Wednesday, December 5, 2012


First, I must apologize for not giving you the skinny on the CASTLE!

Addled brain of mine.

Surprisingly,  the castle is a family home belonging to a guy that Jack works with.  

Story goes that he and his wife bought the land, built a small cabin (which we saw - darling) and spent the next TEN years building the castle.   They built some, they hired out some.

Isn't that fabulously adventurous (and disciplined) of them?

Oh, and the land.  Honey, I didn't even show you all the land.  

It went on for ages with lovely, woodsy trails all through the property.

And a stream.

With a pond.


Moving onward, my people!

Tis the season for spamming you with endless photos of Christmas decorating!

A zillion pictures of baked goods!

Nauseating photos of my beautiful child in various holiday situations!

And so we begin ...

The annual advent calendar pimp fest ...

My calendar began life as a toy car garage.

OMG looooook at my tiny baby!!!!

Look at that baby fat and his Kewpie Doll face.


Garage turned in to super craftylicious Advent Calendar!


Mama was playing with the photo manipulation this morning.


Who can resist the 1960's trick?

Not I, that's who.


Yes, please.  For infinity and then some. 

I hung up a bunch of stuff too.

There is an inordinate amount of hanging at Christmastime, isn't there?

I spent the whole damn day with my arms above my head perched on a step stool or ladder.

Fascinating, I know.

 OOoo look!

You can even put a frame around your pictures!


I am loving this cheapo banner that I found at Target.

It's woodsy colors.

I'm down with woodsy this year, as I told you on Monday.

Doesn't it look cool with that big vintage map?

Just say yes.

Wait, don't just say yes, PIN IT!

(Pin whore.)

My favorite things of all, my little Elf candle holders.

Capitalized the Elf for some reason.  Just seems right.

Could you DIE at those?

They're from Crate and Barrel and my sweet, sweet mama bought them for me a couple of years ago. 

SO...there ya go.

More to come tomorrow.

And the next day, and the next, and the next!

Please do Pin anything you like because I get freakin' hysterical every time I see my stuff on Pinterest.  It's like being famous without having to starve and wear high heels.

Hmmmm, maybe I should figure out how to put a Pinterest button on the bottom of my posts?

Eh, too hard.  

You just do it.



  1. So....the advent calendar. I love it!!! You and I are cut from the same cloth, I tell ya. Can't wait to see more of your holiday awesomeness!

    1. I am obsessively checking YOUR blog daily to see YOUR stash which is stash central.

      I think my Cmas will run out about day 3 so look now!

  2. You are my favorite Pinwhore. I'm so jealous you made up that word before I could. Love the trees and animals on top of the advent calendar.

    1. From one Pinwhore to another!

      Let's make t-shirts with that on them and sell 'em!

      ME too...that's my fave part...the little things on top.

  3. I love what you have done so far. Please keep us posted with words and pictures of what's next.

  4. Love to see your decorations coming out! xoxo

    1. Wait, don't you need to tell me something?

      Don't you owe me an informative email?

      What kinda tree do y'all do?

      Where will y'all be for Cmas?

  5. Me Three and Me Four .. keep 'em coming, those pictures. I'll need to learn how to pin these beauties.
    Ms Mdd

    1. Hi.

      I'll show you my wonky wreath tomorrow. You'll like that.

  6. I'm in LOVE with the Elf candle holders!!! So sweet.

    1. They told me to tell you that they love you too.

  7. Hey! Go to the Blanton Museum gift shop (across the way from the actual museum). They're offering a 20% discount to UT staff (they didn't require proof that I'm a staff member). They have the cutest little old-timey Santa and Mrs. Santa candles (like your Santa light) that made me think of you. Other cool stuff, too, of course. But the candles had your name on 'em.

  8. Oooooo YES! I will, I will. We've been meaning to go for weeks, OK, months anyway. thank you!!


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