Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Good Morning!

How was your weekend?

Mine was ... blurry.

Slow blurry, not fast blurry, which is good

A delightful ladies' soiree on Friday night kicked off the weekend.

Saturday was a slow family day.

I think.

Honestly, I can't really remember.

I had most of Sunday to myself.

(Chorus of angels singing in the background.)

Putzed around with more Christmas decorations. 

Putzed around on Pinterest.  

A lot.  


Whadja do?

OH CRAP, yes, yes!  I thrifted!!!

I totally forgot.


Really gorgeous, heavy wooden candlesticks.

Freaking love them.

I need to find some brown taper candles.

Mmmm, really, really digging the whole brown thing going on here.

It's shaping up to be a brown year.

This is good though.  I love brown.

Hot chocolate.
Clive's hair.

All brown.

Little Nutcracker soldier stocking holder thingee.

Holiday movies.

(We always watch Peter Pan on Christmas night.)

Giant bear from Costco.  (Bosco's the name.)  (He's Russian.)

My Costco membership just expired.

I went twice.


More from the seemingly endless photo enhancement game.

This guy looks like he's telling a fish tale, doesn't he?

OR he's trying to impress the ladies, IYKWIS.


More candle holder / MCM lamp for you to drool over.

Have you noticed my new Target table cloth?

Woodsy too! 

Old  Fridgidaire sign we got this summer on our road trip.

Sort of thrifted.

Sort of stolen.

Love that thing.

Super not-thrifted bunny S & P shakers from a local toy store that carries mostly crap from China.

(NOT Terra Toys, fyi.)

That' it.

All I got.

Off to hiking day.

FINALLY freaking cold here.

Look at this ... yesterday afternoon:

Yes, Fahrenheit.

High today is supposed to be 49.

We'll see, but I'm sure looking forward to some winter weather.

La, la, la.

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