Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lap dancing.

That's a titillating title, isn't it? 


Not to mention just downright naughty for thinking of lap dancing at Christmastime.


So, I have a new little blog crush:  Project Little Smith

Just one of those blogs that hooked me.

Pretty, clean photos.  Beautiful baby and mama.  Nice people.

You know, like me.  


Well, kinda, I am.

Anyway, I just happened upon it, maybe via Pinterest?  

Not sure, but I do just love it so much.

She recently posted an old photo of her on Santa's lap and it got me all in a tizzy cuz I knew I had some such photos somewhere too!

And I did.

And I do!

I'm gonna post one a day because, quite frankly, I am out of Christmas swag, and I'm in a cooking lull, and in an all around funk-of-sorts so this is just the thing to save me old bloggers arse.

Circa 1965
Beaumont, Texas
Gateway  Shopping Center.
Santa's Workshop.

Just look at us ... oh my gawd.

My brother is like, Get the fuck away from me you perv and I'm all like, Hi!  I'm the perfect people pleaser smiling for you so sweetly where's my candy cane?

And does that Santa look mean as hell, or what?

Clearly my brother is smarter than I.

I just cannot tell you how clearly I remember that Santa's Workshop.

I mean like it was yesterday.

I remember just dying to get in there to see Santa and pose.  

Always the posing, for me.

Poser even then.

Could it be any clearer who is the extrovert and who is the introvert here?

Any of you extroverts grow up in a family of introverts?

Not for the weak of spirit, lemme tell you.

So, there ya go.

Cuteness ad nauseum.

Thanks to Project Little Smith for the idea.

Y'all go over there and look at her precious self in Santa's lap ... it's beyond adorable.

Be sure to leave a comment because that is a nice thing to do and it's the time of year to be nice.

You Ho. (Ho. Ho.)


  1. This is just the sweetest gift you have ever given us. You and Roo and Santa. What could be more wonderful than that?

    1. Mama, I swear I can remember this actual picture!

      Don't you have such fond memories of the Gateway? Jason's Deli had ONE location and we just thought those muffalettas were to die for!

      Sweet, sweet memories.

  2. Look at you! Look at that pixie cut! OMG, I could eat you up.

    1. RIGHT!?!?! Is that the kayoootest thing ever?? And my brother with his big doe eyes.

  3. you guys are so adorable! and that santa is CREEPY! hahaha.

    1. Right? Mean eyes...probably just hung over as hell.

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet words. Your picture is super cute and not at all creepy!

    xox Lilly

    1. My pleasure!

      Love your blog.

      Hope you feel better soon.


  5. Two beautiful children sitting there on a terrifying Santa! He needs to find another line of work. I'm so happy to see you and your brother as wee ones. Give us more!

    1. Can you believe you've known me alllll these years? Did y'all do Santa at all with your boys? I know sometimes he gets infiltrated into all kind of religions. I know you spent time at Gateway though. Remember that first Jason's Deli?

  6. Love the tinsel on the tree. Love the cheesy paneling in the background. (Had that in our living room for years.) Love the way little you is biting her lip. So so sweet. Now I want to share my Santa photo, but my scanner's busted. Pretty sure that mean-looking Santa wouldn't bring me a new one! (His eyes. Scary.)

    1. Oh yes! We had paneling too.

      Awwww...I didn't even notice me biting my little lip. SO CUTE.

      Looking at me is like looking at a whole other person, you know?

      I was soooo cute!

  7. Look how cute y'all are! And yes, Santa looks kind of mean. Or sad. Or something. I don't think I ever sat in Santa's lap. If I did, there is no photographic proof.

  8. The Little Smith Blog is beautiful. It's the JCrew family, for sure, down to the perfect kitchen and the perfect couch. The husband is adorable and of course they're both architects. Beautiful, beautiful photos and gorgeous little boy. Thanks for the link! I love Massachusetts! xo

  9. You are both adorable and Santa looks like Mr. Bean!


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