie is still with us, but the shops are. I think there's one down on way north lamar. I should go visit.

      Flower spider? What a precious name. Flower spider. sweeeeet. He was TINY.

  4. I am laughing and laughing. CRAP certainly is in the eye of the beholder isn't it? I love hubcaps. I always take photos of them. When I want to stop and pick one up, my hubby throws his eyes on know, that look that says "don't even think about picking up more crap" from the side of the road. When I was a teen-ager, I had a collection of hubcaps, they hung on the wall of the garage. When I went away to college, then got married, they disappeared, don't even recall for sure, but I think my Pops was responsible for that. Darn...wish I still had some for my own fence now. Along with a lot of other crap I have hung there. I've been reading your blog for awhile, but this is my first comment. I love your yard and your stuff... I live in Austin, and I am tempted to hunt you down just so I can drive by your yard in person!

    1. SEE...there IS something about them!!! I have always had a fondness for them too. I grew up in rural TX (you know how THAT is) and hub caps are big stuff.

      Where's your house? You have crap on your fence? I wanna come see!!! You come by anytime, but don't be surprised when my yard looks ... well, like the kinda yard with hub caps on the fence.

      I'm a messy yardner.

      SO CLAD you finally commented. It's FUNNNNNN.

  5. I think your fence will be pretty darned cool when it's done. If I see a hub cap on the side of the road, do you want me to pick it up for you? Seems like I've seen two over the last couple of months. Laura

    1. Thankee Miss L.

      YES, please. Just throw them over the fence and I'll know it was you.

  6. This is a local lady that paints hubcaps. Collie Ryan is her name. We have one or two of them and cherish them. I think your fence is going to be awesome!!

    1. ooo Going to look now! I saw a bunch of painted ones on the www when I was poking around. xoxox

  7. Well, I like hubcaps better than plywood and garbage cans, that's for sure!

    1. Right? Better than a hole in the head, my mama used to say.

  8. I have this picture of you sitting there laughing with you son at a shared joke and my heart just swells. I have these moments now with my tot (almost 3) and those are the moments of parenting that we gotta hold on to.

    And FYI - I like that damn hub cap wall. Neat, orderly, and certainly rustic found urban art. They look shitty and forgotten on the side of the road. Here they look proud and perfect. Purposeful. That's swag, my friend. Well played.


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