Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekending, m' Lady

A special weekend for the Holt clan!

We got invited to a party here:

HUZZAH, y'all.

These two rougeish monks accompanied me to the festivities:

Big Monk.  Little Monk.

Details ...

How 'bout that?

Some fun, huh?

I'm in holiday decorating frenzy mode today.

My house is sooooo cluttered right now.

I dislike that part of the decorating thing, don't you?

All the boxes and wrappers and crap having to be moved around or put away so all the Christmas stuff will fit.

Quality problemo, indeed.

I'm going for a woodsy theme this year now that I have the brown couch.

Last year I had a lime colored couch so it was a bit of a modern Christmas.

I like woodsy much better.  

Pine cones and um ...

Um, not sure what else is woodsy.  Brown stuff.  Dark green stuff.


A lot of stuff.

Can I also just say (MAY I, my mother is saying in my head) that it is still HOT as shit here and that makes it really hard to get into the whole snowy, cozy, fireplace magic of Christmas.

I had the air-conditioning on yesterday.

For real.

Bah humbug.

I've got all my summer clothes still out and in rotation PLUS all the winter stuff too because we've had oh, 2 or 3 "cold" days when it fell to below 70 and we needed to "bundle up." 

HAHAHAH.  Oh, Texas, you are a trip in so many, many ways.

Nothing to do but power on, right?

Christmas is on its way come hell or high water and we're gonna be decorated, dammit. 

I must get the advent calendar box thingee down today.

I'm always a week or so behind on that.  Finnigan has come to expect it.


(Good thing I dropped that whole Waldorf fetish around year two.  I am so not cut out to be a Waldorf mama.  Waldorf mamas are never late with their advent calendars.  Waldorf mamas even know what advent is.  Hahaha.  ((I do actually know.)))

Anyway, so, soon you shall be bombarded with all my Christmas crap decorating as well as every other blogger's Christmas crap decorating.

Won't that be fun for us all?

Oooo, yes it is! It is!  I do really just love seeing what everyone is doing.  Do you?

And, OMG, Etsy at the  holidays is CRACK.  

Junkie freakin' CRACK City, baby.

I can hardly sleep at night for wanting to Etsy and Pinterest.

(That's only partially untrue.)

How about you?  Whachoo doing for decorating?  Anything?  Something?  Nothing?

Let's see it!  Leave a link in your comments and we'll all go have a look.


  1. No decorating link to share yet because...only kinda started. Finishing today. Taking so long not because we've got so much, but because I'm still in slow slow slow mode. And there won't be too much that's clever or cunning or pinnable. Who cares? I'm feeling like some kind of victor because I was only 1 DAY LATE with the advent calendar this year! Woo-hoo!

    And now I really want to go live in a castle. Awesome pics!

    1. FINISHING today.

      Damn. I gotta get busy.

      Let's run off to a castle together! A women's castle with servants!

    2. I will run off to the castle with you only if we don't have to decorate it for Christmas! ;-)

  2. We put up week strings of little lights out front so now my next door neighbor and I are the only two who put a little festivity around the townhhouses. AND I have a peculiar wreath on my door made of shedding old flowers I tried to dry and some purple dried ones. From a distance it looks great but I have to sweep a lot haha .. and my old orchid decided to put forth eight new blossoms so it looks magnificent, better than the first time. And I think I'll make gingerbread (whole wheat and molasses kind). Have fun in the doing and I think you monks are beautiful.
    ms mdd

    1. of course I meant "wee" not WEEK!

    2. Oooo an orchid with 8 blooms!!! holy cow lady mudd!

      I laughed and laughed at your wreath story. I got one on the side of the street 2 years ago and it is slooooowly shedding itself away. heeee.

  3. Not to add to your Christmas clutter, BUT craft stores carry these little moss balls (tee hee) that would be perfect for your rustic Christmas.

    1. I used to fill up glass jars with them and sprinkle a little fake snow on the top. It's super cute.

    2. OMG moss balls! SO want to do snow covered moss balls. hee hee.

      You make me shop, evil woman of happiness.

  4. Fantastic, that looks like such an adventure. Not too much decorating going on here... but the tree will go ip next week-end so that's something :)

    xox Lilly

    1. Oh, gosh, wait to see my crazy tree. Hopefully up today. Hope.

  5. Almost done with Christmas shopping thanks to EAST, Violet Crown Arts Festival, and my artist pal, Ellen. I'll go to Blue Genie to finish up. Now, as for decorating, I've had my tree for a week, but haven't been able to decorate yet because I was too busy taking little Flea to the vet, having a garage sale, going to physical therapy, and caring for the hubby who threw his back out. My plan for this afternoon is to finally decorate my little tree. Yay! Then I'm going to make some more ornaments. Took Kat McTee's fancy felt ornaments class at Stitch Lab, so I've been crafting away! I have WAY too much on my plate this year! Happy decorating, Ms. Wabi Sabi!

    1. NELL!!! You just wore me out reading this!! Oooo you always have the bestest crafty things of all. OH NO poor Morgan!!! Does he have some little white pills to help? heeeeee.
      I wanna take a quilting class at SL.
      Kat McTee = xoxoxxox

      YOU TOO, zoomy zoom.

  6. so all those castle pix and not a word of who, what, where, why?

    1. OH gosh, that was an oversight, wasn't it?

      The castle belongs to a man that Jack works with with and his wife. The spent 10 years living in a small cabin on the property while building it!!!

      It's around La Grange / Shulenburg.

      It also has a LOT of land. A LOT. With trails.

      It's beyond the pale.

  7. Pull down a window shade. Take two Crayolas, one red, one green. With the green one draw a tree. With the red one draw some balls on the tree. Pull the shade down on Christmas morning. Roll it up Christmas afternoon.

    1. Oh my lordy you are SO EVIL.

      HOW did I ever grow up with a grinch like yourself? heeeeee. Not really! You did good good while we were little, mama. We had wonderful, amazing Christmases, didn't we? Your affinity for shopping outweighed your disdain of decorating. Heeeee.

  8. Cannot wait to hear the dets on the party! LOVE LOVE LOVE that compass rose! I've always wanted one on my porch. :) Our tree is up, but not decorated. I got too frustrated right before we left on our mini vacation. Now I'm home to the mess. :\ Guess what Addison and I are doing today while poor Emory sleeps her fever off (I hope!)? DONE with the motherfucking Christmas shopping except the calendar for the grandparents and something for Don and of course for me. heh.

  9. Seriously sewing my daughters forever advent calendar out of blues and linen with twinkling snowflake buttons attached to a well dried stick harvested from the yard.

    I would linky all over that shit - but like you, I'm about a week behind and it won't be ready until this weekend.

    But rest assured, I'll help the Tot eat the leftover candies and goodies from the first week that were meant to go in the advent calendar.

    Parenting is SO tough.


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