Monday, January 7, 2013

Back in the Saddle


Well, I've had more than enough time to "get it all done" and I didn't so ... there.

The holidays were easy and fun and fine, but for some reason I just feel like there are lose ends everywhere still.

All decorations are down and thank you notes written and the house mostly restored, but, I dunno, things don't feel normal again yet.

The holidays just seemed to linger here longer than usual this year.

Not that that's a bad thing, just a weird thing.

I do know they linger due to my birthday being tacked on to the very end of it all, but that's an aspect of them that I love.

I used to think January 2 was the worst birthday ever.

All my friends were back at work, broke, hung over, tired, had resolutions that didn't include eating out and/or drinking, spending money, etc., etc..

You see my point, right?

Well, now that I am "of a certain age" and I don't do much drinking/eating/partying/big spending, I find my birthday to be a lovely extension of the new year excitement.

Oh man, do I ever love the new year.

I am one of those people who make resolutions religiously.



Love them.

I have list after list after list of THINGS I AM GOING TO DO (drink more water), and

THINGS I AM NOT GOING TO DO ANYMORE (move furniture around obsessively),  and

THINGS I AM GOING TO CHANGE (my mind. hahahah.) and, and, and.

I'll stop here and say that I one thing I am not going to do anymore is participate quite so fully in our annual New Year's Eve Cheese/Olive/Wine/Bread Fest.  Every year Jack, Finn and I go to Antonelli's Cheese Shop and buy a lot of cheese and pair that up with really good wine, way too much bread and a vat of olives.  We all sit around and eat and drink until we're sick.  (Apple cider for the boy, you silly goose.) At midnight, we invoke the old Irish custom of opening all the doors and windows in the house to let out the old year and let in the new.  By midnight this year, we basically waddled to get them open.  I mean, for real, we were barely able to move.  Ugh.


I wasn't kidding.

That's just small sample.

I think we had 9 cheeses total and one of them was a large hunk of brie.

I'm kinda wobbly just thinking about it. 

Not good wobbly either.

And that was from the cheese, not the wine.

I tried to take the edge off the cheese and bread with enough olives and vino, but it was a losing battle.

It's a delicious way to go though.

Death by quality cheese.

Brings me to the topic of purging.

(Oh how I was wishing I could purge that cheese.)

(It took a few days the old-fashioned way, if you know what I'm sayin'.)

I'm a big new year purger.

The new year is alllll about purging for me.

I purge  stuff.

Super purge.

Ruthless purge.

Yesterday I purged my bathroom shelves.


Today I purged the pantry.

Less epic, I know.

Stunningly boring, as a matter of fact. 

Quite rewarding for me though as I was able to destroy a gazillion pantry moths.

Here's something better that dead moths...

Super badass apron my homie Erin gave me at our annual Girlie Christmas Dinner.

(Believe me, it deserves capitalizing.)

It was supposed to be a white elephant exchange.

That's my kind of elephant, y'all.

Isn't it so fab and so me?

OK, may I also show you the super badass cake that FinnigantheCurious and Jackdaddy make for my birthday?

Scratch, bitches, scratch.

It was bliss.

German chocolate bliss.

Course all 36 candles made it a little hard to blow out, but oh well.


Here's the sweetest thing of all though.

My little boy gave me this present...

Now, let me just tell you that his Grandmary gave him this $50 bill for Christmas.

He was sooooooooo out of his mind happy with that bill.

Really, he was crazy happy about it.

Couldn't stop talking about it.

Petting it.

Taking it out of his wallet and looking at it.

Well, my birthday rolled around a few days later and Jackdaddy said Finn came solemnly out of his room holding that fifty dollar bill  and absolutely insisted that he give it to me for my birthday.


Is that the sweetest thing you've ever heard of?

He felt so proud to have that money all of his own that he got all empowered to give it away.

And also because he just thought me getting a 50 spot on my 50th was way cool.

Good, good person, my boy.

(I later convinced him that what would me most, most, most happy on my birthday would be for him to keep it.  He finally gave in ((and I could see a touch of sweet relief on his face which was so precious and honest and childlike)) once he was sure that's what I really wanted.)

I think that's just the most special thing ever.


I found a taxidermy fish on the side of the road today.

I shit you not.

Come back tomorrow for photographic proof.

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. I can't remember that far back when I turned 50 but it was not nearly as fabulous as your celebration. That cheese and olive feast looked sumptious.
    And the $50.00 from Finn. What a sweet and loving gesture. He and Jackdaddy did themselves proud on the cake, too.
    I wish a Happier New Year for you and can't wait to see the fish.

  2. OMG, the APRON! Love!! How sweet and lovely of Finn to give you his money. You're a good mama for giving it back, I'm not sure I would have. heh. I've got to tackle my pantry and bathroom organization today. Ugh.

  3. Ok, ther's a lot here...Girl's Party, awesome apron, purge, epic cheese, totally sweet story about Finn...but my take-away is that FISH! There was a taxidermy fish at the white elephant I attended. Is there a Chinese New Year of taxidermy fish?! I think this might be it! Cheers!

  4. Nifty Fuftt! I say O to be Seventy again !! Enjoy your maturity - Life is Beautiful.
    ms mdd

  5. My best best bestest friend in jr. high/high school/college was born on Jan. 1. She always thought that was a bummer birthday, too. (Sure, technically we all whooped it up at midnight, but that wasn't really about her birthday. And the next day we were always too hung over to do anything for her.)

    I think a cheese hangover would be preferable to a wine hangover any day. And that story about Finn made me choke up a little. And if that apron is the kind of white elephant y'all do, I want to be included in your circle. :-)

  6. Ooooh, I must go by Antonelli's Cheese Shop next time we're in Austin. It's impossible to find unusual cheeses in East Texas. I can't even find gruyere.


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