Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day Two

of shoving Christmas crap down your throat!


And, yes, I am still going crazy with the photo manipulation.  

Sorry.  I don't see it ending anytime soon though.

The ever adorable vintage looking Santa from Wal-Fart.

If I ever win the lottery I am going to buy, like, 100 of these and just decorate the crap out of my yard with them.

Dude, I love this Santa.

He usually sticks around for a few months after Christmas because he puts out (Oh, Santa!) the best light.

I'm gonna get really fancy on you here, so hang on ...

My Ghetto wreath.

Scavenged from the side of the street shortly after Christmas a couple of years ago.

See?  That photo manipulation is working for me hard now, isn't it?

You can't even tell that this thing is so totally ghetto.

I got some Dollar Tree birds, which are the ghettoest of the ghetto, and put them all over that sucker.

It's actually not half bad in real life.

From a distance.

Look at my circle circle situation.

I'm fancy.

Now, here's the annual tree dilemma.

How to take a picture of this magnificent metal tree?

Hire a pro, I guess, because I can just never, ever capture the crazy loveliness of this tree.

Y'all informed some years ago that this is called an Ornament Tree.

(As opposed to Christmas trees with no ornaments on them?)

It's designed to show off a collection of fancy ornaments.

Fancy, meaning I bought some some for $2.99 at Savers.

No, really,  I am slowly working on getting beautiful ornaments.

I buy one or two each year.

That shit is expensive, y'all.

Anthropologie is my main ornament crackhouse.

I'm going to buy this one today. 

$30.00 is ridiculous, I know, but y'all know how I am about ships.

Oh, tree.  

I'll to take more when she's all full, but this is about as good as it gets.

Those big open spaces that look so beautiful in person look gangly on paper.  



You'll just have to stop by and see it!

One last extremely fancy and time consuming thing got done yesterday...

Seasonal fruit in a bowl.

(Did you notice my woodsy tablecloth?  Target. $10 bucks.) 

(Lovely bowl?  A gift from my sweet Mama.)


Hope your day is juicy.

Show me some swag, y'all.


  1. You are hilarious!
    Your circle circle situation, the photo manipulated wreath...I mean COME ON. That shit is priceless.

  2. I swag just a tiny bit but it don't look as good as yours. You are personally responsible for the funky wreath I hung on my door, made from just willow branches from Michael's and a whole bunch of dead, dried flowers - but from a distance heck it looks pretty good and festive. Most of the folks who live around here don't see so good anyway so they can't really tell. I'll photo it and put on fb.

    1. Ooo, I'm going to see your wreath on FB.

      I don't see to well anymore either, really. That's why I picked up that wreath from the side of the road.

      haw haw haw

  3. Everything is so amazingly beautiful.
    Why do you make fun when talking about your wreath? I think it is lovely. Someone before you loved it. You love it and now WE get to love it. That's what it is all about: passing on love.
    Please keep sending pictures.

    1. Well, you are very sweet to say it is lovely.

      It is very wabi-sabi and I do love it. So there.

      LOVE YOU!

  4. Just yesterday I was asking Cane why it is that some things that look all cozy and just perfect in real life seem like they have yards of space between them when I take photos. He didn't know.

    My house looks much better in person too. You need to come visit. :-)

    (I don't care if that wreath is ghetto. I like it.)

  5. So - you like ornaments...and you like should totally get an ornament every time you take a take a trip - something that you'll be able to look at and say "remember that trip? That was a fun trip to where ever it was."

    Growing up, my Aunt got me and my sister an ornament each year for Christmas - the point was that the ornaments she gave us were ours, not my parents so that when we moved out, we'd each have at least 18 ornaments of our own to decorate our respective trees. My grandma and mom also got in on this business and so, by the time I moved down here, I had something like 50 ornaments for the Christmas tree.

    ALSO (man, we have a bunch of traditions with Christmas Tree Ornaments) - we usually still get one ornament every year from my mom because she'll go all out and wrap one present with crazy nice paper, a fancy bow and one really good ornament.

    Dammit, Michelle - Now I want to decorate the house for Christmas...and write a blog post on every ornament I own.


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