Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Morning!

How was your weekend?

Mine was ... blurry.

Slow blurry, not fast blurry, which is good

A delightful ladies' soiree on Friday night kicked off the weekend.

Saturday was a slow family day.

I think.

Honestly, I can't really remember.

I had most of Sunday to myself.

(Chorus of angels singing in the background.)

Putzed around with more Christmas decorations. 

Putzed around on Pinterest.  

A lot.  


Whadja do?

OH CRAP, yes, yes!  I thrifted!!!

I totally forgot.


Really gorgeous, heavy wooden candlesticks.

Freaking love them.

I've wanted some for soooooo long.

I need to find some brown taper candles.

Mmmm, really, really digging the whole brown thing going on here.

It's shaping up to be a brown year.

This is good though.  I love brown.

Hot chocolate.
Clive's hair.

All brown.

Little Nutcracker soldier stocking holder thingee.

Holiday movies.

(We always watch Peter Pan on Christmas night.)

Giant bear from Costco.  (Bosco's the name.)  (He's Russian.)

My Costco membership just expired.

I went twice.


Owl love you forever.

This guy looks like he's telling a fish tale, doesn't he?

OR he's trying to impress the ladies, IYKWIS.


Nasty gnome.

More candle holder / MCM lamp for you to drool over.

Have you noticed my new Target table cloth?

Woodsy too! 

Old  Frigidaire sign we got this summer on our road trip.

Sort of thrifted.

Sort of stolen.

Love that thing.

Super not-thrifted bunny S & P shakers from a local toy store that carries mostly crap from China.

(NOT Terra Toys, fyi.)

That' it.

All I got.

Off to hiking day.

FINALLY freaking cold here.

Look at this ... yesterday afternoon:

Yes, Fahrenheit.

High today is supposed to be 49.

We'll see, said the bee.

See you soon, baboon.


  1. All your decorations are so sweet and fun to look at. Thanks for sharing.
    The Lazy Susan is the perfect place to show off some of your goodies.

    1. Oh, we love our lazy Susan and think of Charlie always!

  2. nasty old gnome.
    and, I think you and I would really have a hoot thrifting together.
    I did a dumpster dive the other day, saw some furniture poking out so...DUH! HAD TO LOOK!
    Was with my husband and two kids. My husband got pissed and my 6 year old said: Mom please STOP!
    My younger kid didn't seem to care, but she'll probably start bitching about it in a year or two.
    I'm all alone here.

    1. Oh girl, it's bulky pick-up in my hood this week. I scored a bird cage (no bird, just like them), some big plastic storage bins for storing crap in the attic, some ornaments that were/are soooo cute, and .... wait for it... a life-sized sarcophagus. I'm not kidding. Actually Jack scored it. I don't actually want it, but how could we resist a freakin' sarcophagus?

  3. Oh What FUN! Your stuff just fills me with the SPIRIT of all the right things about this holiday. I celebrate you and I celebrate all your precious collections. I'm so glad you are keepin' it alive.
    ms mdd

    1. Thanks, sweet lady. Y'all getting in the Hanukkah spirit there? xoxox

  4. WTH were you doing up at 5am?? And where are the ornaments you teased us with on Facebook? hmmm? ;) That bear made me laugh so hard - we saw those when we were in Costco last week and just about died! "Who would get one of those things? And WHERE would one put it?" heh. Now I know! I love all of your things. And you, too.

  5. OMG. My friend got the other sarcophagus that was there - the one with the hole cut in it! I am dying! He was on a run when he saw them and when he went back only the one with the hole was left. Hilarious!

  6. It's bulk pick up in my neighborhood as well and we put nothing out anyone wanted. Old fence boards that were disgusting. BUT I need to drive around the neighborhood and see what I can find.


    Love the wood theme. So treeish! Michelle you make me almost like Christmas.

  7. I forgot to ask but you have been to Blue Hanger, right? You have to go with a friend but it's so much fun. I used to go but I have lost all my Blue Hanger friends.


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