Friday, December 14, 2012



Same paneling, but now we have a fancy Santa chair and a Goldfinger reindeer.

Wouldn't you just DIE to have that reindeer?

Notice what I'm wearing in DECEMBER.

A freaking tiny, cotton dress with foldover socks.

Not a coat nor a  long sleeve in sight.

Texas Christmas.

I see that I have a little bracelet on too.

Not so little, really.

I think, I think that these were a kind of paper mache type thing.

(Mama, do you know what I'm talking about?)

I have a vague memory of something like that.

You can see that Santa loves me.

Either that or he's looking at the clock on the floor wondering how much longer until he can hit the Jack.

WHY do we make such fun of these men, I ask you??

It's a NOBLE thing to portray Santa.  It is!  

I really mean this when I say that I just love and love and love every man who ever put on that suit and let a gazillion kids climb all over him with their earnest, and sometimes terrified, little faces.


(May I please just say here:  Please, PLEASE do not make your child sit on Santa's lap if they don't want to.  It's total bullshit to terrify your child for a photo.)

Now, you want to read something TOTALLY hysterical and rather disturbing?

You've just GOT to go read this because I am telling you that you will just DIE because it is really, really funny the way "Eartha" tells it, but it is also funny/not funny, but SO right up my alley kind of humor.

Y'all know I LOVE this blog called RANCH DRESSING WITH EARTH KITSCH, right?

It's her post called:  The Santa Claus Smackdown of 1977.

Oh. Mah. Gawd.  You will be CRYING.

More baby Michele tomorrow.

Preview hint:  I'm getting hipper.

PS. I guess Friday Food will be back someday.  Just not today.


  1. I'm glad you said a nice thing about those men who don those hot, heavy, rented Santa suits and let hordes of small children tell them their dreams.
    I agree: Bless all those Santas.

  2. The Santa Smackdown had me rolling! Poor guy. Glad he was Santa though so now that story is out in the world.

    And what am I going to make for dinner this weekend? I'm at a loss without Food Friday!

  3. You have a giant dog in your front yard. He barks.

    I love the Santa pictures.

  4. You were so adorable. (Not that you aren't now, know.) And I loved the Santa Smackdown. And Friday Food, well. I did love that tomato soup a few weeks back. But I'd rather see a cute Santa picture. :-)

  5. I ended up sitting on Santa's lap with the Tot in my lap a few weeks ago. It was my first time sitting on Santa's lap - EVER.

    I apologized for almost breaking his knee.

    Yes. Bless the Santas - real bearded or acrylic. They ROCK!


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